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  1. Name: Hanxi Rank: SGT How Active do you consider yourself to be? (1-10): 10 How active do you believe others view you to be? (1-10): 9 If you answered below 6 to either of the above questions, is there a reason for this? Do you still want your position in state?: N/A
  2. Thank you fore everything crease you were a great friend and Colonel. I hope to see you in the future!
  3. +Support Player should probably focus on his own life at this moment, exploiting a person just because they are younger and more vulnerableis a really shitty thing to do. The player has not learned from his previous accounts of blacklisted government departments for reasoning followsof Command dissrespect, LTAP from high command when talking to about punishment, mass sexual harassment, command diss, insubordination, mass player dissand the tons of Numerous breakings of important rules in the MOTD (all are important). This shouldent be tolerated on this server and DEFINETLY not while working with State Police. Voxis is nice enough to say a couple months of ban but I am pushing for a full permanent ban as he does not learn. -Trooper MSTR Hanxi 1T63 -SPRT CPL Hanxi 1RT12
  4. Sorry to see you go Cammy :(( Thank you for the fun times in SPRT aswell as training me. Good luck in the future.
  5. Good luck in the future Josh! sad to see you go