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  1. - support you can lock your car with your hold key then a rebindable key that I binded/have binded to N !vcmod
  2. Freeze I'm just not very good at driving hmm
  3. Sorry, im a little childish sometimes thats on me, changed it to acutal suggestion, I would like it, tested it ingame and its not that loud and pretty fast so,
  4. What you want to see? - Cybertruck added to car dealer Why should we add it? - More cars, What are the advantages of having this? More ways for me and others to yeet our money away, more cars, better transportation Who is it mainly for? - Crims and civs Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919853563&searchtext=Tesla
  5. What you want to see? - Either Fading door not counted as the 10 leadup props or 14 leadup props Why should we add it? - So it dosent feel so crammed and hard for inexprenced builders What are the advantages of having this? - Better Base Building experinces Who is it mainly for? - Crims
  6. Im Leaving SS Im leaving SS, Its been fun, but I have been inactive recently and I love what they do just I dont find the time or will to get onto SS, I find state, pd and Crim better(including staffing), I love everyone in SS just that my inactivity will eventualy get me kicked out so IM doing it im leaveing in 48 ours just so I dont have this denied because i dident follow the rules, cya all later bandit for director 2020
  7. +SUPPORT Pretty Cool guy 2 Times the charm, Right? knows MOTD very well Knows handbook very well Good App Only - Is that you cant give that long of a jail and you would most likely get mod+ to do it for you
  8. It would also be cool to add this to gundealers as private machines, you have to buy the guns as stock and put them in there overall +support, besides the 8$ pricetag Edit: And if the Chef is ever Added; Food vending machines!
  9. +Support I've seen it on other servers and it works very Well Very good RP like A recent mod Can just stack guns in inventory You can still just ask for a certain weapon If its not up Police Raids can now arrest someone for possession of a gun Only - is that its 5$
  10. +support makes it easy to find guns Very nice model But its 5$, if Zeeptin buys it and then it doesent work/Lags alot, RIP 5 dollars
  11. +support kind man Very mature Active deserves this rank Good luck
  12. Well yes, but his was less generlised, i think mine would work better as a singuler job and a car or 2 insted of multble jobs and cars