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  1. What is your IGN and rank? (In Game Name): General Bub Why do you want to become the position of High General?: I would like to become a high general for many reasons. A couple reasons are: Guidance: i love to help people out with anything i can. No matter if it's a small issue like a roster update, a bigger subject like a pushing out updates or even helping out with something personal. As long as it is within my reach to help, i would do it. Leadership: compared to other my way of being a leader is way different then usual. Instead of acting like a boss i rather work together with others and threat them as equals. This ofcoarse isn't always possible but treating others with respect is. As a leader you shouldn't be the only one being respected but also respect those who work under/with you. Experience: right now i have gained quite a lot of experience within high command. I have have handled hard situations like removals, i have done battalion updates, made and reworked documents and many more. And on top of this i am not going to like, getting promoted also feels good. Getting promoted is a reward you get for working hard. I always strive to become the best and will always try my hardest to make this come true. What is the purpose of the High General?: A high general his purpose is to oversee brigadier generals, generals and help them out where needed. This could be something simple like questions or bigger actions like battalion updates. Besides that you will also assist the grand general with managing all of army. You will assist with monthly assignments, handling anything within army and be in close contact with SHC. A high general should know how everything works within high command as well as server wise. If there is any problem that can't be handled by (brigadier) generals the high general should be the one to be able to handle it. What is the biggest thing you would bring to High General?: I would be able to bring multiple thing: Fun: I personally love to just hang around in game with others. As high command alot of stuff goes on behind the screen but i always try to be as active as possible in game to make sure that everyone has fun and a good experience. Having fun could be things like doing patrolls in at at's and tanks to just having nice long talks. In the end you can do many battalion updates or keep messaging people in discord or TS but in the end the most importand thing is to actually play along with others, create good experiences and see yourself how they are doing in game. Trust: As a player that has been around for a long time i have shown that i am trustworthy and do what i tell im gonna do. I have met and worked with many troopers and gained the trust from many. Because i do what i say people aren't afraid to open up to me and are honest about things they normally wouldnt share. Being trusted like this is an amazing quality to make sure everyone feels comforteble, listened to and safe on the server. Hard work: I love working on anything related to the server. No matter if this is battalion wise, staff wise or even goals i put for myself. As stated before, if i say im gonna do something i will do it. Dedication: The dedication i have for gaminglight and army has never dropped a single bit. No matter in what position ive been i always gave it my best and tried to be the best at it. This means that even if have to stay up to midnight for a meeting, need to sit down for 3 hours to work on a doc or have to find models for a new subbattalion for 2 weeks i will do it. My goal has always been to become darth vader and until i haven't achieved that i will keep working my ass of to show what i can do. List a few notable achievements within High Command: I had the Z6I buffed to where it is now. I reworked storm commandos with st command to where there are more ranks, slots and a lower join rank. Weapon buffs/reworks for different battalions. I have reworked/updated and made documents for most battalions i have overseen. I tried to make a new sub class (epsilon squadron) for 501st. I have hosted succesfull big missions. Being able to make wise decisions and work good in a team. And many suggestions on the forums for battalions, the map or server improvement. How often can you be active in-game?: Anywhere between 4 to 10 active hours per day. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/542436118 Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I do not and haven't ever received one either.
  2. Name: [Redacted] [Redacted] Call sign: [Bub] Rank: General Status: [Alive] Gender: [Male] Species: [Human] Planet of birth: [Unknown] Family: [Dead] Life Hystory before being recruited within the empire: Childhood: [Unknown] Teen: [When turned [redacted] years old the empire discovered that [redacted] He got forcefully recruited [redacted] weeks later. When being trained to join the imperial army Bub decided to study medical science and medicine in order to join the 69th medical corps. When he reached [redacted] years old he joined the medical corps. [Clearance lvl5 needed to get acces to complet Hystory when working for the empire: When working within the medical corps Bub ranked up fast through the ranks. After [redacted] months during an experiment he found out himself that he [redacted]. When found out by [redacted] he [redacted] and the whole fleet was [redacted] to make it seem he was always there like that. He wore a [redacted] with the [redacted] logo's and a black [redacted] so that no one knows [redacted]. Soon after this moment Bub was promoted to vice commander. He served as a vice commander for 6 months without anyone knowing who he was and that he [redacted]. Current information: Bub currently serves as a general in the imperial army. He got invited to the imperial high command team when they noticed that he might become a [redacted]. Only [redacted] know who he is and is under constant surveillance to make sure he won't [redacted]. Warning: spreading this information will result in instant termination of all subjects that got informed. To enter the complete document click here.
  3. - support I think this would be a unnecessary update. We already have many custom models for ST that look great. And changing up the movements and animations for the current models will need ALOT of finetuning probably.
  4. It sounds like a fun idea but i don't really see a usefull purpose for this since when engaging in combat it would only create confusion and chaos. - support for me
  5. +support I love the idea of having attachments on the e11. If possible it would be awesome to have it on all the main weapons used on the server. (TL50, TL40, E11D, CR-2c, DLT19, T21, DP23, Se14c, DC15A, DC17m shotgun/rifle/sniper)
  6. The dream becomes reality! You made it in HC and now SMT! You will be a fantastic SMT member!
  7. +support Beautifull application, even tho you recently (re)joined you took the time to make a good application. This shows some dedication. Good luck!
  8. +support Im agreeing with you here that with the current weapons the dune crawlers are underperforming. I think they should have weapons that have a small damage buff so that they will form i little bit of a bigger threat. But it also shouldnt be to much since they do have a huge speed boost.
  9. It should be back now, there was a small bug where all rocket launchers where gone from the server. You should have it back now.
  10. +support Application looks good now, and since you have alot of experience makes it only easier. Good luck.
  11. At the current moment all the weapons are spread out through the inventory and after crafting 200+ weapons its becoming very chaotic. Would it be possible to make stacks per item kinda like in minecraft, where you also can drop an x amount of the stack at the same time so you can easily give other players weapons too.
  12. - support It is supposed to be strong since it's a 1 time equipable weapon. If a group of criminals go up against 40+ imperials they need to have strong weapons to put up a fight. Also the economy is changing on the server. Getting money is harder then before unless you afk alot. So the price as it is right now seems fair. Especially when you have the chance of getting killed before you where even able to hit someone with it.
  13. I like this idea, this way the pvp is a little bit more controlled because the battles will take place in the territories. But i do think the places of these terretories should be on places where people aren't mining since it would get impossible to mine without alway getting involved with battles.
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