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  1. On this day, 8/21/23 Shadow Legacy is officially declaring WAR on the Umbrella Corp. If you been around for a minute on PoliceRP you would know Umbrella Corp has never shown total respect towards Shadow Legacy. Shadow Legacy has decided it is time to handle this cold war with GUNFIRE. I wish everyone involved in this war the best of luck. Kind Regards, Trumpo (SL BOSS)
  2. Had lots of fun in EMS. Thanks for allowing me in.
  3. Trumpo

    trumpo fbi 48 hours

    Thank you for letting me into FBI I had loads of fun. This is my 48 hour.
  4. +Support Been super active on SM and I feel will make a great LT.
  5. It has been fun thank you. This is my 48 hours for Secret service.
  6. The most well written resignation I’ve ever seen. You will be missed by many man. Stay in touch!
  7. +support rob would be great LT
  8. Trumpo

    Hunt's Goodbye

    Hunt Hunt Hunt... Sad to see you go man. You were a huge part of SL and you will be greatly missed. Best of luck with everything and please come chill when you have time.
  9. You will be missed
  10. Please follow the format this will make it easier for us to see and understand your suggestion Before posting a suggestion please check the archive section to see if anyone has mentioned what you want to suggest. If you fail to do this your post will be closed and moved to archive. Make your post short and simple and straight to the point, We will not read 8 paragraphs of text. The title of your suggestion MUST include what you are suggesting. Putting " (Your name)'s Suggestion" will cause it to get automatically denied What you want to see? - Why should we add it? - What are the advantages of having this? - Who is it mainly for? - Links to any content - Edit your post following the format above
  11. +support I want to lose all my money
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