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    012 Test

    Test Invalid Reason: Posted on the wrong page. Post it on "Foundation Test Logs"
  2. My Resignation, It's been a fun ride met a lot of new people, getting burnt myself out like hell and have no interest to play on the server currently. Though I might come back some day off reserves. I started playing this in August and it was a very fun for the rest of the time, then in December I made it to my dream position which was to become a Foundation Doctor which did happen. Now theres really no problems going on with other members in Research, but I would say that there needs to be some new changes as what Trevdec said in the suggestions for low command in the Research Command chat on discord. The main important ones are finding a way to make Command & Foundation Doctors an actual purpose. All we really do is become off-brand teachers that grade tests and host mass tests that we are required to do 1 time every 2 weeks. I know there has been a lot of thinking into this and I can see how it can be very very difficult since we are the nerd branch. Special Mentions Trevdec - This man is gonna become the Foundation Doctor that kills people. Soviet - Congrats on AHOR and if you play that soundboard of niko niko ni again I will break your kneecaps. Watkin - Interesting guy..... Cancer - Tomatos 106 test was better. Karen B - This man is gonna be great in a High Command position Slurmp - Slurmp Juice.. Lee - Lee from the walking dead? GLaDOS - Also if you didn't know GLaDOS is a robot I can say that now because he is Level 4 :} Tomato - No more monkey with bomb yes? Illager - Memer. Weiss - Anime = no gud. Kuma - King of India. Inaccurate - Your pretty accurate. Jackweb - Offbrand SwaggerSouls. Trap Hunter - I hope you lose all your items on pixelmon. Mike - Stop kicking me from the channel because I said mik. Rang - Rang Getting Cucked. Beanz - Best DoURS hands down. Camo - Wheres my Cherreos? Daedran - Younger Blackbeard. If your not listed here thats probabaly cause I don't really have time to write 10 thousand names.
  3. Grade: (A-) (90%) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Pretty random SCP and also it makes sense. Creativity: 20/20 Very creative nice seeing a SCP-261 test Presentation: 10/20 Though I like that you are using a document its just its so bland and no colors or boldings. Writing: 40/40 Everything seems to be fine.
  4. Grade: 100% A+ Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Lore is on Spot Creativity: 20/20 Very creative test. Presentation: 20/20 I love the way it looks. Writing: 40/40 No errors
  5. Grade: A++ Test Quality: Quality+ Lore: 20/20 The lore is on spot from what I hear since this isn't an actual test on the wiki. Creativity: 20/20 Very creative this is my favorite 096 test. Presentation: 40/20 Its so beautiful and actually looks like this can actually be part of the actual Wiki and the pictures gives it the extra taste Writing: 40/40 No errors
  6. Lore Name: Dr. Alto Clef Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155905660 Rank: Foundation Doctor Activity Level: 11/10
  7. Grade: (80%) B- Test Quality: Quality Lore 20/20 Seems like something that'll actually happen in the lore and it makes sense. Creativity 20/20 I can tell you put a lot of effort in the question and it is very creative Presentation 20/20 I can see you did use the font for the wiki, also the layout which is great, and it looks very nice. Writing 20/40 Everything is fine except for you copy and pasting the whole entire wiki. You didn't even give credit. Remember to only add the important notes for background research.
  8. Grade: (100%) A+ Test Quality: Quality Lore 20/20 Very ineresting and follows the lore since 087 is pretty random. Creativity 20/20 This is very creative I have never seen anyone do this kind of test, I can tell there has been a lot of effort put into this test. Presentation 20/20 The test log looks wonderful, I like the black background and the white letters looks very neat together. Writing 40/40 I like the way you worded this because it gave me a vision of what happened down there with the D-Class also no errors.
  9. -Support whats the fun of doing a test if all you can do is kill them?
  10. Grade: (70%) C- Test Quality: Standard Lore: 20/20 1025 does have give the subject different effects. Creativity: 5/20 This test has already been done before and also we really didn't get any new information from this Presentation: 20/20 You followed the format which is great. Writing: 30/40 There is some punctuation errors, like you forgot to put periods, and it was really short.