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  1. Pills you were the best site director and im glad we have fun on the server!
  2. It been a long journey from gaming light in SCP! I been really busy with college, and I won't have time for the server anymore because of school. Wishing you best luck guy.
  3. I know that you guy is not expecting me resign from ETL, but i feel like it's time for a new leadership et that will keep et alive and well. [ PS. This is not a Global Resignation or Staff Resignation!] People Mention in ET: Goat: You been the mostly helpful in ETL, I want to thank your leadership as ETL. Talia: You were my only first ETL, when I joined ET! Kieran: You were the funniest person, I ever known! Ozzie: I enjoy that [GL] Halloween Event you created, Dr. Maynard stein! I will never forget that! Gaming Goat: You were the most helpful person in Senior and AETL, I ever known since I joined ET! ACEE: I am wishing the best of luck where you take ET next! Please take good care ET! All Event Team: I wishing you guy the best; I'll be around hosting event as et advisor!
  4. O7 - it was fun playing with you in game. Wish you the luck
  5. -O7 , It was great working with you kiwi !
  6. Lew, it was nice working with as jmt , High Command and ETL. Lew. I want to personally thank you for helping in et interview last week. - O7
  7. Tyler Global LOA 08/16 -08/20 RL Stuff I'll be back !
  8. Name : Tyler Rank : LCPL Start Date : 8/13/23 End Date : 8/20/23 Length 7 Days Reason : Very Busy with RL Stuff
  9. ET Roll Call Please fill out the format below! If you are on LOA from the beginning of this time period, you are automatically excused! Name: Steam ID: Rank in Event Team: Date of Joining Event Team: Date since last promotion: Why should you be remaining as an Event Team Member? (ALL ET RANK | 100+ words)? Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns? *Failure to Fill this Document will result in removal at the end of date. * Thank you very much guys! ~ Tyler
  10. LOA: 7/11/23 - 7/15/23 I'll be back !
  11. OPEN Applications are to be their own separate forums post under the Research section of the forums, following the format below. The title of your thread should be "<Your Name>'s Junior Command Application." Only Senior Researchers and above are to apply for Junior Command. You may only apply when a position for Junior Command is currently available, otherwise you may be denied! Good Luck to All Applicants! Application Format Below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Current Rank: Steam ID: Time in Research (Estimate): Why do you believe you should be in Research Command? (150-word requirement): What can you bring to the table that others can't? (100-word requirement): What would you do to better Research and increase activity? (100-word requirement):
  12. ACCEPTED Welcome to Research Command, contact SCMD+ for training
  13. Denied HCMD has decided to reject your application due to behavior, activity, or other reason! You can Reapply in Two-Week!
  14. Denied HCMD has decided to reject your application due to behavior, activity, or other reason! You can Reapply in Two-Week!
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