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  1. To add on, if we continue down this path it could possibly turn into something even racist. Which isn't what we want. Also another thing I wanna point out is the fact that you shouldn't just call them out in OOC which is public embarrassment.
  2. Welp, I was banned like 8 weeks into playing GamingLight. Now I made it pretty high as well, and I'm planning on making it even higher next time.
  3. Does this mean, we finally get a HC/SMT chill room?
  4. This guy created me
  5. I do agree about the fact that they should get credit for the Update/idea, but the only thing we can do now is to try and show that the Commanding officers did something and or came up with the idea
  6. What is your IGN and rank? (In Game Name): Kio | General Why do you want to become the position of High General?: The reason why I wanna become High general, is to help my fellow High Command as well as Help my Grand General (Starch) with any Documents and such. With that I would also like to help any and all Low Command with anything they may need throughout their time as Low Command, now this does come to a saying I will be able to help anyone and everyone with anything they may need, even for those who don’t like me. With the rank of High General I am able to help out a lot with activities that may require help from the High General to the Grand General, as I’d be able to back him up in anything he may need. Also With being High General I would be able to Help my fellow High Command with coaching and giving tips for what to do in any situation, and to say I have a lot of knowledge of what to do as a High Command Member. I am also able to lead others into a more suitable place for them to continue with their Gaminglight Low Command Career. What is the purpose of the High General?: The Purpose of High General is to try and help out any and all High command with Coaching, guiding, and thinking as that’s almost everything that a High Command Member should do within their time here. High general is also to help the Grand General with anything they may need like; Giving High Command Assignments, Coaching, finalizing decisions, and coming up with new Ideas for High Command. High general is also meant to cover the Grand General if they are absent and or on LOA for any good reason, they are to take up most of the duties of Grand as they are second in line to become that rank, and with that they are to make sure that they are ready at all times to take up those responsibilities to continue on with what AHC should be doing, as well as Low Command Members. What is the biggest thing you would bring to High General?: The Biggest thing I can bring to High General, is the fact I am able to be on and help any of my Fellow High Command as well as to help my Fellow Low Command Members. I believe this is one of the biggest things you can bring to High general as well as to High Command in general. I also Believe that if there is someone able to coach at all times that maybe we can help our Low Command become more prepared to become High Command in the near Future, as we all need people that are capable of coaching to be able to stand up and actually do it, and I believe with all of the issues/problems I’ve had I can help give some handy tips to try and avoiding that as we all are human and we all mess up from time to time. Now do keep in mind that we are all human and we all make huge and tiny mistakes within our Gaming Careers, but I am able to bring all of these examples down below; Activity: I am a very active member of High Command, as I am one of the most active players on the server currently. And I am also known for being active through very rough times for when the server may be going down. Fast and Good Work: A lot of the Documents that are updated have been updated by me and a couple of other members, as I am able to work with other members within AHC as well as people within Low Command. This is a very good thing to have as If I can work well and good with others then I'll be able to complete more Documents. Dedication: I am Very dedicated to the server as you can tell with where I've came from within the past couple of months and such. With my Dedication I am able to do stuff that many people may think I can't, so I push to show those what I am able to do within the server and such. Control: I am able to control what I am able to do within my Job as High Command, no matter if people may hate me or not, I am capable of pushing through and showing those what my work can do for the server and for the entire Gaminglight Community for ImperialRP. Last but not least, Trust: I have been able to show all of my Fellow High Command as well as some Low Command Members that I am a trustable member of High Command, as I stick to my word and I work for what I need to reach, and to say I am able to show those who do not trust me that I am a trustable member of this Community with my Dedication. List a few notable achievements within High Command: I will be listing a couple of things That were pretty big for a couple of Battalions. 1.) I reworked the entire Shock Jumptrooper, into a new Sub Branch something like it Called ERU (Shock Elite Response Unit) 2.) I helped make most of the Imperial Commando Protocols 3.) I reworked basically all of the Shock Sub Branch documents 4.) I reworked the IC Officer/NCO Guidelines How often can you be active in-game?: This Question is very interesting as I am able to be in game everyday, depending on what I’m doing that day since I have football right after school. But Most of the time I am online and in game most of the time as well as being within Discord all of the Time. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/693848751?servers[4604844]=7D&servers[13873279]=7D Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I currently only have 2 warnings, 1 being very known throughout the server. 1.) Racism 2.) Inappropriate Conduct in OOC
  7. It's sad to see you leave man, Grand Moff Racc will never come
  8. DENIED Left the Community. (Resigned from everything including GM)
  9. Accepted was Accepted at the GameMaster Interviews.
  10. Denied Thank you for your interest in joining. You may reapply when apps open back up.
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