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  1. I have already paid $60 for this addition, and I would be willing to show proof of this purchase and donation, but to my knowledge the staff should be able to see donation history. For my custom class, The Sentinel ( ) I paid for the typical +100% health (200% in total) and +100% armor (100% in total) equaling 200% HP and 100% armor for my character after the $60 donation. (Yes it's in the server, with the proper spawn and such. Security branch.) P.S. I also request a radio on my character.
  2. As is seen from the title. I am having another set of problems with my custom class (Deepest regards, and my greatest thanks for you helping me with this thus far by the way). I currently do not have high enough keycard access as I spawn up on the surface and not in the facility. While I am okay with spawning on the surface, even as security as it helps give me something to do during NLR (whether you want to change my spawn or not is up to you), I currently can not get in with my clearance. So I request enough clearance to get me from Gate A to LCZ / D-class checkpoint at least, if not to just spawn in LCZ if the access is a problem. As for the other problem that I wanted to address, I also require a radio as I am in the security branch within the game, so I need it in order to hear higher-up commands, or to hear from other people if they are out of normal earshot/using radio. If either of these can be done, you have my thanks. If they require payment, I will be able to pay via donation before the server's next update, with proof if needed. If they can't be done at all, thank you for at least taking a look. EDIT: Would be willing to pay $60 for an extra 100 health and 100 armor if allowed to. If accepted, donation will be in at less than 2 hours after this request is accepted.
  3. Name: Monroe Branch: Janitorial, Medical Rank: Junior Janitor, Junior Medic Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (Janitor): 6 Rate your Activity 1 to 10 (Medic): 3 (Wrote this in case if firing is needed. Being honest.)
  4. Hello, making this post here upon the request of Th3, and this is about me being unable to access my custom job because of me providing the wrong SteamID. The revision for the SteamID is: STEAM_0:0:72839305 and a link to the original post can be found here: (Already purchased and model paid for)
  5. STEAM_0:0:72839305 Would this work then?
  6. So, I recently purchased a custom class, and it was added into the game today. It is The Sentinel ( Whenever I try to join the class, it says "You are unable to The Sentinel" despite me having the same ID as I put on the forum post for the custom class to start with or STEAM_1:0:72839305 yet it appears that I'm either not whitelisted, or not allowed for whatever reason. If this can be fixed, it would be much appreciated! (And I also paid the $50 for the 4MB+ playermodel)
  7. In-Game Name: Monroe (Sometimes with the following prefixes: Security SO, Junior Janitor, and Junior Medic) SteamID: STEAM_1:0:72839305 Server: SCPRp Custom Job Name: The Sentinel Color of Job: rgb(174, 196, 232) , Light Blue , #aec4e8 Job Description: A soldier working for the security personnel, one of the special recruits from the [Redacted] corps that has been tasked with helping Gensec whenever his specialties are needed, or when security personnel are low and need help stopping the riots of the D-class. Model: (Male playermodel version preferred) Weapons: AwP, Deagle Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit Role: Gensec / Security