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  1. Name: Light Rank: Trainee Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 4/2 - 4/7 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Need to learn how to manage online school and also trying to figure out how to fix gmod
  2. Wowerz +Support I like it and the new job actually looks cool ngl.
  3. Lore Name: Dr. Alto Clef Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155905660 Rank: Foundation Doc Activity Level: Everyday
  4. Score: 45/100 Grade: F- Lore: 20/20 912 kills D-Class and/or detains them. Creativity: 0/20 We already know 912 can defend himself from multiple trespassers Presentation: 5/20 You didn't even really add anything special than just follow the format. Writing: 20/40 Minor issues like forgetting to put an uppercase C for D Class but there's barely anything. Sub-Standard
  5. Score: 100/100 Grade: A+ Lore: 20/20 This is correct the mask will work and the acid part wouldn't. Creativity: 20/20 No one has done this before and it seems like a lot of thought has been put on this test. Presentation: 20/20 I like the style. Writing: 40/40 No errors in the document.
  6. Score: 100/100 Grade: A+ Lore: 20/20 This would actually make sense in lore considering that 457 would want to get fuel as fast as he can. Creativity: 20/20 Very creative this test has not been done before. Presentation: 20/20 I like how it looks the orange gives some color and pictures are great. Writing: 40/40 No errors in the document.
  7. Aren't there also 6 high command slots in Utility? 8 actually just counted
  8. Score: 85/100 Grade: B+ Lore: 5/20 I'm going, to be honest, this wouldn't really make any sense since 682 is a very strong SCP and his bones can just regenerate if you remove the press off 682. Creativity: 20/20 I like this idea because it introduced on another way SCP-682 could be terminated Presentation: 20/20 It looks good but In my opinion, the font just hurts my eyes but I'll still give you a good grade. Writing: 40/40 No errors in the document.
  9. -Support Bunks are supposed to be a place where you spawn and a place to train trainees not a place to FULLY Roleplay. Also, we already redid the bunks like 3 weeks ago and we have no room for extra props unless you literally wanna get rid of the training area