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  1. After intensive review, your application is very decent the only issue is the question where it asks about why you'd deserve the staff rank I think it's a little bit messy but I understand the general concept Your RDM question is very well written, I have never had any bad interactions with you from all the sits I have had with you have shown vast knowledge of the rules and I definitely think you deserve an opportunity With that you have my +Support P.S This took me 22 mins If its hard to read im sorry
  2. +Support Fairly "Active" Really nice Helpful when it comes to sits
  3. +Support - Handles sits like a pro - Very nice - Event Team Good luck Trumpo
  4. -Support After intensive review of your application I strongly believe you are not ready to join as a trial moderator your application could look a lot better and the answers to your questions are a bit strange I also think that you are not capturing the essential understanding of what it means to be staff. It's not just about banning people and warning people you're also here to inform , help and assist players that need it ...... But..... As always I wish you the best on your Application P.S Please Read over the Staff hand book and Gather yourself more experience then return and redo your application after you've taken some time to study it I will also take the extra step and Link you the staff handbook https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/20650-staff-handbook/
  5. +Support I've never had any bad interactions with dry & is very knowledgeable of the rules and I think he would make a great addition to the staff team Best of luck
  6. +Support Clarkie Is a very decent member of the community and I think he would make a great addition to the staff team
  7. -Support You are a very good member of Staff but I do believe that you need more time as a moderator I wish you the best
  8. -Support If you said it in a voice chat by accident that's understandable but in order to be banned by the console you'd had to type it in the chat to activate the chat filter for a one-week automatic ban so I believe that there are some facts missing from your dispute statement But as always i wish you the best on your unban
  9. -Support You have not met Some of the requirements to apply: 1 week playing on the community Active on Forums/TeamSpeak (We would like to see at least 25+ Posts for your Forums Account) Although you are active you are still fairly new https://gyazo.com/cd26884489e8fbac0e9b24b9e31ae2fd ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ But i do wish you the best
  10. + Support I definitely believe that the money silo rules should be updated and changed as most of the time it does put the government at a huge disadvantage Depending on the base build and design I have had multiple examples today but was unable to clip them and restrictions should also be made on the location where the silo can be spawned like sewers and other difficult spots to access Etc. (Please keep in mind my opinion is not directed to any group or singular person on the server this is just an opinion)
  11. +Support Very well written application , quite active on the server Very nice MassRDM question answer I think he would make a excellent senior moderator
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