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  1. I thought SCPs had to stay still when theyre tranqed regardless?
  2. Pretty funny one, but Im worried people will use its swep to minge like with the stun baton.
  3. +/- support, needs work for balancing and to deal with the CI/MTF issue. Will change to, + if we come up with a solution.
  4. This made me laugh more than it should have
  5. I just can't see Cortez in this video. after he fell, Can someone timestamp where he breaks NLR?
  6. +Support, although it sounds like it might just be too complicated for the server unless someone has already made this SCPs on the workshop, especially 002.
  7. Very predictable rick roll and strange lack of Le Bon Docteur. Tut tut tut. I love it.
  8. SUB-D-3981-NIKVOL-ADNDM-01 D-3981 has been directly involved in the Chainsaw Riot and orchestrated the Revolt of 05/22/20. He is believed to have swapped his jumpsuit with another D-Class to avoid termination. If D-3981 is found he is to be brought to an individual cell immediately and interrogated. He is confirmed to have cooperated with a small squad during the Chainsaw Riot, and is believed to be armed with a makeshift shank and ■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■. D-3981 is last believed to have been seen during the full lockdown during the Chainsaw Riot. Upon inspection of his cell, he was gone. The interrogation over the Revolt of 05/22/20 has revealed that D-3981 shows no interest in leaving the Site, but would rather "raise hell". SUB-D-3981-NIKVOL-ADNDM-02 Caucasian male wearing jumpsuit designated D-3981 was found deceased in HCZ nearby SCP-■■■'s containment chamber. Cause of death is unknown, autopsy inconclusive, nothing typical of death in the area located. Caucasian male is not any known missing D-Class, and is not D-3981. Subject will henceforth be referred to as D-3981-1. D-3981-1 has since disappeared from Foundation hands, and it's whereabouts are currently unknown. Staff in Autopsy Room 4 have reported his storage chamber to be "cursed", as all subsequent cadavers have since gone missing as well, entities that have vanished through the storage chamber are to be referred to as D-3981-2. All instances of D-3981-2 have been similar looking Caucasian males. Location of D-3981-2 instances are not a priority in finding. The storage chamber has been temporarily indefinitely locked. ■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■
  9. Hey, I was the 049 there, really like the few tweaks you made to what I said, and I love the footnotes. Following the wiki format is a good touch and it was very easy on the eyes. Seeing your interpretation of what I said, and what I actually meant when I was in the interview is a nice little bonus for me. (For added mystery, I won't say what I actually meant :p). Being a huge history nerd this was a fun one. Great log and I hope you gain a great score. Definitely hoping it gets rated as Quality.
  10. That's an interesting suggestion, I still think something should be done about the sheer amount of time it takes to breach though, because over a half an hour is just preposterous.
  11. What are the ranks in each branch that takes a life? I can't find anywhere something that says when it takes a life.