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  1. Hi everyone, this may or may not come as a surprise but I will be resigning from State. State has been my home for over a year now, but now I barely have time to play as I have been focusing on school and also have started a new job. I will come back again when and if my priorities and my responsibilities lessen. I would like to thank everyone for their time, and to these people especially. Mikey - Thank you for coming to State, putting forth your own time and patching holes in our department. Yobo - Thank you for your previous time in State and good luck as Lt. Col! @Cammy The man who accepted and trained me for most of State. Your a great guy and a great friend even though you talk about Scotland too much. @Mag1cThanks for being a great friend. I watched you join State and then climb the ranks all the way up, then you became SPRT Commander! We shared many good memories. Good luck in the future bro. @[GL] Dark Thanks for being such a great Deputy Head, good luck in the future bro. @lildrummerdude Good luck in college. @A FrogYou were a great guy and I'm sad to see you go, good luck in the future and thanks for helping lead this department. Head FTO Hanxi SPRT LT Hanxi 1RL70 Trooper Captain Hanxi 1H07 Signing off as of 8/21/21 10:36 AM EST.
  2. Upload it to youtube or GD... -Support no video evidence
  3. -Support Unfit for staff, reasons above
  4. It's extremely sad too see you go bro. You were an amazing addition to the server and State. Good luck with your future endeavors!
  5. I think that is just for your client it could also just be arlos mic
  6. -Support That was not stalling, it was a valid demand you did not even call over radio
  7. -Support You committed a bannable offence, just because one staff member decides to be nice does not mean that you are scott free.
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