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  1. Springs I’ve always like you. It’s sad to see you go
  2. + support Great guy, knows what he’s doing. A great leader
  3. Rank You are Applying For: LT In-Game Name: John Kyle SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56300451 Current Rank: SM How long have you been in your current rank?: A good bit over a year What timezone are you in?:Central How many Warns do you have?: 5 Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): I have been a part of Gaminglight for a long time. I have gone through many different departments and seen many come and go. I have experience with all different levels of command. I was also already once a PD LT but I had resigned for personal reasons. I am once again ready to come back and make sure that PD is in line and does the right things. I have worked hard as a member of PD and do my best to stay professional and efficient. I am efficient in leading large groups of people and keeping things running and organized. I am able to follow orders and follow them to the word. I can make on the spot decisions and do things right. If I don’t get it right the first time I try again until I get it. I am persistent and never give up. I believe that I can make a huge difference and bring positive change to the Police Department. I want to make sure that people stay professional and keep from making mistakes, we all learn from mistakes and I wish to teach others from their and my own mistakes. ( I was LOA for a bit before this for personal reasons so if I didn’t seem active that’s why) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  4. Rank You are Applying For: LT In-Game Name: John Kyle SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56300451 Current Rank: SM How long have you been in your current rank?: A long time, I'd say over a year What timezone are you in?: Central How many Warns do you have?: 5 Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): I have worked hard for a lot of things, I have been a part of many departments. I have been a Director of Secret Service, I have also been a LT in PD before, a long time ago, personal issues in my life forced me to resign my position and leave the community for about 6 months. I came back and was allowed to keep my SM rank and from that point on I have been working with PD as other departments and have worked as a SM in training cadets and leading younger and newer members of PD into a great time of roleplaying with one of the best Garry's Mod communities I have come across to this day. I have been a part of the server for a very long time, almost since it was first created. I have seen great people come and go and believe that I can become one of those greats. I have helped make great changes to other departments and even helped in the founding of a new one. I have a lot of experience with being in command positions and can make sure scenes are collected and organized. I work with the skills of the people around me and don't just stick to one game plan when I have people whos skills don't adhere to that plan. I am also very fluent in the law and will soon have a level one criminal justice certificate from my Early College High School courses. I am great at roleplay situations and can always keep things interesting. I can bring a wide range of skills and knowledge to low command of PD. I hope to continue for a long time with my advances and be a part of creating some changes to PD which will help with roleplay and as well as keeping people from creating issues within the server and department. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  5. DENIED After careful consideration we have decided against this action due to one or more of the following: Not realistic Not applicable Not allowed No need for this Other Please re-resign in 3-4 weeks time, thank you! Have a great day!
  6. Name: John Kyle Rank: SAIC Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active What do you want to get added/changed?: Pretty good, need to work on teaching people how to build a proper defendable base not a hobo shack
  7. What you want to see? - Trunorth City Workforce Job. Why should we add it? - I propose a city worker job for an RP aspect, I have already started a group and discord called TCW (Truenorth City Workers) and its all about RP working as a public city worker. We stay within the city and outskirt road, we have done RP city work such as replacing sidewalks, pipes under the road, A/C units, checking on the "PD power generator", and other small projects. I love this idea and believe that it would add RP aspects to the server. This will consist of very few jobs to reduce lag, Worker, Manager and Foreman. The skins for worker and manager would be a skin with a hardhat and reflective vest, and the Foreman would have the same but a different color on the helmet or vest. The cars can always just stay as the base cars the server already has but I would love to have a white truck with yellow ELS hazard lights. The rules and SOPs would be made to make sure that people do not abuse these powers and do not minge with the job. It would be a neutral class so no firearms would be allowed, however being robbed/kidnapped would because that's just realism. The weapons for the job would be basic, anything a city worker might have (chainsaw, saw, sledgehammer) and the members would not be able to attack other people or risk demotion/strike/removal. I would really love to see this implemented since I already have it running as a "family" and have gotten quite a few people interested. If this would be implemented I would make sure that it is run in a good orderly manner and make sure people don't abuse tools/vehicles/power. They would have the trunk access for cones and signs to make lane changes so that we can RP work on roads, the ELS (if allowed) hazard lights would be to guide people through construction and to make seeing us easier. The skin on the vehicle can be basic white, or a logo my friend @utetwo made for me. It is basic and the files would be small so almost no lag would be added to the server. I will fully respect SMT decisions and any changes they see fit for server optimization and would greatly appreciate if they took this into consideration. Thank you all! What are the advantages of having this? - Better roleplay, the realism of a working city with workers who keep it running. Who is it mainly for? - Any person who would like to roleplay being a hard worker of Truenorth and wants to add to peoples experience. Links to any content - Will add to a reply when I find suitable playermodels and vehicle.
  8. Ive wanted a fire department in the server for a while even if we just used trucks and it was pure RP. Mainly because I am a volunteer firefighter in my town, KCVFD, and ive wanted to bring what I know about real firefighting into the Gmod world and I love gaminglight and I don't want to switch to a server that has it already. I have advanced knowledge of a lot of Fire Operations and Rescue operations and feel that if this was added I would be able to make it a fun department but ive never spoken up about it because of my fear of an instant denial but thank you for speaking up about this so imma give a HUGE + SUPPORT
  9. Your In-game: John Kyle Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56300451 The admin's name in-game: Many (Blaziken, Valk, Etc.) The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: A lot of old warns. Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: These are all old warns. Oldest being from November 2nd 2018. I've matured and changed a lot. As well as I am integrating myself back into the GL community since my leave as Director of Secret Service. I hope these warns get appealed since I have not received one in many many months. This is per fames post about removing old warns. I have between 17-21 depending on if the ones classified under MilRP will be removed due to the bug in the system explained below. Any extra information: Some warns do appear under server Military RP but these are warns on PRP, may be a glitch. These are those warns Mon Jun 25 14:56:45 2018MilitaryRP76561198072866631CPT Vinny 1A35Cop Bait Sat Jun 23 01:01:41 2018MilitaryRP76561198072866631GamikzoneRDM Sun Jul 1 15:16:23 2018MilitaryRP76561198072866631WafelBreaking FearRP And this next one im not 100 percent sure Mon Jun 25 15:16:53 2018MilitaryRP76561198072866631STRIDER BOOTYStaff diss
  10. So, I guess this is it, we all go someday. My time to retire from the Director of Secret Service has come. It has been a hell of a ride with both ups and downs within the branch. Both with numbers of people and amazing friends that I've made along the way, Id like to mention them here. Mentions @th3- Not much to say here, other than this guy started it all, I've been here with him since the beginning, we are the OG's of SS, all of us that have been in since "Commander" was an SS rank Mikedagamer- A great friend, manager and previous director. I look forward to playing on your server, a lot you've done has still traveled down the line to make my experience much better and way easier. @Igneous-God, where to start with this guy. First off thanks for handing the director baton on down to me and helping out with some things I didn't know when I first started out. Thanks for taking the time to transfer over all the documents to be because I'm gonna take a shit ton of time to do that because I'm lazy. Even though you tried to force me into anger management you're still a good guy. @[GL] Tom- THIS GUY. Don't even get me started on how bad his driving is. Alright, in all honesty this dude is amazing and has done so much for SS in the time he has been my deputy director. And as you all know, I will be passing down the torch to him, He will be the new SS director so congratulate him ? @GibbiGibbi-What a guy, makes documents for no reason, likes do ramp cars for no reason, just an overall fun guy and cool man. He has been an amazing Assistant Director. I hope you are gonna stick with us and make a great deputy (If tom wants that lol) @CrimzonEmpire-If I tagged him right. This man has made documents galore on SS, from protection guides to convoy guides. This man is an amazing asset and will always be loyal. @Emmu06- This guy has provided great SS guidance with his ability to command people and stay calm in stressful situations. @Tigersden11-I look forward to seeing what you can do, with what you've proven in terms of dedication, I expect a lot from you. @soulness-I expect you to stick with us, and keep activity up because I see a lot of potential coming from you, don't give me a stroke by driving awful anymore @Cowss-I think this is the right tag, well anyways, you have one of the best sniper shots I've ever seen next to tom, Keep that up and you'll be on your way to high command It has been an honor serving along side all of you, But the time has come for me to turn in my badge, Ill see you all at the SCP foundation
  11. John Kyle

