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  1. You were a fantastic low command member and you will be missed good luck in your future endeavors.
  2. Agree completely Nao is a great guy and deserves his chance at LT! Good luck pal
  3. Yeah so I've had a lot of fun on SS but right now my focus is on my other two departments and its not fair of me to hold a Supervisor rank when I'm inactive. Good luck everyone and thanks for all the great times!
  4. I do need frogs side before I make an official statement but just for clarity no one should be building across from spawn
  5. + Support Active on the server Good roleplayer Previous GL experience
  6. SpadeH

    Drippy's LOA

  7. SpadeH

    mythic question

    Personally I would say get Platinum it’ll help you more in the long run and you’ll get decent jobs with it. A custom class can always be made in the future or maybe you’ll meet someone who will let you play on it.
  8. The little I have seen from you, you are a good player but not enough activity for staff
  9. Rip old friend one day all of us will place our last block if we haven’t already.
  10. Andrew I've known you since your FBI days and you are a great guy good luck!
  11. Could be worse I guess
  12. We just have to be careful about it. We don't want too overpowered weapons being put in gun dealer. If things get too overpowered then Gov would lose more fire fights and it may make it less fun.
  13. + Support Good player Active on the server Deserves a chance Needs to work on forums activity one whether accepted or not (I'm not one to talk) Question 16 could use some work but in my opinion it is not reasons enough to be denied. The whole point of being a Trial Mod is one about seeing if they are worthy of being a full staff member. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY its about learning and becoming better staff. Even as a Senior Admin I'm still learning and trying to expand myself. Overall good luck. Hope you get accepted! - SpadeH