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  1. -Support Bro no use its gonna get nerfed anyway if put on d class
  2. CC Name: Site Protector Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:531763929 Change: tfa_csgo_m4a4 > tfa_ins2_aug ($60) Weapon Approved by Snar Proof of Purchase: https://imgur.com/a/SGl9rVq
  3. Pure

    Ban appeal

    +support the Sit system was fixed if there was no sit made for it then i agree with everyone else He did Disconnect so that may also be why the sit wasn't made but i don't know to much on this
  4. 1. R&D does not fight foundation so shouldn’t cause confusion 2. No R&D command would be in LCZ 3. I’ve spoken with many members of CI about my model and they don’t seem to confused whatsoever 4. I don’t know how to find a new model 0_0 Also the model has been on the CC since the owner first made it which was in 2019
  5. +Support -Pros Has been here long enough to know most if not nearly all the rules Has Experiance -Cons App is kinda short Answer to questions could use more detail
  6. +Support Bro went inactive as soon as he got MAJ in CI but he seems to know what hes doing as a senior admin
  7. Got Trust also need more Imperial Support members would help out a lot
  8. +Support Ton of Experience as Senior admin
  9. 0_0 Would -support this but with the chaos these passed 2 weeks have been its needed
  10. CC Name: Site Protector Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:531763929 Weapon Change: tfa_m16a4_acog -> tfa_csgo_m4a4 ($10) Paid for by: STEAM_0:0:531763929
  11. +Support Great App Good greeting Could use Some more peeps from Imperial
  12. +Support Shouldn't be taking your own sit, this is something that's mentioned when trained
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