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  1. Dude this guy is the worst ET of all , He made the Server lag and told me he gonna crash the server as SET. - - Support JK. Ven is a wonderful ET and put so much effort in his event and he deserved the rank of Senior Event Team ! + Support for Ven for SET
  2. GRAMMAR: (10/10) PRESENTATION: (10/10) LORE: (10/10) CREATIVITY: (10/10) OVERALL: 10/10 Good visual and cool test !
  3. GRAMMAR: (10/10) PRESENTATION: (9/10) LORE: (9/10) CREATIVITY: (10/10) OVERALL: 9/10 Good Work Tree
  4. Talila you were the best ET leader, I ever Met! Wish you luck in the future!
  5. + Support He is a really good fit in Support Team !
  6. +Support Kieran is best ETAL I ever work with as Senior Event Team! He would be a great Support Team.
  7. +Support Cardigan is the most helpful person; I know on the Server and he Deserved a Chance to be in Support Team!
  8. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Tyler Rank: SET Start Date:7/18/2022 End Date: 7/23/2022 Reason: VOID from burn out
  9. In-Game Name: Tyler Steam Name: [GL]tylerdiffee1 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:243606814 What is your discord username (Ex: Jayden#9452): TylerPortal#2911 What is your staff rank in Gaminglight? Admin How often are you on Teamspeak? Every Day How often do you use Discord? Every Day Why would you like to be a member of the Support Team? (150 word minimum)? I have been on the staff for a long time and always want to help other Gaming Light communities with common issues. I have been helping new players set up things like Discord or TeamSpeak. I always want to help other people with an issue as I did on staff duty to other staff. I don't know if they're an issue; I'll get the next higher-up to help me deal with the Player's severe issue. If I get in, my priority is to help some players with a common issue on the server and make sure the issue is resolved. I always want to ensure the Player is satisfied with the result I give them. Another thing, When I was an FTO on the SCP Server, my job was to make sure they got all tools they needed to continue success in the future on the server. I will be ready for any challenge in the support team. How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our tickets, or support channels? Hi, thank you contacting the support Team, my name is Tyler, how can I help you Today?
  10. GRAMMAR: (10/10) PRESENTATION: (10/10) LORE: (10/10) CREATIVITY: (10/10) OVERALL: 10/10 Good Work:)
  11. Name: Tyler Portal Rank: SM SteamID: STEAM_0:0:243606814 Reason for leaving: I been pretty inactive in NU7 and I dont want this spot full due to my inactivity and someone should deserved this spot instead of me. I will be returning soon, but don't know when! Thnx you SOUL, TOASTY, PILLER, CARDI, YOMATO, JOLT, SAVAGERY, YATO, and Raymond all your leadership. I'm hoping to see YAMATO be a Future VICE COMMAND because he is so cool like Soul and Toasty. Thnx you all... See you all on the Server!
  12. This will help Research get engaged in test SCP making a Huge Impact on Research Division and Activity! Huge + SUPPORT!!!!!!
  13. What bug is occurring? When I use Site Comm on the RAS job it given me feedback an error. Is it tied to a specific job, swep, player model, etc? RAS Unit Job Has it only occurred once, or is it continuous? It still continuous doing it Please provide screenshots or a short video of the bug in action:
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