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  1. Doesn't that sound like a problem when a class has to trade away it's gameplay mechanics just to get something it needs, I was there when the p008 was made its the WHOLE reason bio was made
  2. I definitely agree with this post This post does a good job in my opinion of addressing some concerns but I would like to add something to it, With donation items it isn't just that we hate all donation items or that simply having them is P2W but the issue is that RP on the server is in an incredibly sorry state and in dire need of work , many things such as rp only existing as /me's, no interactable systems to actually DO the rp actions with and the systems that are in place feel like nothing more then a mini game ( see trash man ) The actions themselves don't add to the RP and the RP being done feels pointless, like there isn't some change to a narrative or anything to make it feel like your actions are worthwhile aside from the possibility of a promotion more work for you to do that still ends up feeling meaningless and the only reason people stay are the friends they make in the community. But the insult comes in when you have all these issues with rp and what do people see being added? the 43rd weapon balancing that month and donator weapons being added it starts to feel like your not meant to be there and are just an observer to the actual thing they care about, combat. which brings the thought that why do they only care for combat and adds a cynical view onto the whole situation leaving you feeling like its Pay to win cause the only things that are there are weapons.
  3. - Support Over the past year I had been on the server I noticed a very aggressive change to combat wherein if you weren't a combatant with 200,200 you were dead. D Class just fucking stomping maintenance in the halls and slaughtering medical staff and just beating the shit out of researchers ruined all fun for none combatants as if you weren't a combatant you were dead. You never had the time to play cause you were always dead, one fuckin D Class could end a room of maintenance. This balance was necessary to bring fun back to all, this isn't just a combat server and while it may need adjusting you may just need to suck it up so everyone can have some fun doing what they want to
  4. I do believe he should 100% recieve reserves as even up to the point of being kicked for "Inactivity" he was regularly showing up on raid logs and such, the removal reason was a farce and it's completely bullshit and feels down right targetted
  5. Damn, One of the people who could always make me laugh. Good luck with your future endeavours and I hope you stick around just to chat
  6. Damn, Stay around to chat why dont ya Nobody has such a sharp wit for your mom jokes Take care
  7. Damn, It was nice to chat with you and I hope you do well in your future endeavours
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