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  1. I love Zues Gaming
  2. What is your In Game Name? Gamma What is your In Current Rank? Warrant Agent What is your Agent Name? Finor Daraay How Long Have You Been In Inferno Squad? 3 weeks or so Why Do You Want To Become An Officer? [150+ Words] I want to become an officer in IF because I see that there is a lack of them at the moment, and with new NCOs coming in and seeing their dedication. I feel comfortable leaving NCO to them and helping the officer corp grow stronger. I also want to make suggestions and additions to current SOP and training docs to enhance what we already have. I also believe I am ready to take on the responsibility of being an officer in a IBO battalion and being able to uphold that kind of title. I would also want to make IF a fun battalion for people to join, and enjoy their time on the server. I think I could bring good skills to IF by being an officer and be able to help others get better as well. I can also train new NCOs as I already have experience as one, and I can further myself in IO and help Kruvz make IO the best sub-branch it can be. How could you assist Inferno Squad Command with this rank? [100+ Words] I could assist IF Command by doing more sims and trainings so they can worry about more important things. As the lack of officers at the moment they have to pick up that slack. I will also bring good experience and skills to the table from other battalions like DT. I can also help with maintaining SOP and other documents to also help relieve any stress they may have. I want to help IF grow and get out of this inactivity slump that we have been in, it is already getting better and I want to help it grow bigger and better. How many strikes do you have? Zero Do you have any prior experience in being an officer/leading? If so explain. I was a DT LTCOL SN03 about 6 months ago or so when I played then until I resigned. What Qualifications could you bring too the Inferno Squad Officer Team? I have been In other ISO/IBO battalions and I have a lot of experience in how they each do things differently and I can bring that together to make help make something great. Do you understand that if you are Accepted, you will be on a 2 Week Trial Period? Yes (Failing the Trial Period will result in a demotion)
  3. Would like to see Kev getting the job, he’s good for it
  4. In-Game name: DT Σ12/ZM9 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:71111329 Rank: SGM How long have you been in your current rank?: I have the the position of SGM for a little over one week. What experiences in leadership do you have?: In DT I am responsible and expected to lead or oversee day to day operations. This means I am with the other NCOs and Enlisted everyday. Why do you want to be an officer?(150+ Word minimum) I want to become a officer because I think I am ready to take on the responsibility of being a officer in DT. I also want the make the NCOs stronger by helping them in any way I can. I know DT can be better and I want to be apart of the people that make that happen, I want to better DT and make it the best I know it can be. I also want to host SIMs and be able to promote the people who deserve it the most. I will also oversee tryouts and help any NCO doing the tryout. I will enforce the DT SOP but also still try to have fun and let everyone else have fun. Having fun is one of the things I will try let everyone have the most, because I don't want DT to be a boring place. People want to enjoy DT and I want to help them enjoy it the best I can. What makes you stand out amongst the others?(130+Word minimum) I think I stand out because I am new to DT from a transfer, but I do not think this makes me less qualified. I have learned fast and taken the responsibility of my role well. But I want to stand out so people know who I am, I want people to know me so they wont be afraid to ask me something if they need to. I have always been around to answer peoples questions, and sometimes ask questions myself. Standing out is not a bad thing and everyone has their talents. I just know DT can be better and I want to help make it the best it possibly can be. I want to strengthen the officer corp while also still helping the NCOs grow to their full potential. Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of an officer you can be removed from your position? Yes I fully understand. Do you understand that receiving a strike will result in an immediate demotion? Yes I fully understand.
  5. Bops the best guy for the job, I know he can handle the heat is brings and make DT the best he knows it can be.
  6. +1 Support. Active and known by all in IC. Does what he can and does his part within the batt. Also a very cool guy. And is monkey confrimed.
  7. Im still not in the CC, and the server has restarted since you posted this message. Will it need another restart for it to go in?
  8. +1 Very good person all around, has helped me and others with anything they have problems with. Shows very good leadership qualities all around and generaly just a nice guy. Would like to see this guy having more responsibility around the RG [DREAM]
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