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  1. Extro

    Tonto's LOA

    Just as I return.... Yikes. I miss you tonto, I was looking forward to seeing you... Proud to see your CPT now in PD.
  2. +/- Support I personally haven't seen you at any of the meetings I've been to (could be tz) I also haven't seen you very much in-game, (could be tz) Good application however, You seem to be mature and friendly along as serious. I say you can do this though considering you are in low command now.
  3. Name: Exotic/Extro SteamID: STEAM_0:0:66183717 Current rank: SM How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : Roughly a year and a half, and apart of PD for 2 years. Rank Wanted: LT+ How many warns do you have? 9 total - 1 is from a old blacklisted member, The rest are pretty old at least over a year. Do you have a Working mic? Yes. Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): I have been told to apply by 3 officials and 2 being apart of command. Why should you be promoted? : I feel I should be promoted because I understand how PD works. I can answer any question that I am asked regarding PD. I have not only been apart of gaming light for 2 years + I have trained countless cadets and helped shaped our PD into a well better rounded place and to be an amazing upholding community for Rockford! I can bring maturity as seeing I am facing a older adult hood this year and that I have been apart of gaminglight for the past two years. I really want to be able to introduce newer tactics and make some extremely useful information. I have finally taken the initiative to go and make this application which is extremely long overdue and I feel is part of my duty to become a Low command official while being not only told to now by 3 officials and 2 being apart of low command, I could show hospitality, I can show greatness, I can provide Power, but even more so I can show dignity in my work along with my other colleagues whom I work with. I feel ready to take on cases and withhold meetings and be able to have a more meaningful say and be able to further output my resources. I hope to provide the best service that I can for those that are employed within the Rockford Police Department. I hope to bring even a greater force together I hope to have a assisting voice and say in the meetings that we will withhold. The Rockford Police Department has taught me an extravagant amount acknowledge and I hope through this next Journey, That I am taking I can give back and continue a legacy which lays beneath our constitutional oath as being a officer of the law. I've memorized every 10 code that our department has, I know the ins and out and I have extremely diligent ideas to bring to the table if I am promoted to LT. I will make sure to uphold my responsibilities and that's taking any report brought to me serious no matter the issue, I can even back up this claim for I have reported officers not doing their job properly and or accordingly including in other departments. I reprimanded individuals I've given retrainings when needed I've even gone as far as being able to voice my opinion during PD meetings on pertaining circumstances. I would like to now say this further concludes my assessment for my application applying to Lieutenant, thank you for your time and patients on evaluating my application. Extro, -1C32 You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes.