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    Jayden's LOA

    rip Jay 4/1/02 - 5/30/20
  2. -support Clearly dissed SMT as well as told me to "shut up" when I was explaining to you why he had warned you. You also did not comply with staff at all, me and snar asked you nicely to calm down and stop yelling at us, but you continued to talk over us. We were forced to gag you multiple times. In the end we gave you multiple chances to listen but you would not stop.
  3. +Support Very Friendly acknowledgeable of the rules Active Good app Likes to enforce the rules of the server Well Known Porman is great guy, who most definingly deserves a shot at staff. Iv always has great encounters with him. I wish u the best of luck buddy.
  4. + Support Active Dedicated Made better app second time around Friendly
  5. +Support Active Very friendly 0 warns which means no minging well known I think you are a great guy, super nice, and I have always had great interactions with you when im on or off staff. No more minus from me, you have improved your forums post, as well as hit the word count. I believe you deserve a shot at staff. Goodluck buddy!
  6. + Support Active Knows the rules Mature when needs to be Good app I think if anyone should be given a shot at staff it should be you. Hope to see you on the team soon.
  7. yea isnt it 10 to remove and 20 to get added so if I buy 10 more as long as the owner approves and makes a new post with the removing players steam id, then im all set?
  8. so if I buy an extra 10 custom donation I can get added?
  9. yea dont worry lol I bought the correct thing just worded it incorrectly.
  10. Approved, I bought the custom donation