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  1. +support Looks like an awesome mod to have! But im not sure if it would work for the custom map we have (maybe it would, i dont know how that coding stuff works). But this would open up completely new rp scenarios for naval where they can actually fly the isd.
  2. +support Even tho you are kind of a new player i like the enthousiasm in your application. And the event idea looks really good to me. Good luck my man! And if you get accepted i hope youll be able to host your event idea
  3. +support This would make interrogating much easier and more fun. As stated above, right now everything happens in 1 room and people will intervere with eachother if they talk to loud and it gets crowded too quick. This will be benefitial for alot of battalions and event/sim possibilities.
  4. + support Good application, has been on the server for a while so he knows the rules. Would be great to have you on the staff team! Good luck!
  5. A long time ago i boughg the stim for my custom class "69th Medical Knight" But it seems to be deleted from my custom class now that the server has new medkits. But since i have paid for it wil i get it back?
  6. - support Really short application, seems rushed, also the answer on the rdm case is not detailed.
  7. + support Will make it more clear to others to see who is who between the general ranks.
  8. + Support Pie is an amazing entertainer and im sure the gamemaster job will suit you well. You are open to learn how to do ULX commands and events which is importand But you forgot to describe an offship event. Good luck pie, hope to see you on the gm job soon!
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