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  1. No no no no no stop plz
  2. BIG -support like no like realllllllllllllllly no
  3. Valid reasons and Zerg did make a mistake but you still broke the rules -support
  4. +1 has staff experience and is active and good guy
  5. Stingray327427


    Bye Solominge Hope you have fun in other departments also hand over the doggo pic
  6. Name: Stingray Rank: EMT Would you consider yourself active, semi-active or inactive? Active Why would you like to stay in the department? I really like EMS and its very relaxing and has good rp. Its also good to step away from the shooting and being yelled out because your a cop Anything EMS can improve on? Maybe more ambulances/ toasters. That will be pretty cool and have more of a wide variety of toasters