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  1. + also really helpful and nice Good luck Dad
  2. BRUH

    Slick's retirement

    ill miss you slick, anytime you want to join my religion just pm me.
  3. Your In-game: BRUH Your SteamID: (N/A) The admin's name in-game: CERT SGT Conner 1CT52 The admin's steam name (If you know it):(N/A) What warning did you receive: Harassment, Seuxal harassment, LTAP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: so this was about 2 years ago and i was in jail when i said rape in advert and then he brings me to the roof where he tried to get me to post the advert in forms or in the steam group for like 20 mins and then i got so mad that i just left and he said i was " Harrasment/ Sexual Harrsing Players/ LTAP. now i can see how i LTAPED but there was no sit made about sexual harrsing and harrsing players he just brought me to the roof and tried to get me to post a picture in forms or steam group. in facted the other dude was laughing the whole time xD. and i get saying in advert " rape" is not the best idea but the most i should have gotten was a verbal warning saying not to say rape in advert as your not allowed to do that. i also was new to the server at the time. Any extra information: i wish i had a video of this because the way the admin delt with the whole thing was a mess. also if you want a full picture of the warn please tell me and ill send 1. and i also dont know if he/she is a admin anymore.
  4. BRUH

    1-2 year old warns

    i also forgot to add this but back on rockford i had another account named i think AZA gaming or something like that and when i came back about 2-4 months ago and all my money and cars where gone. i dont know the reason for this but my ranks and warns where still there which made no sense and this has also happened to other people like me. i started a new account named BRUH and i think its a little unfair how my past warns a different account follows me on a different account. and for some stupid reason i didnt take a screenshot of the warns so here it is. so sound worse then it accualy was thought XD
  5. BRUH

    1-2 year old warns

    w8 what xD i will always continue to try and make the best possibly choices but everyone at one point makes bad choices no matter how much you try not to.
  6. BRUH

    1-2 year old warns

    i think you miss understood my message. i didnt go from 1-2 years to 2-4 weeks time span, i was saying i have warns from 1-2 years ago as it says here " i have 39 warns and a lot are for 1-2 years ago " . and i have learned my leason speaking i haven't been warned in 1 mouth. and please do not take this in a disrespectful tone i was just trying to explain what my message main goal was and that is not to beg SMT to remove my warns, my main goal was to see if it was possibly to remove old warns also heres proof to back this up " if i'm denied this request its all good ". i hope you understand my message now. From: FBI SAIC BRUH SAF1
  7. BRUH

    1-2 year old warns

    i also forgot to put this in but this is proof that i have been active and not a minge
  8. BRUH

    1-2 year old warns

    my name in game is: FBI SAIC BRUH SAF1 and i know you guys don't remove warns anymore but i have 39 warns and a lot are for 1-2 years ago. i know this by not even looking at the dates i just look at the names and you can tell that there old. i haven't been warned in about 2-4 weeks and it will most likely stay like that for a while but if i mess up once its a permabanned and everyone at one point makes mistakes. i'm just asking for 1-2 warns removed please because i really like police rp and i would hate to be banned. i'm known as a good role player and not a person that likes minges and as a active player. if i'm denied this request its all good. i will say that back on rockford i came on the server as a minge and then left for fortnite and when fortnite died i moved back to police rp with rp intentions. if you need anything else just tell me. thank you for your time From: BRUH