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  1. Up the Ra! Right @Cammy?
  2. Working in State Police and other departments has been a great time although I have now completely lost my interest for playing Gmod. I've been apart of this community for a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here regardless of what department I was in or what rank I was. Fortunately, there was not much I could do to improve upon State Police due to the great leadership before me. Hopefully what work I did in the background will help State Police prosper and stay as the best department within PoliceRP. To all of State Police, keep up the good work. I'm happy to have been a part of State Police and I hope you've all enjoyed working with me. The command team within State are all great people which is why this department is so well ran and how it's managed to stay on top for so long. After retiring 3 times you do get tired of doing mentions so I will only mention one very special person to me: @CammyYou've been a great friend and you are what motivated me to come back each time. We've had our ups and downs but like any marriage we've always gotten through it. Without you playing I would've never came back. I truly do wish you the best in whatever you choose to pursue in your life because you've given me some great memories and I hope you've enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working with you. To finish off my last farewell I just wanted to say, I promise I won't be coming back.
  3. Carrots

    1 Year!!

    still remember promoting you and giving out because you weren't in TS
  4. IRA are the real one to look out for. Do you agree with this statement @Cammy?
  5. I completely agree with Cammy's statement here and have had some of the same issues with King that Cammy mentioned.
  6. -Support The only reason I'm -supporting this is due to the fact that it has no interior (interior looks like this). If this car did have an interior (or is getting one) I would've +Supported as it's a nice car and it can be used by any department whether a skin was made for it or it was just used unmarked like most Gov cars. The argument saying that British police cars can only be used by SCO19 is invalid as there are already British police cars in use by other departments such as the BMW 530d Touring and the older BMW X5.
  7. +Support -Active -Mature -Professional -Experienced I believe Tactical would make a perfect Colonel and is very well deserving of the position.
  8. This decision did not come easy however after some thinking I’ve decided to leave Gaminglight. Recently I just do not have time for the server and in future I won’t either. I’ve really enjoyed my time on Gaminglight and it was fun meeting and talking to everyone I did. I’m not gonna do any mentions as I’ve mentioned most people I would’ve mentioned in my SCO19 Retirement a few weeks ago. Thank you all for the fun times and I wish everyone the best.
  9. +Support -Active -Mature -Professional -Very Experienced -Well Known -Former Senior Admin Good Luck Masterson.
  10. +Support -Active -Mature -Professional -Experienced -Well Known I believe Solomon will prove to be a great addition to the staff team should he be accepted into staff. Good Luck.
  11. Accepted Please contact me via Teamspeak ASAP.
  12. +Support -Very Active -Mature -Professional -Experienced -Very Well Known Among the Community Good Luck.
  13. +Support -Active -Mature -Professional -Experienced -Well known among the community Good Luck.
  14. +Support -Active -Professional -Mature -Experienced in Command I believe Whale would be a good fit as PD LC due to the reasons I have listed above. Good Luck Whale!
  15. +Support -Active -Professional -Mature -Experienced I believe Mar is very experienced and is fully capable of being a Captain. Good Luck Mar
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