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  1. Lets hope forum mods are happy with this post, @Crunchtake notes You are factually incorrect, and I understand there is a language barrier but please do some research before commenting on a post. and next, if any user on this class is seen abusing this feature please get evidence and report it to me in my DMs
  2. +Suppot could do great work in ET -Former ET
  3. +support i believe rhey can believe and htey can ahiceve if hety believ.
  4. Name- Toaster Steam ID- STEAM_0:1:460411068 Discord Name- Toaster#5569 Rank and branch (Nu7, E11, CI, Security)- E11 RCT List any punishments you have been given (warns, bans, Strikes, ect)- MRDM At Meeting | MARDM x2 | RDM | NCWS/Breaking MOTD | NLR | FailRP | RDM x1 | MRDM | FailRP Why do you want to join Delta-5? I want to roleplay with the people in D5 and experience MTF once again, as I am a Former Nu7 1lt and one of the first few D5 members to reach the rank of CPL when the branch came out. On top of that I want to do MTF work as a D5 within the server and help the site when needed with the badass destiny guns. Why should we let you into Delta-5? Although I have a lot of warns/bans, I believe I should be let in due to my past experience (Nu7 1ltx, CI MAJ/E4, E11 Senior Ranger) and how trustworthy I am within the server. Above all else I can work well with other MTF and help out without any faults or issues within the branch or server. Do you promise to uphold any and all community, server, and SOP rules and RP values? yes
  5. Name: Toaster Class name: Tango-12 'Forgiving Hand' Issue: A model we added a while back was removed from the server, the addon is still on workshop so we're wondering if we can just get it re-added to the server since everyone on the class likes the model, and to our understanding the model was removed on accident. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793036275&searchtext=SAS Original Post:
  6. Your name: Toaster Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): Toaster#5569 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 571516153663586304 Which discord server were you banned on? SCP-RP What was the reason for your ban (if you know it)? I'm not to sure, I was banned when I was banned in game so I'm not to sure on the reason Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I've changed, my in game appeal got accepted and I just want to come back and hold an RP rank again. I dont know what banned me, but if someone does know the actual reason I will give my verdict on the ban
  7. "Everybody want to know, what I'd do if i didnt get unbanned."
  8. Which part would you like for me to elaborate on?
  9. Steam Name: Toaster SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460411068 Ingame Name: ToASTerR Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Islandtoad (I think) Reason for Ban: MRDM Blowing up meeting | "Explioting" Sarkic Dispute: It's been a fairly long while since my ban, and I understand what I did was wrong, obviously I had blown up the MTF meeting with intent but I only wish to come back to the server and roleplay, I know from my past this doesn't seem believable but I've tried time and time again to get into different community but I just cant, gaminglight was one of the first communitys I joined and I've stuck around ever since, So when I say I genuinely want to come back and enjoy the server once again, I mean it. Now onto the main reason I got a perma, the Exploiting part. At the time, I was told dropping weapons on different classes, then swapping classes and picking them back up was Fail RP / Meta game, since in RP you wouldn't know where they were located, but when I was brought to the sit room after the incident I was told it's exploiting, which I full understand now and wouldn't let it happen twice. Obviously if I were to come back to SCP-RP I would want ALL my Sarkic whitelists and any class that retains to explosives stripped from me, Mainly E11 Ambush Specialist and MTF Explosive Expert. My final verdict is just I want to come back, I don't want to minge, I don't want to start issues in game or on the forums, I just wish to experience the community once again as a new and reformed player. I know what I did is wrong, But a 2nd chance is all I want
  10. please stop coltable +support i think
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