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  1. Everyone has to resign at some point. And yeah, it happened to me. I kept ranting about how once I resign, I won’t make a post about it because I see no need. But now, here I am, making a goddamn post about it. I remember playing SCPRP for the first time, and getting warned for “RDM | LTAP” which was totally justified. I was a mute back then for like 2 weeks until I decided to get a mic. And throughout the months I have played on this server, I’ve built up a lot of reputation somehow. I’m not sure if it’s because of my soundboard or the D-Class SCP or maybe my general personality. From D-Class, to E-11 CMD, and then to Maintenance HCMD. Quite a milestone for me. Also becoming staff. I made an unhealthy amount of sits as a staff member. Only because I wanted a toolgun but I didn’t want to host events all the time, lmao. I got to Admin at least. I started losing motivation to continue the staff team, so yeah, I resigned from it. But yeah, TLDR: I’m resigning from Maintenance because I’m extremely bored and burnt from the server. I believe my time with GL has come to an end as all journeys do. I’ll do the lists of people I have interacted the most or remember as per tradition: Sparkle: Never interacted with you that much. But back when I was an enlisted, I don’t even remember you being HOME, by the time I grew more experienced with the branch, I now noticed you as a DoL. That was when I had a mindset of a JM and didn’t know anything about Command. But you’re an amazing superior and role model. Never had a bad interaction with you. Keep striving in that O5 spot. Starstep: I hardly interacted with you in the beginning. The only time we interacted was when you took my sits for fixing cells. But as you got LCZ manager and I got Foreman/HCMD, you got more involved with Utility and we played a lot of Phasmophobia rounds, and it was quite fun.. You’re definitely going to be the next Site Director. Twix: Your fucking voice is fucking soothing for some reason. I would like you to read an audio book and upload it to YouTube please. I believe my first interaction with you was when me and Spring started hearing voices in HCZ, and there was a whole fiasco and me and Spring were put on AOS. But anyway, you’re a great man who I like to insult without any hesitation or any worry that I’ll get in trouble. Hope you continue doing well in the upcoming future. Loaf: For a while, I thought you were british. But anyway, I enjoyed the times we were playing different games, especially Phasmophobia. Hearing you speak for the first time months ago was absolutely awesome. I enjoyed our time working together. And you keep stealing my soundboard. But that’s what I get for giving you my mp3 files. You also better get DoL in the future. Jack: The absolute role model for me. You always find a way to counter someone’s point. And you do it with ease. I’m not sure because of experience, or because of the person you are. You do weird me out sometimes with the you know what stuff. I enjoyed our time playing, especially when we were playing Minecraft, and you got all pissed. Lmao. Hope you do well in the future with football, etc. Jason: Even though you’re not here anymore. If you’re reading this: You were one of the best people to hang out with. You were the one to inspire me to become Command. So without you, I wouldn’t be here. You’re extremely funny and you love putting yourself at the tip of the iceberg, and NOT IN A GOOD WAY, LOL. You’re also the most American man I’ve ever met, talking about trucks, shooting deers and shit. And I always see you playing Muscle Simulator games for some goddamn reason. Also, stop fucking exploiting on Roblox, loser. Fishy: You are doing a spectacular job as CMD. You sort of remind me of myself when I was in Low&Senior CMD, putting out extra effort to get promoted. You’re a future Foreman candidate so you better get it as well if you intend to. Will: Over the time, with our interactions. I’ve noticed how you looked at me as your role model. And I am honored by that. Keep improving and preventing yourself from making any future mistakes, and you’ll do good as CMD. Biggie Cheese: Not going to lie, our first interactions were extremely negative. We were sort of at each other’s neck. Especially with that Penis Prop report. I SWEAR TILL THIS DAY I SAW A PENIS PROP. But that’s the old days. There’s no need to get mad over something months ago. Spy: You’re a good man, Spy. Not once was there any negativity towards us. You do tend to forget things but that’s just part of being human. Also, your dog is cute. Keep up the great work as Head of MMF and as MM. Foreman candidate. Wagner: Excellent CMD member, that is all I got to say. We never interacted much but I accepted you as CMD because you seem like a great guy with a full commitment to whatever you want to do. Styx: My first interaction with you was when you were a Maintenance Professional. We hardly knew each other when we were enlisteds but look at us now. You’re lasting longer than me now. Extremely funny every time I talk to you. I know