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  1. Just for clarification, Blunt should of told you this. There is no such thing as Downtime / Off Hours. Minging, Pissing about will be dealt with. Don't try and use that excuse as we don't tolerate it within Command.
  2. +Support Active, Been here for a fair while. Should already be Trial Senior,
  3. Hi @Comrade Boekhom, I'm afraid the two spots you've applied for have been taken by others, However if this is to be accepted you will most likely get the option of a Darth / Master Rank. So, Good Luck! =Support + Somewhat Detailed = Doesn't really have experience as a Commanding Position. - Could do with some more Detail, Add some more! - Temple Guard Commander Cin Drallig A.K.A Kieran
  4. Hello guys! I was assigned the role of Temple Guard Commander A.K.A Cin Drallig, I will make this battalion as supreme & fulfilling as we can. If you have any suggestions or request to speak with me, Please! Don't be afraid to contact me. Have a good day! - Cin Drallig / Kieran
  5. If you need anything man, Just ask!
  6. Ah That explains it fine for me, +Support is sticking.
  7. However, Zeeptin did say that "- Please do not ask when staff apps are opening up. We are going to hand select the starting staff on the server." So I'm not sure what's going on here.
  8. Kieran ♡

    Good Luck!

    I would like to say a "Good Luck" To all of you who are applying for a Commanding Position, I wish it for you all!
  9. This is my formal resignation from Royal Guard, I will be moving on from Imperial-Roleplay onto J.v.S, I wish you all the best of luck!
  10. +Support -Active -Dedicated -Well Respected Good Luck!