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  1. Are those HMR Thule test or just regular test but either way +support
  2. Name : Tako Rank : MA SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:233751291 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 6 Anything which you'd like to note? : getting more active this week
  3. Well that’s why you change outfits when inside the facility and have CI help you get into LCZ by killing the gaurd then you can enter LCZ
  4. Slight problem I can’t give the links because I’m on mobile and I never got too finish an 008 test because no admins would show up too make the guy a zombie but I got two of the google doc links
  5. Your Full Name & Rank? Tako EXP Why have you chosen to pursue specializing in studying biologically hazardous materials?i want too gather samples and do things when I can’t think of a test idea also. I want too have more test ideas by trying too combine samples and make new samples and do more things in the research department. I want too help people who want too get a sample and use samples too see what scps do what with others scp samples. I want too just generally help out and have more test ideas Have you produced any documents pertaining to biologically hazardous SCPs? I belive I have made 1 or two when in the research department on 049 and attempted like two on 008 and did like 1 test on 049 when I was in RND tests that I logged I did like 6 that I didn’t log https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSA54VRvhmZSa0jZJsrFvxRsd0UN0TY80-bCRyeWa88ZlZDLqOLx6g1r8nZ9f_IUtV7N3E4WgJjcgH9/pub https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSlu-I3czVdDkdDCqQ3yxwnExTAOuot4y-Ih4e9tweN-H-zF6GqEIvGi25zYjpzWE-9IF9OpS0FOsDz/pub their was a weird thing with the docs were the black part didn’t show up and I did an 035-1 test but I didn’t make it into a google docs so I can’t show it yet
  6. +support I would love a damage buff in my opinion mabye like 2 shot a om9 jug just so it isn’t just a more powerful 682 because he also has a kill swep and he has too take less damage too be traqd then for you too die so 076-02 would just become more powerful then 682 so more damage but not a kill swep
  7. I mean it doesn’t make that much sense why we would know coding as maintenance we fix stuff we don’t code things but on the other hand we do fix RIGs and stuff when asked too so I guess we would know coding of robots and HLPR bots main goal is too protect maintenance so I guess it would make a little sense for them too not kill maintenance and about it lasting around 3-5 minutes would they advert like coding malfunction detected restarting system it just seems like an odd suggestion if you @Squash could help explain it too me
  8. Well A if the new fear rp suggestion gets accepted then we are good and B RND I’ve seen without guns some MTF captured two feild researchers the day they came out
  9. I don’t see a hassle it’s !menu setting ult MOTD then find the part about fear rp or whatever and change it it’s actually quite easy then all you have too do is any current documents that have that state that rule you change if one man did it he could do it in like 15 minutes
  10. I guess yea thanks for helping me know that
  11. Why is CS getting cuffs I’m confused on that one
  12. That’s one of the reason I think a jail cell would be a good addition so it would be good so mtf have a place too store them that’s not just one of the first EZ rooms and can be caught by CI when going and CI can have an actual challenge getting him out if they raid for him Theirs 4 but those are for D class during a partial etc
  13. I would like this suggestion if it was like a maintenance who built it and if non were on then an NU7 Feild expert or an E11 CE and if it was the CE they would be able too stay too man the checkpoint until someone else can man the checkpoint like an NU7 or an OM9 or a gensec but I feel like gensec being not as trusted members (sleuths and stuff can become a gensec so that’s what I mean also you know OFCs are scary) they should be called in only if A. the MTF have a serious threat like 682 939s 076-02 the time benders GOI or if mtf just can’t be their at the moment but sadly it was denied by igneous so -support on the part of this being the same suggestion but +support if like maintenance could build it because they have a log requirement and this would help them make their logs if their having a creative stump or no SCPs for them too contain or they can’t contain scps
  14. Name : Tako Rank : MA SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:233751291 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 6 Anything which you'd like to note? : Florida best brain and duck army is most elite never failed never gonna fail and have now incorporated flamingos because as we all know flamingos are just big pink ducks also I’m thinking about getting more active on maintenance