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  3. Grammar (6.5/10) The usage of grammar and spelling was very simplistic. An idea to try in the future to use more complex wordings, find a word that is "simple" then use a thesaurus to find a different word that means the same thing. I think you could definitely add more details into your story to make it even more of an attention grasper. Presentation (4.5/10) I'll go ahead and start with the parts that hurt you on points. The black background when not doing a "terminal computer" design is harder on the eyes and makes it difficult to read the document. The design without the uses of italics, bold, and underlining makes the design rather flat to be reading. There was no bibliography siting any of the background research, when producing any kind of documentation that gets published onto a public area, please make sure to site your sources. On the first page you had the word "test" when you didn't need to add that, since on the next page you had "question" and "hypothesis", now onto the topic of hypothesis, you worded it incorrectly. Hypothesis are meant to be simple and reflect what you expect the outcome of the test to be. An example of what should have been put is "If SCP-999 touches someone that has been affected by SCP-1123 the symptoms will be reverted back to the subjects normal state". When moving into the dialogue, there needs to be a split and distinction between; instructions, speaker, and dialogue. Example would be: "[When informing D-9231 that they would be utilized in an audio test they became rather ecstatic.] (AUDIO_231:123) D-9231: So when we start this test how should I speak? " Finally, if there is any inhumane treatment of D-Class, it wouldn't be visibly written down. That would either be excluded from the test log or redacted information. Things that I personally enjoyed about this document and thought worked great was the written out dialogue, there are some really good points in there and concern. I also liked the credits to the person who aided in the template. The usage of pictures was a great addition! My recommendation would be to add a border to them. Lore Accuracy (6.5/10) Lore was accurate, but not as in-depth as I would have liked. For someone who hasn't read on SCP-1123, I had to do a good amount of extra research to make sure that lore was accurate. So continue adding more information in the background information, so that new readers can understand what SCP's are being discussed. Execution of Test (5/10) Due to the presentation, it made the whole test hard to follow. With no good separations between test and their results just made an odd slew of events. Plus the space and instructions between the test was rather vague. FINAL SCORE: 5.6/10 Notes Do not be disheartened by the very in-depth analysis of the document. RFA grading is meant to be incredibly strenuous and detailed. The test document was very good in general but these points here can help make your test even better! Use these notes and watch how your future documents are better.
  4. Name: Billybob Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:61232729 Rank in Event Team: Trial Date of Joining Event Team: 8/1/22 Date since last promotion: None since rejoining
  5. Grammar (7/10) The overall grammar is right, no major flaws would absolutely love for you to go a little more indepth with this kinda dialogue. Presentation (5/10) It started off with the feel of a paper, but then the colors gave the effect of a terminal/computer stylistic choice. The colors became a little harsh on the eyes to read and really took me out of what exactly I was reading. It should be noted as well that there was no background information on what SCP-049 is. Lore (8/10) The lore for this SCP was there but again with a previous statement it could have been just a tad bit more in-depth to give a clearer image of who/what SCP-049 is. Creativity (7/10) For me personally I like to see way more when it comes to dialogue logs. This was good but you can definitely bring more with it. TOTAL: 6/10
  7. My man’s didn’t even talk about how I gave him all the information for Bootcamp! Good luck my friend and earn that title I look forward to seeing you graduate if the coming months!
  8. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Billybob Rank: ET Start Date: 8/23 End Date: 8/30 Reason: Brother is getting married, and I’ll be out of state and away from my computer
  9. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Billybob Rank: Trainee ET Start Date: 8/9/22 End Date: 8/13/22 Reason: Marine Corps workload is crazy for the rest of this week/weekend. Won’t have time to be on, or will be in agonizing pain.
  10. GRAMMAR: (7/10) Grammar was very simplistic, and felt as if it was written quickly PRESENTATION: (5/10) The presentation using the forums to make a document is always a rough situation because we become limited with what we can do. I'd encourage transferring over to a google document format so then you can do more. LORE: (4/10) No background information on the SCP was given. For future documents please try to make it so if someone read your document but doesn't know what an SCP is they can get some information. CREATIVITY: (6/10) The test is creative, but I feel like you rushed putting it together. OVERALL: 5.5/10
  11. GRAMMAR: (7.5/10) Saw no major flaws in the grammar. Was rather simplistic but could still relay the information. PRESENTATION: (8.5/10) I do love seeing the computers in game being utilized the way they are supposed to be! Also moving forward I would like to see what you can achieve with a google doc format, and have the ability to create some really in depth documents LORE: (8/10) It was definitely a cool idea to test the RIS unit, but from my research it wouldn't really have any affect on the robot, due to the RIS aren't sentient beings. They are drones being piloted by other researchers. (maybe redo the test but monitor the pilot of the RIS while they perform. CREATIVITY: (9/10) This is definitely a fun idea to work with. I would have personally loved to see even more information, but that is a restrain with the in game computers. Good Job Researcher OVERALL: 8/10
  12. GRAMMAR: (10/10) This grammar from my personal knowledge, has 0 flaws. Well written and concise with what you were trying to relay to the reader. Great Job PRESENTATION: (10/10) The presentation... WOW. My friend you definitely put some hard work into this document right here. You did an astounding job, the use of images both in-game and outsourced were well utilized. The use of the audio clip definitely helps get your reader to understand what was happening in the moment. LORE: (9.5/10) Lore wise; Everything was very accurate. The one I would add is a bibliography citing where you got your information from. The whole two pages giving the information about what this anomaly is was enough that any reader who hasn't read a SCP document before could get a solid grasp of who/what it is. CREATIVITY: (11/10) This was an awesome idea, from the test to the execution. Looking into what 096's brain does during its "rage state" and attempting to learn what gives them their supernatural abilities. Definitely going to be looking forward to seeing what else you create. OVERALL: 10/10 AMAZING WORK! Definitely going to be keeping an eye on what you do!
  13. In-Game Name: Billybob Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61232729 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): Gold How long have you been playing on the server?: Since December 2022 Have you read the SCP-RP Event Team Guidelines Yes, I was Prior ET How many warns do you have? (Screenshot): 1 (CANT ATTACH MY SCREENSHOT GMOD WON'T SAVE IT) (December 18th, 2021. Warned for FailRP) Why do you want to join event team? As I was prior event team, I really miss making and creating stories that players on the SCP Server can enjoy. I've always had a passion for writing stories and being able to adjust them on the fly. I personally would go back to creating in depth events not just throw away ones or repeated situations that everyone has seen on the server. Why should you be trusted to be part of the Event Team?: I did it before without issues and created some very interesting and in-depth events that were enjoyed on the server. I never took advantage of the staff powers I had, and always was asked permissions from SET before using any SET only or had them use the entity/weapon for me. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Very Describe an event you could create (Be specific): Instead of describing new events I can create I will give examples of old events I created for SCP-RP https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvV9_Sb0L06tiFULKZwdO_ya2Kfq7izG-gd7rLcAVCY/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X6iSIirLVtACIQctkvkPfu-kl25i9eAmBhrBoM1pv0k/edit?usp=sharing I can promise that I will continue to create high quality events for the Server if I get accepted again. Thank you for your consideration.
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