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  1. Maybe that LTCOL Spot looking kinda....Good (on a real note maybe, Football is done so i have more time and i'm still working on myself but also ill probably wont be as active as i was if i do come back)
  2. Pure


    Congrats to all!!!!!
  3. +support rules are rules there’s reasons y we are told not to go afk outside of bunks, if u did NEED to go afk i would of just said so and said just keep me till I come back no matter how long it takes Using powers off duty like that isn’t very professional either non the less ur a moderator u shouldn’t even be using commands while on a RP Job
  4. -support is biased asf JOKE +support obviously!!!!!
  5. Damn o7 well Let’s hope Nu7 is able to do good while ur gone you’ve done lot for us,
  6. +support man has been at 1LT for a long time and does his job well, he’s a trusted member I say why not
  7. Pure

    dFuZe's Ban Appeal

    +support one last chance been a while so I see y not
  8. +support doubt they will accept this, something similar happened to me, it’s a learning experience is what I was told
  9. Damn I really thought you would of gotten VCMDR before me when I left, welcome im sure J0LT will keep Nu7 alive for us if not I’ll come back
  10. Damn great having you around when I was still here, real question is did you fix your issue w loading into the server?
  11. Damn great work did a lot in ur time welcome
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