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  1. + Support These 2 are constant problems who are disrespectful and are only here to cause issues. They are uncooperative and simply just there to cause problems. I have been called to deal with them multiple times and they never seem to learn.
  2. that new crispy chicken sandwich is gas although, id take most places over dons
  3. i put siracha on everything
  4. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): DT Commander BE3 2. Why do you want to become the position of Fleet Admiral?: There are a few reasons why I want to become Fleet Admiral. First and foremost, I have a genuine strive and dedication to fostering positive relationships within the community. With the induction of myself into the community in Mid-November (approximately 8 months ago), I had been greeted with a thriving community that has brought me some of my favorite moments within the past months. I have developed a genuine love and cherishment for the community, and I am always striving to give back to it, and I believe that this position would allow me to do more, which would give myself a sense of self-fulfillment as I can show that same devotion, kindness, and positivity that I have been shown by members of High Command throughout my time in the community. I want to be able to assist Low Command in strengthening both their battalion, as well as themselves as leaders within the community. Being openly critical about myself, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the position of Vice when I applied, but there were those who taught me how to be a better leader, how to encourage discipline in my troops, and I think this has helped me grow immensely, and I would like to be able to provide that for others as well. Secondly, I have an extreme devotion to the Naval sector, as I have been in DT for 6 months now, and have never looked back. Prior to this, I also used to be a supervisor and gunnery officer in the Imperial Navy, as well as a past NCO within SF. I have a strong knowledge of the inner workings of each regiment, and want to utilize that in order to help all Naval regiments flourish in activity and experiences, and provide all of them with an experience unlike any other community. The last section ties into my third point, encouraging everyone to find their place within the community so that they can prosper individually to get the most out of their time on the server. I was not originally within DT, in fact I used to be an officer in the 69th Medical Corps, however, I found myself not loving it as much as I had, but members of High Command helped me find a place in the community that I love, and I credit the majority of my success and advancements as a DT and member of Low Command to those individuals. I want to provide this same service to other members of the community as well, helping them find their place and encouraging them to pursue it, and I am positive that the authority and knowledge that comes with the obtaining of this position would enable me to do so. My final reason for wanting to become Fleet Admiral is to enable myself to work within the community even more. As a member of Command and a member of the Staff Team, I have great opportunities to interact with members on the server, and it is what brings me the most joy about being apart of Gaminglight. This position will allow me to expand my horizons even more, and work on new ways to help everyone, no matter who that may be. 3. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Navy High Command?: The biggest thing(s) that I would bring to Navy High Command can be tied together, being both my creativity, and my drive to foster and promote positive interactions and experiences among players. I believe that these tied together give me a unique insight on how to expand the experiences of roleplay for people, giving them opportunities via unique missions, Simulations, and Trainings based around those who I am working with, which I would be able to plan out and facilitate via the privileges that I am given from my position in staff. This would give players consistent activities to participate in that enable members of the community to experience fresh ideas and activities, to encourage higher player-counts, boosting the credibility and merit of the community, as well as encourage battalion participation and activity in order to strengthen numbers of all regiments within the server. I have already made progress towards this goal, as I always strive to interact with as many individuals within the community as I can, to learn more about them and what they would like to see and do during their time on the server. I have accomplished this by engaging with players during events, simulations, as well as Passive RP. I also encourage others to do the same and use my ideas in attempts to give them inspiration for their activities as well, a strategy that ideally trickles-down. I have a strong knowledge of how to encourage inner-battalion relations and would utilize this to strengthen the bonding of community members, and overall provide the best experience possible to every person I am able to. 4. What is the purpose of a Fleet Admiral?: The purpose of a Fleet Admiral can be broken down into a few parts: Listening – First and arguably one of the most important responsibilities of a Fleet Admiral. This position sits at the beginning of Naval High Command, thus you are the first step between members of Low Command, and your higherups within HC/SHC. It is crucial for them to listen to those they oversee / work with, and ensure that their questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. are all