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  1. BRUH

    Alphas good bye

    sad to see you go, ima miss you
  2. BRUH

    BRUH ima dip

    This shouldn't really be a surprise at this point. I haven't been playing gaminglight that much, and thats because Ive been working on other things. I want to thank all the people ive met throu this past 8-9 months. im surprised that i didnt get permabanned but somehow i never did. for all the people who dont know, i have had 39 warns for a good 7 months at this point and no I didn't get permabanned i got farther then i ever thought i would, i thought i would only reach SAIC before getting banned but somehow never did and got to DCOS. now i might be getting on the server every year or when my friends on, but other then that im dip. Cya BTW im still be in the discords i think
  3. BRUH

    BRUH'S Retierment

    Just to make things clear, the main reason why i left was to work on and pursue other things.
  4. BRUH

    BRUH'S Retierment

    keep up the good work, you were a great agent! Thank you, you were a real one really is a BRUH moment Love you phil HMU when you get DCOS low key is sad thou Thanks man, you have always been supportive damn good luck to you as well, HMU when you get director ^ bruh bruh bruh bruh fr thou congrats on DAD you minge thank, goodluck to you as well it really has been fun, good luck
  5. BRUH

    BRUH'S Retierment

    Well it was a fun ride, but due to recent events i fell like i should no longer stay. thank you to all FBI command and FBI agents for the ride
  6. +Support -Great guy -Will get both sides -Active -Active on forms
  7. BRUH

    Pride month coming up

    Pretty good idea, would also give the Event teams something to do.
  8. -Support First you say the N-word, then you diss SMT? nah you deserved to get permabanned.