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  1. I personally don't mind it and there is always the mute feature. Also, if the song clearly is using the word in a racist connotation, the person playing it will just get banned. +/- Support
  2. In my opinion it would have been better to just ask more questions then to attempt to cuff him. +/- support
  3. Just play BIO when you wanna raid and try to grind for that lvl 65 job thats on RND that can go in raid
  4. E11 is the best foundation combatant branch because they can basically go anywhere. I would suggest to just use your second life on CI mil.
  6. Name: recon Rank: SGT SteamID (Ex: STEAM_0:1:174348602): STEAM_0:1:103893952 Current Sub-Branches your in: Sniper, Riot Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  7. Google Docs Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MpjuyuJkbUxeecIvFBqmueFIvcdQvjytUbLlI2t9bSM/edit Had some free time and got a bit nostalgic so I decided to write a test log. Hope you enjoy!
  8. An amazing person and command member. You did so well as HOR and I woudnt have had anyone else lead me for my time in research. Thank you Glados. o7 P.S KCM to DHOR in 1 meeting still makes me laugh to this day XD
  9. + Support I've know parkland since he was a JR and he has dedication to research. Ah, the good old days. Give him a shot, whats the worse that could happen?
  10. + Support A reliable, active, and friendly member of the community who can sometimes land his shots.
  11. I don’t have much to say. Just, thank you for the memories. I always hate it when someone doesn't include a mention for me so ima just write down everyone I knew this past year. I’m still going to play on the server because the fights are fun but not as often. I’ll still be on the forums two cause I can’t help but keep checking out the forums. Honestly I’m so rash with decision making that I may be back in a month. Shout out to: ShadowPL, Loaf, Jeff, Dickgrayson, Guinea, Gamer, ashfox, gorgie, sixx, slopasorus, funny, lukemario, warren, glados, moonrise, light, eyelander, parkland, gaminggoat, tomato, ceese, trainoverlord, olbap, bagel, slurmp, mitchell huge, cyclone, jummy, zack morden, luci, ballon, saint, one, azreal, octolis, panda, dodo, veSUS (LR shitlips), lucas, southpaw, potato, Box, daddy d boi, gar, tydrix, jack, price, frog, pills, nenea, danny, colt, toaster, twix, zack, nafario, bison, consario, dustin, biggie cheese, new rophin, bulborb, chinpin, styx, alexx, tallia, cosmic, ruz, kieran, change, flixy, adam, fiery, vinder, protogay, dumptruck, yohan, skela, hoovy, coltable, igneous, yato, jolt, pure, django, islandtoad, ignis, Danny, Nydokore, Th3, Darby, Checked, stepanyan, kiwi, blight, shawnk, slick, blackbeard, vortex, rainbow. To Starstep & Weiss: You two were the only ones on the server I was intimidated by. I have the highest respect for the both of you. To Jeff & Gray: You didn’t know it but you two were my biggest inspirations to get gud on the server. To Guinea, Gamersquadminge, & Saint: Fucking legends. They were awesome friends and command members. To Eyelander: I know that you will do good for research. Shoot for the stars. To Hoovy: Thanks for RRH twice. Also, ShadowPL wants my spot in RRH so, yea. He asked first. To all of the SCP-RP community: Look out for eachother. Don’t get caught up in toxic shit. We are all on the server to have fun. Thank you. With much love. ~ recon
  12. I 100% agree with you here However, the only way to get back to SF being respected is to first change the communities attitude towards SF. rn people just don't respect SF cause theirs no consequences not to respect them and most of the time SF are mingy af making them seem less respectable.
  13. Lets hear some of your favorite tunes. Heres mine: Favorite song: Most played song:
  14. - Support I do think that SCP-912 needs to be reworked/nerfed, however, THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS THEN REMOVING IT. 1. SCP-912 is a great SCP for research. It can be used by JRs 2. Instead of removing it entirely, maybe try reworking it or nerfing it first? Edit: I just don't want this SCP to go away because it is a great SCP for RP around LCZ, great for research testing, and it helps gensec which lets be honest needs the help.
  15. NO FUCKING WAY MAN DAMM IT You were such a great friend and I always had a great time playing with you. From research, to e11, to CI. We rose up in gaminglight together. Sad to see you go. No.
  16. + Support Darby has a great reputation across all 3 GL servers. Hardstuck LR smh
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