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  1. @Master Chiefyour side? was he brought to someone else's sit?
  2. No offence but this application seems very un-informational about yourself, such as -why you deserve to be apart of staff -how you would deal with a situation, jailing them for 600 seconds then banning them is unneeded, just warn them and req an admin+ to issue a 5-day ban -low word count -Support
  3. this isnt a bug, im sure smt is aware its there.
  4. to my knowledge this would just be a warn and a jail along with an extended mute and if continues to happen just warn them again but add ncws and nitrp.
  5. u were a great fbi command member, sad to see u go.
  6. rust for sure, i could actually see this happening tho, its shut a popular game.
  7. What you want to see? - Perma prop sign saying "Your car will not refund the money after selling it back" In the car dealer. Why should we add it? - many people have been asking why didnt they get their money back What are the advantages of having this? - I don't see any hurt of adding this in car dealer Who is it mainly for? - anyone Links to any content - N/A
  8. player was banned an hour ago for the same reason after doing it a second time.
  9. To being player “SL David” made a report against DD Prox for “Player disrespect”. Upon taking the ticket David told me that he felt very disrespected. I began by asking him anything else regarding it. I then brought “DD Prox” to the sit and told him that the player to his right, was very disrespected by what he had said and that I have the evidence in OOC. I began looking at the leaderboard seeing that player “DD Prox” had 3 weeks on the server. I then told him that because the player felt disrespected in such a way that because he had a previous warn for player diss as well as a 3 weeks of playtime that a warn is suitable and that you should have a fair understanding of the rules. I gave them a warn and they proceeded to continue to be toxic to the other player saying something along the lines of “SL should be blacklisted for toxicity” and I told them that this sit should not continue because I felt that it was over and that any further altercation would cause more trouble for either player. After returning “DD Prox” and “SL David” I briefly looked over the warn panels and decided to click on “DD Prox” section upon pressing it I found out that Prox is a moderator on SCP-RP and of all people who should be most understanding of the rules that these actions are completely immature. https://gyazo.com/1c70f75cbb57ddf675f59b40546bd0f9 and generally telling someone to shut the f up is rude and mean. and to clarify I am not in the SL faction. And to addition, this clip provides no context nor evidence to the sit that the warn is false.
  10. Blacklist are unappealable.
  11. What bug is occurring? Some general stores like, TNF, Grocery, and Cinema have bug where if u leave a certain invisible area within the gen store, the robbery fails. Is it tied to a specific job, swep, player model, etc? crim only Has it only occurred once, or is it continuous? it is currently happening. Please provide screenshots or a short video of the bug in action: in the screenshot you can see that past this metal barricade the gen store fails and the robbery ends.
  12. unfortunate -support, you have recently received a warning after making this application, as Senior mod lot of new responsibilities come with the job. and someone who is actively breaking the rules while being on staff, I just dont believe that your ready for the upgrade in staff rank. https://gyazo.com/54f830ab7952603cef7859f2698ae4b1
  13. I have to agree with soul on this one, I understand that u can still know the rules and never play crim, but there are so many complex and confusing situtations that happen that u gotta experience to know.
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