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  1. Keep at it Supervisor. You are going places.
  2. I only worship Max. He is my lord and saviour.
  3. +Support Absolutely disgusting and unprofessional. You're suppose to represent the community and the staff team.
  4. +Support So I've been trying to stay out of this since I don't play on Gaminglight as much as I use to, but I still care about this community deeply for all that it has offered to me throughout the years. Rang made it a long way to the position he is in now, and frankly it hurts seeing this report knowing that he put a lot of dedication into this server. I have noticed the bias for quite some time since everytime I get onto TeamSpeak I always noticed him with the specified member, from now to like 6 months ago. Learning this new information now including the blatant favoritism of both the specified member and his inner-circle makes it obvious that this needs to be addressed. Long live Gaminglight and the community.
  5. +Support That feeling when paying more money on the server hinders your experience to be effective in certain situations. We need this more then ever.
  6. Pokemon Emerald, I always return to it like once or twice every year.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199828481 I still personally think this should be a thing.
  8. -Support This would be easily abused as some others have stated. Some D-Class don't want to be tested on or used for recontaining SCP's, maybe I just want to vibe in Lower D-Block singing Sea Shanties.
  9. Nuclear apocalypse. Nuclear apocalypse everywhere.
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