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  2. +/- Support Cool Idea Shouldn't be it's own sub-branch due to how specific it is My Idea to you is to just make this apart of researchers, So researchers who are trained in this kind of stuff can use the job. It would allow the job to be used for its intended purpose well also still being able to do the job of a normal researcher making it more appealing to join.
  3. Hobbs is no longer Vader This proves Hungarian ownership over Transylvania
  4. Well it already got denied the first time so I don't think it's gonna get accepted
  5. I wasn't saying they were apart of the regiments, I said they get the weapons and gear used by the regiments they are sort of related to. So I think it should keep it
  6. It's just like the Elite DT/ST and IQ trooper, they get the stuff from the battalions they are the level job for, and most of them get the stuff that the Higher rank jobs have, So the Medical Droid should get the same treatment
  7. -Support until the bacta grenade is removed from medical, I think the droid should still keep it
  8. Ok I'm fine with as long as no one uses the red one, I also didn't know it was for SF cause I was going off of "Helix 2 Lieutenant Trisa Kerrill" as the naming which sounds nothing like what SF has. I thought it was an independent CC Just worried cause people who play on CC tend to be on the more mingy side of things sorry my Bad
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