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  1. Pooders

    I'm sorry...yall

    i thought i could stay and be active but i cant im too suicidal right now i cant anymore im sorry...everyone..
  2. Pooders

    I got a Question

    I'm very curious because a couple people have said this should i come back? I love Gaminglight and everyone in it but i dont have all the time in the world but i may be able to come back with semi-activity so should i come back yes or no? Also because idk how many people like me and do not like me give. Also i will be showing for the big promo ceremony because thats my birthday XD
  3. man im not on the list feels bad XD welcome to the retired gang
  4. this is not a gamer moment but welcome to retired gangggggg also you can abuse me when ever uwu
  5. this is so true its unbelievable
  6. Retired ganggg! Have fun and stay outta trouble
  7. Massive +Support This Snar guy Rdmed me a lot
  8. RDMING ontop of trueNorth bank Joining pd and getting warned for no reason lmao
  9. Now i know i havent played Prp in the longest but i have to make this Mikey...Thanks for being a epic gaymer and letting me in UMC jayden thanks for being funny as all hell UMC in general thank you you guys were the best Snar you are a funny man and it was fun having you on imperial Prp SMT you guys were great when i was staff and always nice if i missed you i apologize my memory is screwed up Love you GamingLight im outie
  10. Thanks Naval for being the best battalion it can be Thank you hobbs for being there thank you Scoot and Snar for making me laugh and killing me thank you GamingLight for being the best community ever love you all
  11. until
    Last Operation on the ISD i love you all
  12. Major +Support -Very Active -Has Great Leader ship -Current GM 7 -Experienced -Respectful -Unbiased -A great guy in general Good Luck Buddy!
  13. Pooders

    Pooders LOA

    In-Game Name: Vice Admiral Pooders  SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460098701 Rank: support 1  Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1 week Reason for LOA (If private that is fine) : Depression issues