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  1. Hey, I've been in the server for about a year now, and oh yeah my name is SupremeChow, I'm glad to be apart of such a great community and lookin forwrd to making more memories in the years to come, thanks
  2. See ya around somtime Logan, it's been fun
  3. SupremeChow


    I dont know how to remove one so uhh +2 support (actually just +1 support)
  4. +/-Support As stated above in previous replies your app is a bit off, but thats not why I'm -supporting, it's because I know you personally and I feel like you lack some experince, I want you to play on the server for atleast another month and give staff another shot, but other than that best of luck Ender. Your Friend - Chow
  5. +1 Happens to me all the time randomly, its only custom class dealer too
  6. Basically I warned him for staff diss x2 for simple reasons, diss is short for dissrespect , during the sit I stopped the raid, he had a slight anger issue at the time accusing viper of abusing admin powers, without evidence I could not confront viper, Bob continued to think I was biased because we were both staff which is untrue, if your wondering why I said disrespect its because during this time he said "f you" "F off" "I don't give a F" multiple times directed at me and viper so I counted it as dissrespect x2 as I was only trying to help but he continued to swear me out, I put NCWS because when I dragged him to stop the raid he continued to shoot viper and continued to run away from me.
  7. SupremeChow Old Warn Appeal Your In-game: SupremeChow Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77484257 The admin's name in-game: Matthew, Munchies What warning did you receive: Prop Block, Stealing Gov Vehicles Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Not false, Old, I genuinely didnt know the MOTD back then, but things have changed. Any extra information: Year old.
  8. Agree, way too many things in this addon , but I feel like we should bring back lean
  9. bump-how often are suggestions checked by smt?
  10. I agree 255 is rubbish , criminals need 500+ armor
  11. Contact SMT or Zeeptin directly about payment issues, if you are in TS just head into requesting SMT or one of the SMT's waiting rooms.
  12. +Support I've seen this happen first hand