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  1. Name: Ayano Ashi/Yaren Rank: SGT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441786887 Current Sub-Branches your in: Riot Control Sniper, JFTO
  2. Please Come Back.  Everyone Misses you.  You may be forgotten but with time everyone will remember you.  


    [Accessing Files:



    Vlad Romanov


    Access Granted]

    Jikan & Monika: Greatest Researchers I met when i joined GL

    Sergeant Monika: The Creator of the Negev Line Protocol.  It still Lives, come back and bring it back.

    [Last Audio Log from  Associate Researcher Takao]

    "Jikan! Monika! Come back! I need you! We need you! Everyone misses you! You can save us, Please!.    By the time you hear this, I most likely won't be alive." *Static gunfire in the background* "The Site needs you back." *thuds and explosions in the hallways, gunfire getting louder*    "Research progress has dropped over the months we need you to carry us back up amd get the progress up"   *Loud banging on the metal slide doors of Research area*  "Security cam't hold them much longer, the door is barricaded but it won't stop them. ."  *loud metallic crash and gunfire immediately after*  "They're in. . Goodbye Jikan. Goodbye Monika. May the sun shine upon us once again"

    ["Takao was Captured By Chaos then Executed Infront of Gate A. Unable to be Saved.."]

    [Audio Log from *redacted* of the internal inelligence department

    ["Years after the disappearance of Jikan, Monika and the death of AR Takao. Security Master Sergeant Yamato took over Monikas Role in Gensec, oblivious to what truely happend to them. ."]

    ["A year Later Yamato was transfered into MTF Nu-7 Designated "Hammer down". Now a 1lt they still await the return of Jikan and Monika. Holding onto something left behind by the both of them. Waiting to return it"]

    [End Log]

    [Signed Out]

    1. Former LR Monika Returned

      Former LR Monika Returned

      *Monika sighs to this day wondering why people still care about her.* 

      "Who was Takao again... "

      *She keeps wandering around her private rooms wanting it all to not go wrong.* 

      "Its all a lie anyhow nobody cares about me really-"

  3. {RTF Status Alive} {Kriss Vector Status} = Fully Operational {Lifesigns Stable} {Branch Alliance} = Research And Security {Mental Status} = Stable <<<<<<<<<<Research And Security Comms Activated>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "To Certain members of Research and Security this is a former now Returning Member of the Foundation LR Jikan Returning to the site now some might wonder why i was missing that question i cant answer publicly but i have been at work. To the Last Two Command members @GLaDOS @Moonrose I am back from my Experimental Vacation to another place i want to say good luck i am back soon." [Signed a Member of RTF Lambda 5 "Reality Keepers"]
  4. - .... .. ... / .. ... / ..-. --- .-. -- . .-. / --. . -. ... . -.-. / ... --. - / -- --- -. .. -.- .- / .. / .... .- ...- . / .-. . - ..- .-. -. . -.. / - --- / - .... . / .- .-. . .- / --- ..-. / ... .. - . / ..... ----- / .- .-.. .-.. / .--. . .-. ... --- -. -. . .-.. / --- ..-. / --. . -. ... . -.-. / -... . / .- -.. ...- .. ... . -.. / .-..-. .. / .- -- / -... .- -.-. -.- .-..-.
  5. People of Gaminglight SCP RP I Have Returned Here in GL SCP RP We do what we must because we can. I Am happy to be back after 5 Months i hope to see you again.
  6. You all have most likely seen this coming i certainly didn't for a while but well here it is in its entirety. Life and things that have recently happened have lead me to take this path. Now there's a few things that i want to say before i leave this branch to the people that i have met along the way. Dont be sad because i am leaving be happy because i happened i'll see you again soon see you later. @NeoID For the Majority of my Final months in Research I looked up to you for guidance in RND We will miss you @Weiss All of those Times in Bunks when you where the HOR In every single Meeting you where always the best HOR. @Starstep You Managed to Kick the mingeiness out of me and Managed to help me turn from a hated person into well one of the more respected people on the server. @Jummy I'll be back one day... Your a good person here keep it up @Kami- Amaterasu For the Love of the memes finish the storyline @Phillers Thanks for Actually having an Impact in both CNTN And My Research Life @Peggu with a Gun Who are you again??? @Dang "Dang Bruv" @Sprink The Negev line may have been loud but it was effective -Tomato "Thanks for being the One who cared about me the most" - Saw "Ah yes i remember you as an SR its been so long" - Zack Mordan "The professional at memes ill miss you" - Protege "Im Coming for your dogs" - Hope "May your V Tuber life be happy" - Karen "I dont know what happened fully but in my eyes you where a good command member" - Jack "Life in this server is strange sometimes hey at least we got alabama" - GLaDOS "Nerve Gas Time" - Cease "Your A good singer i loved that day" -Recon "The RND And Research Main Become HOR For me ok" - Zeus Thanks for being my commander in E11 when i was in it. Dedicated to the Over 298 People i have seen Come and go from this branch "We Die in the Dark so you may live in the light" This is RTF Agent Jikan Signing off for the last time *Jikan would Leave her Kriss vector on Tomatos desk with the note* "You all where familiy to me ill be back one day" With Kind Regards the Former Longest Lasting LR.
  7. Roster/IG Name: Monika Rank : Senior Chief Agent SteamID : STEAM_0:0:441786887 Activity [1-10] : 5 Suggestions / Comments : Can i declare war on Research?
  8. Lore Name: Jikan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:441786887 Rank: Lead Researcher Activity Level: 4/10
  9. RIP to the Man Who kept shooting me with a proton cannon for calling him "Neo Chan"
  10. The Sad Ending "We will always be here for you"
  11. "Thats not a research playermodel at all."
  12. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-gCtEj58LcaRGD3LArvZBuGDDc81CYEuXx72bZHR3qk/edit
  13. *Monika watches as the Prophet leaves the Dimension of the SCP Universe to a more safer timeline* "You where a great Commander Saint maybe even the Best at your job we will miss you"
  14. Name : Monika SteamID : STEAM_0:0:441786887 Trello Name : Monika Rank : Trainee Do you have Ts3 tags? : Yes Is the roster properly tracking your quota? : Yes
  15. Name: Monika Rank: trainee Time of LOA(4/12/2021>5/5/2021): Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Gaminglight Server Burnout
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