you’ve been busy a lot lately. And I felt kind of bad enforcing you to be more active. But since I ain't the boss of you anymore, do whatever you want. Unless Loaf/Jack tell you otherwise. DumpTruck: Funny and hardworking guy. The more you stay in the server, the less days you have of you becoming HCMD in RnD. Keep up the good work and keep earraping everyone in Teamspeak. Ravioli: I also did not interact with you most of the time.As you first became CMD, you swerved off the road for a bit but I got you back on your tracks. Keep making less and less mistakes and I can see you improving and ranking up. Inaccurate: Your fucking dog needs a push to talk. But overall, your second coming to SCPRP has been nothing but beneficial. You practically reworked the Medical Branch from what it used to be. Keep it up, man. You also deserve DoL in the future. Zack: I hated that you terrorized me when you were on the ACM job. But like Inaccurate, your work for the Medical Branch has been extremely good. Very active on the roster work! Nefario: I remember the times you were on the TF2 Medical CC. Good times. I had fun interacting with you, stealing your pathway markers and shit. I wish you best of luck for your health and your future. Rowphin: Forehead ShinSpin, Foreskin ShinSpin, whatever you harassed me with. I will always be Foreshin ShinSpin. Or whatever. But you’re a great CMD member. You most definitely will get AHOMS if you continue with the good work. Do well. Baeto: You’re an extremely chill dude, man. I can relate to you that Utility is where everything is chill. I was sad to see you resign the first time but was happy that you came back. And you resigned AGAIN, BRUH. okay thx bye. Buck: Hey man, I still remember our talk a few weeks ago. Keep up the same mindset and you won’t be affected by any negativity or false rumors. ZJ: When you were blacklisted from BloodStream, every time I kept removing whitelists, I always see “Blood Stream” in the whitelists, and it makes me laugh till this day. I kept it cause who cares. E11 CMD: I won’t forget the times I spent in E11. They were fun while it lasted. I wish the E11 Minecraft server was still online so I can go back to it for the sake of nostalgia. Also, E-11 calling me an SCP was one of the best nicknames I’ve ever had. Will never forget stabbing you all and somehow living through it. Nu7 HCMD: Combination of Toasty, Pillercat, and Soul. Good staff members and HCMD members. Your efforts led to Nu7 flourishing. Your actions have done a lot, even if you don’t feel like it has. Moonrose: I am never playing hide and seek with you ever again. Plantbruh: You’re the chillest furry I know. While I don’t usually hang out with furries or talk to Assassin: Future DHOS, had good times interacting with you. Keep being a good CMD member and you'll definitely be in the spot! Bulborb: You are the one person I felt most comfortable with. I can literally throw any insult at you and you would fire back. I remember the first time you trained me. You said that you would start training later and so I waited. So without YOU, all of this wouldn’t have happened. If you still want to continue working in Maintenance, feel free to do so without me. And you fucking suck. If I didn't mention any one of you, I apologize profusely. All and all, have a great day and future. ight bye.
  2. Wow @Bulborb is being active?
  3. He's been unbanned. I too don't know the reason but it doesn't matter anymore unless it continues.
  4. I see it extremely unneeded to be honest. The only benefit I see from this is purely on aesthetics. Just simply a different model when click the buttons. I mean, sure, people see you off duty, meaning you must be a senior staff member who knows what he is doing. So maybe they can trust you, something like that. But I feel like this creates more bugs in the end if this feature gets added. You would also have to do it for Super Admins, Head Admin, and above if Senior Admins get them. +Support But yeah, I’m sure it’s a nice quality of life and it gives staff members of an incentive to reach for Senior Admin more than it already does.
  5. +Support Only if he improves being able to get on TS every time he’s on the job
  6. -Support Can’t apply for Engineer if you’re neither in Maintenance or Medical.
  7. bruhh I ain't gonna become O5, that shit takes too long. And by the time I do, I probably be busy with education
  8. Shin

    Mobster NLR - Denied

    -Support Already suggested once, already denied once.
  9. +Support Don't mess with another man's trash.
  10. Shin

    Flixy Player Report

    They are a bit unpleasant but not overly obnoxious. But yeah, a lot of people have done worse and weren't even punished. A verbal warning would've been issued if he maybe continued? Can't say 100% -Support
  11. I do like the concept of it but how the fuck is this going to be implemented?
  12. Shin

    Flixy - Warn Appeal

    Will you gotta be more specific on which warn you want removed. It sounds like you want them both removed since you typed both of them in there.
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