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  1. Had a pleasure working with you, you're a great guy and a very hard worker. Take that to SMT and smash it over there. Glad I'll still be seeing you around the server man.
  2. Was truly a pleasure watching you ascend the ranks all the way to High Command. You were always fun to work with, but I am glad you won't be leaving the community. Best of luck on the GM side of things and if you ever get an itch to come back to IQ, just know you'll always be welcome.
  3. Sad to see you go, best of luck with your future endeavors, you'll always be welcome here.
  4. Link to new pack(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2089095556&searchtext=hilt+ability+extension&insideModal=0 How would this benefit the server (will it help events or is it purely for decorations and how?): This extension allows any lightsaber with the Inquisitor Hilt to access three new force powers being a Hold to Spin, a Toggle Spin and Flight. These are exactly how the Inquisitor sabers worked in lore, being able to spin around the circular guard. Would be cool for players to see the IQ Lore doing the one thing they are known for, as well as provide incentive to people to join and rank up through IQ with the hopes of being able to do it. Having the system based on the Inquisitor Hilt, this gives us opportunities to possibly add it to new or existing jobs and allow non-IQ Lore to use it down to road if we ever deem that necessary. Do you believe the benefits exceeds the risk of adding more content to the server (risking loading times and possible performance) and why?: The addon is 0.011 MB in size, so that is near negligible, and the effects on the server would be minimal, as it is just another instance of an ignited lightsaber, and may be slightly more taxing on the server, however only IQ Lore, High Inquisitor and the Grand Inquisitor would have access to it, meaning it could not be overly abused.
  5. Was a pleasure to work with you, I wish you luck with any future endeavors.
  6. If you ever get bored of being staff, we would be thrilled to welcome back Lord VI Sanity. Was a pleasure working with you.
  7. Joined in March 2021 to mess around with some buddies, ended up joining Purge. Never thought in a million years that I would have 2k hours in Star wars RP but here I am
  8. ACCEPTED Please contact a member of Inquisitorius High Command for your training.
  9. DENIED Command does not see you fit for the position yet, you may re-apply when applications are open next.
  10. Pending Please improve your application with further detail and effort in 2 days or it will be denied.
  11. Pending Please improve your application with further detail and effort in 2 days or it will be denied.
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