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  1. Pooders I've know you for a while (since we played PoliceRp) and its just not the same without you tbh so come back.
  2. welcome to the club.
  3. Since we are doing monthly votes now i'm trying to get as much community input as I can so please go vote for the next IQ-hand. https://forms.gle/27Edb8babjGRfYTD9
  4. OH NO Badaim please tell we can still play BF2 and Forrest? Ill miss you. now I got no one to perma prop my office ;( o7
  5. I know for some this isn't a large milestone but its a small stepping stone on a much larger path. ~The Grand IQ / Frost~
  6. What keeps these people from even being corrupt? This seems like something thats just not needed.
  7. UwU ill miss you boss. Ever since we first met on PRP till we both duel staff of IMPRP and PRP you gave me some good memories. Ill miss you constantly slaying me. p.s (PSGWSP will live on in your name)
  8. Great guy definitely should be a GM. Good luck badger.
  9. The day that i've been regretting for weeks have arrived. I have to many thing going on in IRL and I am not home much. Also I have been getting even more dedicated to IMPRP due to my High Command rank. I love SWAT and the time I have been in it . Granted its had its ups and downs but it has been great to me. I sadly am retiring/leaving for a while until I can resume my activity on SWAT which will most likely be at the end of the summer. I will miss you all and I promise I will be back. People who have made me who I am. Voxis- We became almost best friends through my days on either SWAT or MW. (P.S tell me when we can play MW next). Freeze- Best commander I've ever had loved our early morning talks.(BTW your still bad at driving) Ender- We were always competing for ranks and striving and pushing ourselves to do better keep on pushin kid. Lemon- Minge get off LOA. Elapin- Minge thats it. Smaug- We had some great times and your the guy who trained me. Ronin- Get a mic Anyone I missed you mad my experience great and if I did not include you its nothing personal
  10. Bruh lot of people be leavin doe. Ill miss you yelling at me.