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  1. +support •Active •Knowledgeable of the rules •Mature Overall I think Ecott would be a great addition to the community event team.
  2. Thanks for the memories buddy, cya
  3. Don't gotta worry about your issue anymore...
  4. Damn me and jaydens is not far behind
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  6. Even though the staff member said it was false, just because you had a gun out doesn't mean you can't be put under fearRP. There is no evidence here to put that u were under fear RP or not. If you were outnumbered then you are under fearRP, even if you have a gun out. If you were not outnumbered and if u had a gun out which both of you guys said u did then you were not put under fearRP. Theres no proof for either of those claims. Hense why I have not - or + supported.