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  1. Tonto

    Broken Text

    This happens to me sometimes and I just restart and it normally fixes it
  2. +Support -Warned the wrong person
  3. Why can't you just take no for an answer and find a new server
  4. +Support -On Staff a lot -Very helpful and fair -Responds to sits quickly -Respectful -I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be a Senior Moderator
  5. +/- Support +Trains Cadets a lot +Does a lot of OFC ridealongs +Professional and can handle situations well -Maybe a little more time as SM -Semi Active (But You Stated Why) -Very quite when on, I would like to see a little more Leadership skills from you Best Of Luck To You Burboon! -LT Tonto 1L78
  6. Calamity is a long time trusted staff member, if he says that you’re an alt then most likely you are. And if you aren’t well then there are plenty of other Police RP servers for you to play on.
  7. If you had to go eat at least leave the computer on to get arrested and then when you’re done eating come back and turn it off (if you aren’t in any situation) sorry but it’s gonna be a -Support for me Hannah also has a valid point that you shouldn’t have done any crimes if you did know you had to eat. Or better yet call a staff member online and advise them that you’re going to eat and you’ll have to get off.