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  1. The Mattersworth Family/Mafia The Mattersworth Family is a Brand New Family that will be run by Myself and Jay. We plan to do Normal Criminal stuff (Basing,Silos etc.) with a few Mafia Themed things too. We take hits, deal drugs and sell weapons. We don’t plan to “Run the City” like every other Family has claimed before us but we have set our goal to be a very powerful Family in the near Future. Currently, we are Neutral with The Umbrella Corporation, OG and Diamond Dogs (Hopefully that doesn't change). If you wish for your family to be neutral with us Contact me or Jay in-game or through Discord. To Join The Mattersworth Family/Mafia you must have 2 Days+ played on the server and less than 10 warns (This may be negotiated if they are old or you’ve shown change). Currently we do not have an application so to join you just have to contact Myself or Jay over Discord or in-game. You can join the Discord Server Below Roster Discord
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  3. Rhammer Congratulations on making it into The Armed Response Unit!! Please Request a FTO to be trained.
  4. Ingame Name: Carrots Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:189738351 Job Name: Bigman New Player: STEAM_0:0:189738351 Paid by STEAM_0:0:189738351 ($20) Just need @Max Holland to confirm it.