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  3. So I'm Gonna List some of the things that happened during this. #1. At the Current time I was the Calmest I've ever been as this was just a Battalion Dis Warn. At the Time I said that you can get removed from ur Battalion for something like this. As the Poor TRN was just trying to do his Job, as having 2 People Battalion Dis has made them Upset. With that being said, the words that came out of my Mouth were "You Can Get removed from ur Battalion for Saying stuff like this as I will have to inform ur Command of these Actions." I know that Both Battalions Do not take stuff like this within they're Battalions, this stuff can make other People very upset and to say it really did. The Shock Involved were "Shock TRN Dark (DT V07), Shock VCMDR Tuna, and Shock MSG Start" If they would like to put in some words about this. #2. As I have been Notified This wouldn't be consider Ltap, as if you did join back you would of been Jailed again, as I didn't know about this rule now this would be a False Ban now. As Some other staff members have done this aswell for the Same reason, I had the shock Inform me that whenever this happens the members that did it have been Banned for Ltap in which is 3 days. SMT will Look over this to check and see what has happened within the Situation, in which Staff will now be Notified of these actions of what has happened today. Thank you, and have a great day.
  4. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Nova Commander Kio Why do you want to become the position of Marshal Commander?: The reason Why I wanna become Marshal Commander is to help show Others a different way of helping they're Battalion, in any way there are many ways of helping others and I've come from a Bad Past within this Community and I've grown from who I was to who I am now, so with this Rank I'll be able to help others More than what I can now, and with this rank I can also Help Battalions grow with giving them Suggestions to help the Battalion grow in Activity aswell as in Size if needed. I will be giving some reasons on why I want this rank. I also have Knowledge of how to treat a Battalion when it is needed, this can help everything grow bigger and Stronger within the Community of the server #1 I will be able to assist Command Teams with whatever they are in need of, with this Rank I can help oversee what happens in the Battalion I am Overseeing that Month. #2 I can show Battalions a More better Path To Follow instead of doing what I did back when I was a Little Stupid, this can further Help Battalions grow into better things, Like Activity, Community Relations, and Player Likeness. #3 With me knowing how to Command a Battalion I feel like I am ready to take on the Challenge of Marshal Commander, as I know what to do as a Commander from my Respected Battalion. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Army High Command?: I am Capable of bringing many things into Army High Command, Stating that I'll be able to bring stuff that will benefit the server aswell as the Community, with this being said I will be Showing what I will be able to bring to Army High Command. 1.) Activity: I am More active than many other Command Members within this Community, and to say having a Very Active Army High Command Member can bring many things to the Community, like more Battalion Updates, More Activities for others. with this It can bring many people together to show what the server is capable of bringing to the Community. 2.) Knowledge: I have been in Command for about 5-6 Months now, with that I can Coach Others into being something bigger, and help them realize that Mistakes can turn into something Bigger, with making everything Bigger and better it help others Coach each other so then they can pass it along for others to know. 3.) Community Relations: With Coming from a Bad Past in the server, I’ve learned to grow bigger with having people around to help me, and with those people around to help I’ve learned how to help others but Showing them a Different Path, with showing them a Different Path they can choose to move down it or to continue on the one they are currently on, but I try to help others when they need it, I try to help battalions when they also need it, i am already able to help my Battalion Grow as it went from being Inactive to an active Battalion Once again, I use everything I know to help my troopers learn a Better way of Looking out for others. 4.) Coaching: With everyone Coaching me I think It’s time for me to Coach others, with this Skill I’ll be able to Coach people if they do wrong, this can show a Better communication system throughout Command teams, if we can have others Coach then we can actually help battalions grow and even have player Relations grow also with just helping people be Better. This can Improve people aswell as Battalions. 5.) Activities: As I am Online everyday I am able to do many Activities with any Battalion, as I am also a gamemaster, and with this power I am capable of hosting Missions, Sims, and Storylines for Battalions to enjoy, as I’ll be able to give people something to do aswell as something for the Community. What is the purpose of a Marshal Commander?: I will be giving some Examples of what a Marshal commander can do. Now Keep in mind that a Marshal Commander has a Lot of Power but holds a Very Important Purpose within the army. 1.) Marshal Commander is to Help Guide Command Teams into being something bigger, they also have Knowledge of how to command a battalion and with that they can also help the Command Team make they’re Battalion even bigger and Better, with the Skills they have they can also Guide not just one Battalion but more so people know how to work with others. 2.) Marshal Commanders are supposed to help Oversee a battalion to make sure that Battalion is healthy and up to date with their information, they are also there to help Guide any command member in need of guidance. 3.) A Marshal Commander is basically a face for Army high Command, with being a Marshal Commander you are to help guide troopers of any rank to help them grow into better people and if not that you are also to help guide them towards becoming a higher rank with they’re Respected battalion. Why should we trust you to be Army High Command?: Why should I be trusted? Well I will be giving some reasons why I should be, and with these reasons it can show people from where I’ve come to where I am now within the server, these changes are huge and I had people help me along the way of reaching my Current rank of Commander. 1.) As you may know I am known by many different names, Like Kio, Kit, and Kitchan, and if you know me By KitChan then you know my past and which wasn’t that good. But most of you now know that I’ve grown from being a Horrible person to becoming a Better person for the Community, I am here everyday trying to help the best I can, and with that I am also trying to grow from who I am Now, in which my Past wasn’t good because I didn’t about how others felt about the way I treated them, and with the help from others I was able to become a New long live Commander for nova, in which the people that have helped me are still within the server and they are still helping me grow today. 2.) Everyone that has had a bad past can grow from who they were to who they are now, and If I can change I think many others can aswell, as I fucked up many times throughout my time in GL and with my mess ups I was able to learn from them and make myself a better command member than many others, with old command members still here teaching me and with new ones growing I am now able to help people grow into who they should be within this Community. 3.) Now and Days I am known as Kio the Nova Commander, and I’ve brought an entire Battalion back from Falling from the help of 3 HC members Starch, Sainty, and Bub, these people have shown me many different ways of teaching others on how to lead each other, no matter the rank I am still able to grow as a Commander within my Battalion, and I think I am ready to share my Information on to other battalions. How often can you be active in-game?: I will be giving you a Date of when I can be active in game. Monday - All day | most of the night Tuesday - All day | most of the night Wednesday - All day | most of the night Thursday - All day | most of the night Friday - All day | most of the night Saturday - All day | most of the night Sunday - All day | most of the night As you can see I am active everyday of the week, and without a Doubt nothing can keep me away from this Community. So here’s my BattleMetrics {Kio} Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I have only one warning, this warning was for racism, I said some not good things almost a year ago. (The other warning was a Mistake, in which CR0 didn’t mean to give it to me.)
  5. Your In-game: Nova Commander Kio Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:540335423 The admin's name in-game: DT Senior Commander CR0 The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] sage What warning did you receive: MRDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED) Why do you think this warn was false: He was trying to Warn a Mingy ST, and in fact it brought my SteamID up, while this was happening I was helping Sainty setup an Event for Later that day, also within the Admin Chat he even said that is was a Mistake and that it brought my SteamID up. Any extra information: N/A
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