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  1. Dr. Light's Personnel File (UnderReview) Dr. Bright's Personnel File (OUTDATED) Dr. Clef's Personnel File (UnderReview) Dr. Clef's Personnel FIle (NEW) Level 5 Do you wish to continue? YES NO LOGGING IN........ User: *#**#**#* ERROR ###*#**#*# Clearance Level: *#**#**#* ERROR ###*#**#*# [Warning] NOT WORKING CORRECTLY PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS FILE UNLESS YOUR LE#*# 5 CLE*******#*#*#*#*#* [Warning] -Access Granted- -Loading Dr. Clef's Updated Personnel File- ------------------------------------------------------- Name: Unknown Nickname: "Dr. Alto Clef" Rank: Foundation Doctor Current Location: Site-05 --------------------------------------------------------- Interview Log █/█/2019 O5-█: How do you feel about this transfer to Site-05. Clef: Why in the hell am I going to Site-05? O5-█: The Research Department needs help and they could use a hand. Clef: I am the Head of the Division Training and Development already. O5-█: Not anymore. Clef: Bullshit. O5-█: The Rank you will be receiving the rank Junior Researcher under Sophia Light. Clef: Wait why? O5-█: You will be receiving the rank Junior Researcher because of your behavior. Clef: ...... O5-█: Once you hit Foundation Doctor your name will change back to Dr. Alto Clef. Clef: What are you doing no don't INJECT ME WITH THA.........*static*................... --------------------------------------------------------- Interview Log 12/█/2019 O5-██: So how are you currently feeling Sophia Light? Clef: I feel fine I guess, there had been a lot of breaches and finally got my promotion to Foundation Doctor. O5-██: Ok take these. Clef: Ok. Clef: ............... O5-██: Hello Dr. Clef. Clef: Where the hell am I? O5-██: You are at Site-05 and you are a Foundation Doctor. Clef: So I got demoted? O5-██: Yes, but for a good cause. Clef: Can you elaborate on this "good cause"? O5-██: You helped Research. Clef: Great... Clef: Why do I remember calling me Sophia? O5-██: Don't worry about it. Clef: Can I go now? O5-██: Yes, now just don't do anything that will kill you and you will probably get your old rank back. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Report: Dr. Alto Clef's Name is still unknown to this day, and due to him being very hostile his identity for Site-05 has been changed to Sophia Light, as well as his old position at Site-65, and had to get Class █ Amnestics. Once he has hit Foundation Doctor he has got his identity back. Today he still works in Site-05 still a little grumpy but now is still doing what he loves which is Studying Reality Benders. He dislikes his pay due to the Director Of Utility Research & Security, hates it when people touch his "projects", and hates people calling him over for Medical Services. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Famous Quotes "Why does Strode like the money?"- Dr. Clef "Ok Sophia"- Foundation "Medic! come over here!"- Foundation "The day I get captured is the day I kill all of Strode's money bags."- Dr. Clef "Can Randy not drink on the Job he literally has a whole army of MTF waiting for him."- Dr. Clef "Next person to say Sophia will get shot in the leg."- Dr. Clef "If I get Director of Utility Research & Security I will steal Strode's money bags and pay everyone more money then they can hold."- Dr. Clef "I will kill Arium" - Dr. Clef Famous Test [LEVEL 4] 682 & 106 TERMINATION TEST
  2. How much would this cost to change a playermodel that's not on the server $70 or $30?
  3. LOGGING IN........ User: *#**#**#* ERROR ###*#**#*# Clearance Level: *#**#**#* ERROR ###*#**#*# [Warning] NOT WORKING CORRECTLY PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS FILE UNLESS YOUR LEVEL 4 CLE*******#*#*#*#*#* [Warning] -Access Granted- -Loading Test File By Dr. Alto Clef- SCP-682 & SCP-106 Termination Test -Click on the link to proceed to the test log-
  4. Not really needed since there's Research Command.
  5. -Support This is pretty pointless since there's a reason why there's already Command and they can make restrictions/rules and they take care of there department. Now don't get me wrong I like the idea but I feel like it would turn into a group of power-hungry people. PS: Just Join the Ethics CC or Just make a new Ethics CC if you can't join it......
  6. I'm being honest you made it incorrect since Junior Researchers can test on every SCP in LCZ like 066 and 1048, Assistant Managers can't grant Keter Tests only Manager+, and I just think it's unnecessary
  7. + Support Makes it Lore friendly and then Researchers can actually follow the lore instead of saying that SCP-999 can heal big wounds......
  8. In-Game Name: Dr. Alto Clef & Light Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155905660 Discord name / Tag: Light#2115 How Many Warns do Have?: 4 (3 NLR) (1 FailRP 035) Date: 2 months ago I'm Pretty Sure. Why do you want to join Alpha-1? What will you bring to the regiment? (150-word minimum): I wanna join Alpha-1 because I feel like I am a mature, active, and capable of protecting the important people of the foundation VIPs, I will do everything in my power to protect the VIP even if it takes to risk my life. One thing I think Alpha-1 lacks a little bit is the people that are experienced in combat. I have a lot of experience in combat from previous encounters with the Chaos Insurgency. I am also very good at being a leader and following directions from my superiors which is something that an Alpha-1 member needs since it's a very good quality since the better you lead the men to success and that there listening during combat or protecting the VIP from Chaos Insurgency the better the outcome. I also am also willing to answer my fellow other enlisted member's questions and help them with anything they need. Imagine you are a supervisor in A1, you have a Private who is minging and disobeying all rules stated within the SOP. Briefly explain the actions you would take and who you would talk to about this situation?: I would get them in a private channel in TeamSpeak or get somewhere private in the game and tell them why they even do it and look at the number of reports this person has gotten and the amount of trouble he has caused with him being a minge. Then I would tell him that I am giving him a Strike for minge and disobeying everything on the Special Operating Procedures and if that person has caused a lot of trouble then I'll just add a suspension if possible. Once the strike/ has been handed out I will tell the other command members to keep a close eye on that person. Have you ever received a strike from any department? If so, answer below when you received it and the reason for the strike. If not, please enter N/A: N/A What Departments are/ Have Been in?: Research - Foundation Doctor/Old E11 Do you agree to be active and put forth dedication into the department?: Yes. Did anyone refer you to Alpha-1? Put N/A if none.: N/A
  9. Lore Name: Light Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:155905660 Rank: Foundation Doc Activity Level: Active
  10. -support Seems unnecessary