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  1. Gonna have to -support this. Your work here soldier is not done.
  2. At least that's one baby rager gone.
  3. Ask him what his number one HOS is
  4. -Support Activity might dwindle after this Sad to see you leave security.
  5. You didn't let anyone "done" expect me!
  6. + Support Come on, why wouldn't I support this. You'll def do a better job than the last HCMD.
  7. +Support Been working with this minge and actually really cares about security. Might've even gotten MAJ if Lefty didn't join
  8. Check Mentions ',:)
  9. Bruh, I'm coming over to have a BBQ with you, time to celebrate
  10. Actually, you're short
  11. Welp, the times come. This is my official resignation from the security branch. I most likely won't be back any time soon, but I guess shit happens. I leave on a two week LOA because mans got to make money to support his family. I come back and things are not right. Sorry for disappointing everyone. Ignus - Bruh Alpha - Good friend, kind of mingy Cryolast - Will always be a MAJ Rang - Promoted me to LCPL, kind of cringe Cookie - Aw... Man Sinnik - Congrats DHOS Mind - How are you still here Dread - Doesn't know what he's doing half the time Mini - Inactive Walter - 4 IQ kid Turners - Any actually sane person Saiba - I feel bad for you once you come back Creamey - A good security officer follows good orders Reaper - Has anger problems Sixx - Also inactive Eli - Bruh, this man just keeps on coming back Chad Dickson - Not actually a chad Poptarts -Thinks im a simp Jack 2 - Bruh Bael - Bael moment Carl - Eg boy or eh boy, idk boy Lee - Good person Nebula - Bruh, I dont even know you that much, why are you here Security - You were my friends and I'm sad that I let you down. Everyone else - I don't feel like going on and on, so good luck See ya!