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  1. Name: Rinzler Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:433360051 Discord ID: kodak#5906 Rank/Branch: N/A I have zero punishments on record since joining the server in November of 2020. Why I want to join Delta-5 I am interested in joining Mobile Task Force Delta-5 again and in particular because it is the group that I felt most apart of last time I played the server. I am restarting my involvement in the Gaminglight and Garry's Mod community and this to me is the best first step that I can take. As far as the in-game aspect is concerned, the gameplay loop, tasks, and responsibilities of Delta-5 on site interest me most, and I want to put my previous experience to use in service to the branch. Why I should be let into Delta-5 I have a wide range of experience both in and out of Delta-5, the Gaminglight community, and Garry's Mod. Server-side, I have previously served in Mobile Task Forces Nu-7, Epsilon-11, and Delta-5 at the ranks of SM, SM, and CPL respectively. I also served the foundation as a member of Mobile Task Force ███████, under the callsign of November 42. Outside of the server, I have served on the staff teams of all sizes, as all ranks, in a multiple communities, performing all manner of duties with excellence, and diligence. In console and PC based military simulation groups, I learned the fundamentals of squad-based tactics, asymmetrical warfare, unit leadership, and other items of relevance. To put it simply, I am a capable, determined, and seasoned fighter, follower, and leader. It is what I have learned over the years that I want to once again put to use in service of Delta-5. Under oath, I swear to uphold any and all community, server, and SOP rules and RP values. I appreciate your time and consideration ~Rinzler
  2. + Support. Good application // Well-detailed application // Has proven his ability to be active, professional, and dedicated
  3. + SUPPORT. Incredibly active, professional, friendly, and experienced. Has proven his abilities in-game and makes what I would consider to be a very good candidate for staff. ~ Rinzler
  4. - Support. // Short application with several grammatical errors // Junor Member of GENSEC, no other branch experience // While you may have experience in other servers, your ranks are not sufficient and your application is not long or well-written enough to compensate for that. I recommend revisiting this effort in the future, and in the meantime building a reputation in combat branches. ~ Rinzler, November 42.
  5. UPDATE Inducted into Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 as a member of the Guardian Squadron.
  6. Loopholes should be eliminated when identified. Allowing it to remain by citing common sense is not an effective solution.
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