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  1. This is a very well-made test and a interesting one too. I like the amount of detail you put in this test and the effort in it. I love the fact how you discovered another possible way to temporarily disable 939. No errors were in this test and I also like the fact that you put the necessary information for background research. Keep up the good work and pull off more tests like this.
  2. So this test is pretty good though I’m pretty sure that we already know that 999 has Fluoxetine but I could be wrong. There seems to be no mistakes like grammar and spelling in this test, also I am glad you did put in effort for this test, but the only error I find in this is you forgot to put in the security escort name in this remember to put that and the Class D name is also important. Overall this test isn’t really that bad in the future though come up with more interesting questions.
  3. This is a very simple test, to say the least, and a common one. We already know that just seeing the list of SCP's that SCP 999 will be the favorite out of all of them since its happy most of the time and it likes to play, also this really doesn't tell us new information about them. I can see you put in the effort but you need to get more creative questions in the future.
  4. First, there seem to be no errors in the test itself. You did put in effort into this test which I am happy about, but this test is kinda pointless it doesn't really give us new info about 527 because we already know that the fish head doesn't do anything special hes just an ordinary human being with a fish head. I let the question slide but in the future please think of more creative questions that will give us new information about SCP's.
  5. The test question was a very interesting one that stood out and the hypothesis you came up with was good I really do agree with it. Sadly the 939 heard you and came up to attack you, which led you to stop the test. The format is phenomenal theres no errors in mistakes for spelling etc. I was really looking forward to this test maybe next time you will be able to pull it off.
  6. First, you can't even do this you put 999 inside the incinerator it leads to 999 highly being terminated and we can't have that 999 is one of the SCP's that really does help the foundation a lot. The test would have been good if you just got a piece of 999 and threw it into the incinerator. The detail is good and the format, spelling, and grammar are good. If I had to give this a rating since you put 999 in extreme risk but you had nice detail its a 3.5/10
  7. Alright, so a good test overall. The formatting was nice and the details of the test were very good sounded like I am actually reading an actual test log written in lore. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. Not a bad job at all just maybe try to do more testing with 513 and find out the cause of why this happened.
  8. This is a very very short test. There’s barely anything to read it looks rushed. The test was pretty common test. All this test did was letting the Class D assault 999 for no reason because we already know that 999 never gets mad. Overall be more creative with questions and make sure you add more detail into future tests.
  9. The test question is kinda creative there’s no problems with that. There are minor grammar and punctuation errors in the test. I only ask you if I put more information to your Conclusion, don’t forget your escorts names because that’s very important, and in the future think of more creative questions.
  10. The Light

    SCP 999/ Oct 7. 2019

    Just to start off with this is a very well made test. You put a lot of effort in this test and actually told us more information about 999. The one error you made was to put your escort’s names on the list of personnel involved in testing unless they were [REDACTED] then that’s fine. Keep up the great work in research.
  11. This is a very common test and doesn't really tell us new information about 1048. We already know that if someone punches 1048 it will play a loud high pitched frequency. There is a lack of effort into this you could have added more detail to this and be more creative with your questions.
  12. First, this test really doesn't make sense 1048 wouldn't ever eat a Class D. With that I see barely any effort into making this test because it's so short and it looks like it was rushed. The question needs to be more creative. In the future be more creative and put more effort into your tests.
  13. This test tells us no new information about the SCP. With that I really don’t see that much effort with the test. There is a few mistakes for the test itself punctuation, spelling, etc. I don’t see any background research which you should of put there. In the future think of more creative tests in the future and put more effort in it remember we want quality not quantity
  14. This is just amazing you put so much effort and detail into making this and as well you put in a lot of creativity. I wish I could be there to see everything that this “Green Goo” could do during those tests because your test sounded very indeed interesting. Maybe in the future we could give this “Green Goo” an SCP classification. If I were to give this a grade it would also be a 10/10 keep up the great work.
  15. The Light

    SCP-999 Test-20B

    First, I love the way you format this it's very clean. There are minor spelling and grammar mistakes. I also there's no name of the escort personnel here. The test question is pretty common nothing too special. I can see you put in a lot of effort into making this test which is great but in the future please come up with more creative questions.