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    SCP 049 - 1/3/19

    Lore Name: Dr.Bright Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 4 List of personnel involved in testing: Dr. Bright ; LCPL Kyle 1C42 Level D personnel involved: D-9341 SCP: 049 Hypothesis: SCP 049 would infect D-Class personnel and order them to break him free due to his recent agitated activity Observation: SCP 049 infected D-9341 and he proceeded to attack the CC until otherwise ordered by SCP-049, SCP-049 then proceeded to return D-9341 back to his normal state, we then escorted D-9341 and checked him into the medical bay where he showed no symptoms previously observed by reverted D-Class Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Conclusion: SCP-049 has had a sporadic and isolated incident where his affect is not transferred fully into a D-Class personnel, further testing on both SCP-049 and D-9341 will be done
  2. So, I guess this is it, we all go someday. My time to retire from the Director of Secret Service has come. It has been a hell of a ride with both ups and downs within the branch. Both with numbers of people and amazing friends that I've made along the way, Id like to mention them here. Mentions @th3- Not much to say here, other than this guy started it all, I've been here with him since the beginning, we are the OG's of SS, all of us that have been in since "Commander" was an SS rank Mikedagamer- A great friend, manager and previous director. I look forward to playing on your server, a lot you've done has still traveled down the line to make my experience much better and way easier. @Igneous-God, where to start with this guy. First off thanks for handing the director baton on down to me and helping out with some things I didn't know when I first started out. Thanks for taking the time to transfer over all the documents to be because I'm gonna take a shit ton of time to do that because I'm lazy. Even though you tried to force me into anger management you're still a good guy. @[GL] Tom- THIS GUY. Don't even get me started on how bad his driving is. Alright, in all honesty this dude is amazing and has done so much for SS in the time he has been my deputy director. And as you all know, I will be passing down the torch to him, He will be the new SS director so congratulate him @GibbiGibbi-What a guy, makes documents for no reason, likes do ramp cars for no reason, just an overall fun guy and cool man. He has been an amazing Assistant Director. I hope you are gonna stick with us and make a great deputy (If tom wants that lol) @CrimzonEmpire-If I tagged him right. This man has made documents galore on SS, from protection guides to convoy guides. This man is an amazing asset and will always be loyal. @Emmu06- This guy has provided great SS guidance with his ability to command people and stay calm in stressful situations. @Tigersden11-I look forward to seeing what you can do, with what you've proven in terms of dedication, I expect a lot from you. @soulness-I expect you to stick with us, and keep activity up because I see a lot of potential coming from you, don't give me a stroke by driving awful anymore @Cowss-I think this is the right tag, well anyways, you have one of the best sniper shots I've ever seen next to tom, Keep that up and you'll be on your way to high command It has been an honor serving along side all of you, But the time has come for me to turn in my badge, Ill see you all at the SCP foundation
  3. John Kyle

    Romero report

    Please go to a SAIC or AD first because I'm not gonna deal with this one. follow COC
  4. No, I was on the SS Director Job, and nobody and if you wish to speak to a "higher up" of mine,I could gather my high command. Staff had already said multiple times for you to calm down and take it to the forums. You failed to listen. I even said "If you don't stop your gonna get warned. And you didn't stop, so I said enjoy the warn. Self inflicted damage.
  5. - Support You were extremely hostile in that sit. The sit was for me not leaving a crime scene after being told by you. That's an RP thing, not a staff sit. You arrest me not complain to staff about someone not listening to a police officer. You then tried to get ME warned for player dis because I said the following "Ill leave as slow as I fucking want" and "Can you believe he is trying to turn an RP situation into a staff sit." Neither of those statements were disrespectful. You then continued to argue in chat with me and @Logan in chat after being told to stop. You said "This is why people have problems on here." You didn't have ANY intention of being respectful and told one of the two ON DUTY staff members "Go away I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the other staff" When the staff that was trying to talk was the one that CLAIMED the case and tried to talk to you. LOGAN warned you, not melon man. Melon was there after the sit was claimed by LOGAN. Logan said the staff sit was over after you started to become hostile, and you proceeded to dog us in the chat. Before the staff sit was called I was on the road of the mansion area and was talking to one of MY agents. You tried to interrupt me. NOT TO MENTION THAT YOU WERE ATTEMPTING TO GET AN SS DIRECTOR TO LEAVE A SCENE AS A CPL! I don't think that you were trained properly or understand your boundaries in crime scenes. You aren't just allowed to tell whoever you want to leave because you think they shouldn't be there. In the end I believe your warn should stay and you should learn from this.
  6. John Kyle

    More Jobs

    + Support for the Vice President I feel like SS need someone else to protect as well instead of random citizens saying they are the VP. It will help my team by pushing our skill by having to be in 2 places at once and having 2 important people to protect. It would hella have to be a Mike Pence model. The senators are useless and would be annoying to keep in control though. I feel like this would keep my SS's RP up to a maximum!
  7. + Support Great Guy Previous Member Knows the Rules Not a Minge Professional
  8. Big - Support If you have a problem with an SS agent report it directly to one of their higher ups, in this case, me. Loitering around the SS base or Federal Property (as marked by SS) IS A KOS/AOS offence depending on the situation. TOM is 100% right in this situation to be able to have his sign there. Our signs go beyond the property so we can give YOU a heads up NOT to be there, NOT so we can kill you sooner. Why would we warn HIM when he is doing nothing wrong. If you would like me to read my entire SOP to you, grab some popcorn and meet me in TS and I'll go word for word for you. Yours Truly - SS Director John Kyle
  9. - Support Could be handled in game Not a huge reason to get mad, just a small mishap of crossfire, happens all the time
  10. Known ya for a hella long time Rhenic, best guy I know
  11. Im gonna make mine a - Support