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  1. Well. Life stinks. Those of you who know me fairly well probably know that I'm epileptic, as well as dealing with SLE (lupus). Research also knows that I was recently in the hospital. Without giving a lot of information (because, I'll be honest I hate talking about this), my epilepsy has more or less gotten to the point where I can't play videogames. At least, not for now. That's going to mean I can't stick around GamingLight. Maybe I'll let my brother play, we share a computer and steam account. If I do, I'll make sure he knows how to play and that he doesn't break any rules. I probably won't, I'll probably keep him off it (I don't exactly trust the chitlin.) I'd like to thank the CNTN people for making my time fun, especially Kami and Watkin, and I'd like to thank the Research team for giving me a platform for my RP. Take care you guys. I love you.
  2. "Hey I don't really know much of the SCP stuff, is there gonna be any, you know, batshit insane shit I gotta watch out for?" *Flaming naked man sprints through the hallway, screaming* "Nah we're all pretty relaxed" +Storkpork
  3. +Support Been in research longer than people were saying (seriously guys, hes been here since April, I just found this post on the research discord) Nice guy, never had any problem Great test ideas Never seen him minge
  4. Ive seen 682 get yeeted by a single CC within two minutes of breach
  5. +Support Only WITH some changed at moderators discretion. Gives something for field boys to do.
  6. That actually lowkey sounds kinda cool
  7. Ho-ly crap, you got the personality of these SCPs spot on, if not a bit chatty for Mr Macintosh Really like that iteration of 049!
  8. More 106 breaches means E11 actually has something to do lol
  9. +Support Buy CC with health kit, buy cracker from armory Get bent