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  1. Your In-Game Name:Burboon Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:202333210 Staff member's In-Game Name:Matthew What did they do?Blacklisted members for an invalid reason Evidence (REQUIRED):In bans you can see zage,Nucleus, and sion were BL for no reason, when i asked matthew said for going against GL even though zage had said he was willing to the community to stay in GL, the evidence from this was provided by a mr ender so im sure he has the evidence for the BL. I believe these BL was a harsh punishment. What do you think is an acceptable punishment?I think the members should be unblacklisted and Matthew should be talked to about BL members.
  2. This is basically my 48 hour from everything. Due to the incidents involving unknown and the recent events i don't think i can be in the community anymore. It was a great time and i will miss a lot of you. If ya ever wanna talk my discord Burboon- Boi#0666 and uh im not gonna @ anyone cus all my homies know where to find me.
  3. I wanna be the dad AND lapdancer(same person Name:Burboon Weeks On Server:3 Are You Sexy and have CC (CC Not Mandatory):yes it is jesus Why you want this job:because I am everyones father already and Jesus is a grrat dancer, the bettee question is why wouldn't you want me?
  4. +/-support +Been SM for a good bit +Not bad app(liked how you talked more on your leadership skills than ingame ones like others have) -just recently became active again -even then i haven't seen you on much
  5. Don't think so, I've seen multiple CCs with the same skin
  6. its up to admin discretion if someone should be warned, you broke a rule and will felt that you should be warned for it.
  7. As someone who has experienced this force, DP is already dead.
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