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  1. What you want to see? - the P250 added back to PD Why should we add it? - the HK45C is very very bad, and i feel some OFC leave because they do not have a good starter weapon What are the advantages of having this? - having more ammo in 1 mag, way faster reload,better damage Who is it mainly for? - PD Links to any content - N/A
  2. +/- Support For staff its hard cause if someone leave and logs dont say timed out they left knowing. Of course you cant always choose that you need to go soon but you can think about it in advance. Mostly if this happens to me I notify staf so they dont warn me and they are aware and make sure the cop arresting you knows about it correctly and that your leaving. On Sanches side he did nothing wrong.
  3. +support i hate people getting in my car especially on pd XD
  4. -support its just more work for SMT they dont need that maybe a brief explanation not a full paragraph id love to see you do it for hours just sayin
  5. -Support im sure you know why just look above
  6. Huge -Support you are a minge cant follow basic rules every warn you receive is a instant forum post You Are not ready Your feeling would get in the way i feel Sorry but these are my Feelings
  7. +support Where do i begin Leader very cool Helps alot with things Super nice I think you are ready-LT Pooders 1L56
  8. I wanna start saying that i am sorry for being inactive lately For Staff, PD and SRT and i hope i can fix this soon i havent really been active because of life issues and recent events that have put me down a lot Im also slightly depressed. I hope soon i can become more active because i love GL. Gaming Light saved me from a toxic server i used to play on so im never gonna leave. Another Reason is i did recently get a VR Headset and im enjoying myself on there. Anyway hopefully i can get more active soon. Sorry for the disappointment-Pooders
  9. +Support Active Knows what hes doing Mature is Friendly I Called it burboon Good Luck-LT Pooders 1L56
  10. wdym this is in general im not actually making it a suggestion