heard clearly. This also can be used the other-way around, as being the first step within NHC, a Fleet Admiral should be able to take criticism, suggestions, and advice from their superiors so that they can grow as a leader and reach their full potential within the ranks of Naval High Command. Community Engagement – It is vital for members of High Command to be active within the community, as to better utilize their authority and privileges to support the community and foster positive interactions and relations between yourself and others. This can be accomplished by being accessible within both Discord and Teamspeak, as well as using their time on the server to work with as many people as you can, building both a reputation for oneself, as well as one’s respective branch. This is something I have always strived to do, working with people as often as I can, and getting to interact with all sorts of individuals, each unique in their interests, and how they conduct themselves. Following Through – Whenever a member of high command is working with a regiment they are overseeing, or working on ways to improve the experience of players, it is essential that they put forth all their effort into making the positive changes that the community wants to see. No empty promises should ever be made, and it would always be at the forefront of my efforts to provide the positive changes that those I work with would want to see. Being Detailed and Thorough – As a member of high command, a Fleet Admiral should be meticulous with what they do, always ensuring that every idea or suggestion is precise in every detail, in order to be clear and concise with what changes may be made, and the effects that come following the changes. This is extremely important as when you add / change / remove something, it can potentially cause problems as many of these ideas come at some form of cost (ex. Adding an additional sub-branch to a battalion can also cause activity in other sub-branches to fall). All potential effects of what is being changed should be carefully thought out and planned, in order to ensure that RP, Regiments, and the community as a whole run smoothly. 5. Why should we trust you to be Navy High Command?: I believe I should be trusted to be Navy High Command for a few different reasons: Punishments – Since my joining of the community, I have received 0 warns, punishments, strikes, or anything of the sort in any regiment I have been apart of, as well as within staff. Merit and Trust – As an established member of the community, I have been entrusted with the position of Super Admin, as well as Commander of a battalion. Never once have I used my abilities or privileges within either of these positions to benefit myself at the downfall of others, a code that we encourage within DT, and one that I believe extends outside of my current position as well. Activity – I have consistently been active within the community for the past 8 months since I’ve joined, only taking a couple of ROA’s since then. I am always communicative with my schedule and how it may affect my performance / activity prior to any changes. Responsibility – I have never missed my quotas, and whenever something is asked of me, I always fulfill the request as promptly as I am able. I always strive to work my hardest and commit all my efforts to the prosperity of the community as well as my regiment. 6. How often can you be active in-game?: I can be active for around 6 hours per day at least, going upwards of 10+ hours on days where I don’t have class or work. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/555883601 7. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I have no warnings on any Gaminglight servers. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and for your consideration for this position.
  5. + Support As the current Commander of DT, I believe Chief/SN03 is an extremely strong candidate for this position. He has NEVER caused any problems within the battalion, in fact usually prevents them from happening. He is mature, hard-working, dedicated, and has consistently shown some of the best activity of any DT. He often exceeds his quota with quality trainings, simulations, and missions, and is always striving to do more, never being afraid to ask his superiors or fellow troopers on how he can improve. All of these qualities combined make for an amazing potential candidate to join Low Command. I wish you the best of luck.
  6. + Support Daze quickly rose through the ranks due to his strive to achieve more and be better at what he does every single day. He is an incredible influence to have and one of the strongest drives I have seen during my time as Command. I believe he would be an incredible addition to the low command team. Best of luck, Daze!
  7. + Support Sauce is an incredible Naval personnel. He, alongside Steel, have continued to represent Security Officers well and prove that it produces some of the greatest in the branch. He is an exceptionally hard worker, personable, and overall an incredible guy. Whilst I would miss him on the SO team, he would make a great addition to the Board of Admiralty. Best of luck Sauce!
  8. + Support I have worked with Jpackis for quite some time now (just passed the 5 month mark), and I can confidently say he is one of the most committed members of the regiment. He brings a great sense of humor and jokes, remaining serious when needed, and frequently gets along with his fellow troopers. He always lends a hand and is willing to take the next steps, and I think he'd be a great addition to our Command Team. I wish you the best of luck Mr. Jpoopis!
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