    Romero report

    Please go to a SAIC or AD first because I'm not gonna deal with this one. follow COC
  12. No, I was on the SS Director Job, and nobody and if you wish to speak to a "higher up" of mine,I could gather my high command. Staff had already said multiple times for you to calm down and take it to the forums. You failed to listen. I even said "If you don't stop your gonna get warned. And you didn't stop, so I said enjoy the warn. Self inflicted damage.
  13. - Support You were extremely hostile in that sit. The sit was for me not leaving a crime scene after being told by you. That's an RP thing, not a staff sit. You arrest me not complain to staff about someone not listening to a police officer. You then tried to get ME warned for player dis because I said the following "Ill leave as slow as I fucking want" and "Can you believe he is trying to turn an RP situation into a staff sit." Neither of those statements were disrespectful. You then continued to argue in chat with me and @Logan in chat after being told to stop. You said "This is why people have problems on here." You didn't have ANY intention of being respectful and told one of the two ON DUTY staff members "Go away I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the other staff" When the staff that was trying to talk was the one that CLAIMED the case and tried to talk to you. LOGAN warned you, not melon man. Melon was there after the sit was claimed by LOGAN. Logan said the staff sit was over after you started to become hostile, and you proceeded to dog us in the chat. Before the staff sit was called I was on the road of the mansion area and was talking to one of MY agents. You tried to interrupt me. NOT TO MENTION THAT YOU WERE ATTEMPTING TO GET AN SS DIRECTOR TO LEAVE A SCENE AS A CPL! I don't think that you were trained properly or understand your boundaries in crime scenes. You aren't just allowed to tell whoever you want to leave because you think they shouldn't be there. In the end I believe your warn should stay and you should learn from this.
  14. John Kyle

    More Jobs

    + Support for the Vice President I feel like SS need someone else to protect as well instead of random citizens saying they are the VP. It will help my team by pushing our skill by having to be in 2 places at once and having 2 important people to protect. It would hella have to be a Mike Pence model. The senators are useless and would be annoying to keep in control though. I feel like this would keep my SS's RP up to a maximum!