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  1. Your in game name:Burboon Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:202333210 The player's in game name:OFC Pickle 1A28 The player's steam ID (required):posted a pic of it below What did the player do:cop baiting/RDM like a bunch, plus just overall minging Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: i believe he should be banned Any extra information: now im sure some people are gonna say " oh well it's free advertisement for the server". But who wants to join a server where there is RDMing or it brings people who think they can do that. Just because he has a semi-popular youtube doesn't mean he shouldnt be treated any differently than a normal player. He clearly broke server rules and he shouldnt be allowed to do this.
  2. In-Game Name-Burboon Rank-EMT Callsign-fO2 Why You like EMS-its really fun and relaxing thing to just wind down and do! Plus i get to drive a big wee woo car that's fun to,also EMS is a pretty essential thing! What Could Make EMS Better-more vehicles,as well as activity!
  3. Well boys... Yall just got pranked!!!! Happy april fools day!
  4. Name:Burboon Rank:Trooper Reason: well I have been in this department since december and its been great, but i just cant stay active and it shouldn't be right for me to not be active and stay here so i am leaving. I might try and come bacl later but for now i just cant be in here. Thank you all for the good times.
  5. Burboons 48 hour notcie Name:Burboon Rank:PVT Reason:well boys my time has come to bid farewell to yall, there are a few reasons for my leaving. I can't stay active in this awesome department. Im just to strung out right now to be able to focus more on this one. I want to thank you all for the good times you brought me, @TheJayden get to Low Command already! @Ecott i want to thank you for training me and bringing me into this department. @Tigersden11 stop being a minge,minge. If i didn't mention ya don't take it personal i just don't wanna write an essay for a 48 hour notice. I bid farewell to yall and wish you all great success in this departments future.
  6. Good luck in your future mate!
  7. Jayden is one of the most active command i know and is one of the best ive ever seen
  8. Rip,have funnnnnn
  9. That's because there is nothing for dispatch to really do
  10. +support +is active +good dude +been CPT for awhile -i would have liked to hear more about your leadership skills -APP was good but you mainly talked about what you do and how people see you do things and in not sure how that is helpful as a Major
  11. That's why dispatch would be even more usefull! Navigating through all the channels do dispatch people to areas,maybe have a few rooms to divy up gov,lets say 12 people per channel. Dispatch would be more useful, more popular,and be easier to handle,and with the people not in ts,if you arent in TS you dont get help. Its as simple as that(with the people have a couple tac in one have reg in it stuff like that)
  12. Teamspeak! The stuff we are always supposed to be on could be used as radio,dispatch all of that stuff
  13. +support This is really cool but as with the car,radar gun or anything else im sure it won't be added because we are a "semi" serious server and that would bring to much RP to our COD server.
  14. Im a retard this is why im failing so many classesXD