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  1. -support. we cant take it from them. you could try and make a suggestion to keep them from activly doing medical work if they are not a medical CC as i can see that happening (meaning they dont activly run aroudn and give stims and ammo).
  2. Well i guess i have to find a new Person to Arrest me the Second i shoot my Gun just for me to snap in chat
  3. + Support i do see the point with not adding Clone wars era weapons but to be fair the Empire would most likely not scrap all these guns and rather use them for a support battalion that does not really need the newest gear, ontop of that its kinda silly to stand by that while also looking at our server and thinking that the clone wars guns are a step to far. Medical, especialy i, habe grown to despise the E-22 and we are simply in the dire need of an upgrade and the options are kinda small as there is reasons for many guns not to be used for us. Pistols: not allowed for some reason Most battlerifles: to OP, bad or already used Most Rifles: not fitting for the job Snipers: yeah like we are gonna get them. Shotguns: pefect but NO they are TO STRONG and stuff. i could go of on a rant on all the guns that cannot be used for many reasons but that most likely would get me warned again for beeing rude so im not gonna do that. simply consider that no one will care for the clone wars gun in medical. if you think they do care you should start playing on the server and not just read comments in the suggestions of this server.
  4. + Support - Good Leading skills - capable Manager of Medical - Less insane than most others (me) There is not much i can say, im normaly better at telling whats wrong with people then what is right about them but i see ya up there, you have been part of Medical for so long that you are completely deserving of the spot. in an Emergency you can just pull my move anyway and just demote again, nothing is gonna stop you but i hope you stay as a VCMDR once you, as we can all agree therewill be no contest, get it.
  5. yeah some might have forgot that, Medical use these things for emergency situations only or sometimes to anoy people outside of events which is not strictly punished by Medical Personal but we will not complain if the Person doing that is either Killed, Arrested or downranked. i also swear, if you find anyone who uses these activly to Delete Event character HP i will personally make sure they are stripped of their rank and fully retrained if not just kicked as that is the highest Insult a Trooper can make to Medcial... right after accepting minge medical RP. The whole point of this here Suggestion is to prevent the Medcial Droid job from beeing able to throw these basicly mini nukes of HP Killers as Players playing this Job have mostly neither Earned nor are deserving of owning such a Weapon. i do btw genuinly not understand who thought that Job was a good idea but i do Drink alot myself and come up with the stupidest ideas so that might explain it. ( cant wait to have some Teammember Complain about me beeing slightly ruid when i, again, sarcasticly criticise their dicision which is 100% fine to do. )
  6. + Support - Great Experience as a Leader - Respected and known Member - Knowledgeable - Tactical skill - activ
  7. + support No damn Job you dont have to work for should have such a anoying weapon.
  8. Im gonna assure you if i see even one Droid part of that project do surgery or anything alike im gonna shut this down personaly.
  9. +Support +Works well with others in the branch +focuses on healing instead of fighting +The app is really good +active (A loa is a loa) +Experienced Like i got to say anything to this, no words but these.
  10. - Support - He is known as Medical to be inactiv and AFK 90% of the time... - He is not that capable as a Leader as often shown and is incapable of getting his will through - He has been known to do somewhat mingy things that he said sorry for but still did You are still not Ready for this Post in my opinion as YOur activity and, in loss of a better word, incapableness to Lead... i would love if i could support you here but i just cant...
  11. - Support Though my Respect for you is high and i always have seen great potential in you i just cannot support the idea of you Leading the 69th, your Ignorant Nature that often prevented you from seeing your wrong, your disconnection to the Troops, your ever growing Ego and the Ignorance for the Respect of fellow Troopers has already stopped me from supporting your rise to VCMDR and will stop me from supporting your rise to Commander. For me, no Work behind the scenes makes up for the devestatingly bad front. Someone who has been given no Reason to be Respected from his fellow Troops shall not have the right to rise above them.
  12. +SUPPORT -Best ST LTCOL ive seen in awhile (sorry void) -Does an excellent job leading one of the most mingest battalions -Deserves this position
  13. BTW, the 1st statement from me dosnt mean i dont wanna be VCMDR, im happy with beeing captain but i will gladly be vice commander. just wanna make that clear cause i dont wanna have people miss understand me.
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