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  1. + Fucking support 1. Dude has been here on GamingLight for a long ass time 2. Legit respects everyone around him unless they say that welsh and british people are the same 3. Is a literal admin 4. Perfect for the job 5. Good Application
  2. (NOTE THIS IS ONLY FOR SF AND 31ST) Why should we add it? - Would make the game for realistic for RP purposes as you can spawn the droid in SHB or MHB, land into the range of the droid that is literally shown with a blue circle. Once you land in it it will automatically repair your health/shields and refill ammo! This can also heal turrets and refill the ammo of turrets that 31st made! What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of having this is when you are on an event and you run out of ammo or are really low on health you can land. Once you land you can repair the ship using the droid. I know we already have the fusion cutter but this will also refill ammo something the fusion cutter can't do. Also we have turrets that 31st can spawn in the battlefield to help us defend. The repair droid can just come up to it and will refill ammo and repair it at the same time. Who is it mainly for? - This is mainly for SF or 31st Links to any content - (There are 3 required packs with this) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1775299799 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=820347922 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1571918906 (NOTE NUMBER 2. This should be only about 200GC to spawn in or 100 GC depending on your choice.)
  3. Well... I guess my time from Gmod if finally coming to an end. I am quiting Gmod for good. I just wanna say goodbye to the people who actually were nice to me and I wanna just say carry on and become a high rank. I might just come on the server to minge on my CC sometimes. But other than that I am just burnt out of Gmod and completely bored of it. So yep. If you wanna play GTA or Minecraft shoot me a dm and we can play. Spice: You were a good sovereign and I hope you continue to be. Grant: You were funny asf but you kinda were annoying as well with the happy birthday stuff but who cares tbh Thompson: I don't like u with yo dumb ass for gagging me for micspam. Nah jk u were dope and a good person Nimo: You a minge. nah snsn always liked to protect you and I hope if Adam quits Grand IQ you get it Frost: Congrats on the promo dude! Ducks: Your the biggest micspammer ever and u always will be. Go on and get a million warns for micpsamming P.S Ik I am not a high rank and all of you guys prolly hate me but idrc. Just wanted to say goodbye.
  4. RJ the reason I was saying those things was because they were A. Saying my name constantly everywhere i went, B. Changed their name and kept spamming Happy Birthday to me non stop, and C. Harassing me constantly. I tried to PK myself and I asked other IF Agents to do it and it still didn't work since they Knew who I was.
  5. In-game Name: Holden Port or Greed Or Koko SteamID: STEAM_0:0:212946895 Removal/Strike Time that was given: Yesterday I don't know what time though but around 11:50+PM Command Member who Removed/Striked You: Snar/Tarkin Reason for Removal/Strike: I sent a picture of him when he had a snap chat filter on that he PUBLICLY posted. I sent him absolute beauty as a joke. He then made the decision to remove me from Inferno Squad Note: (this is where you will put your side and explain yourself): The reason I think this was wrong was I did not send this to anyone else. Not publicly only to him. He also posted the picture publicly in a gaming light discord. I can understand that he might have feel uneasy when he saw it but I did not threaten him or blackmail him to do anything. It was all a joke and he took it the wrong way. I did not want beef nor do I want beef with Snar. Yet I was only making a joke about it. I can send discord pictures of my chat with him blurring out the photo. When he asked a question I answered respectfully in the chat like who are you and I replied with who I was respectfully. I did not say anything hostile or mean to upset him. I am sorry Snar if I made you feel harmed or unsafe since those were not my intentions. I did not post the picture publicly and I only sent it to you with the intention of a laugh nothing more. Sincerely, Love, Your Truley, Holden Port
  6. +support! +Good idea +Will allow others in IF to do something different +Will let IF finish jobs faster if they come up with new tactics
  7. dawg you mad dumb for leavin... Smfh. You need sense slapped into you cuz u leavin the wrong time and the wrong game.
  8. Denied You may reapply never.
  9. +SUPPORT +Does tryouts every day +Does Flight Certifications many times per day +Is very serious and knows how to discipline -Could have added more on application Forgot to put a poll but YES!
  10. What is your ingame name?: Kanko/Greed/Koko What is your SteamID: What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Midshipman What specialty are you applying for?: Medical Officer What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: Chief of Medical Joe (Captain) What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? What I can do for medical is increase the rp amount on medical. Such as some way to stop blood flow or make check ups more like a real check up. I can also do tryouts everyday and try to make the battalion alive again. As I was a medical PVT and I quit on 04/08/2020. But I saw only the same 5-6 people on everyday or actually active. Thus medical has not many active people. Also there are only 2 officers and only 5 NCO's! Yes there are a few privates and trainees. But I only see about 4 of them actually being active. So with hosting tryouts the medic gang will soon start to actually get people to join and try to make it big in medical. What I can also do is make the battalion more strict. I have seen a few minges in medical as TRN and PVT. So if I would get ANY reports of medical being mingy or are NITRPing I will make them do PT. If they continue I will give them a strike. Meaning I will make the battalion a more serious battalion. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I should be trusted with this position as I am very responsible. I was once a minge and I can understand if some of you will -support me because of that but I now actually want to change. I have been way less mingy than I was. I also am responsible as I have to worry about 4 Battalions that I am in. I am very active on all of them and they are SF, Naval, IQ, RG. As I am very active and responsible to be active in all the battalions I think I am trust worthy enough to be a Medical Officer. Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I want to make Medical alive again! Medical was once a highly respected and popular battalion. Now that has changed and in doing so the battalion has been a little disrespected from other troopers from what I have heard myself. I want this rank because I think medical needs more people that discipline other mingy medical as well. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: I am fully aware of this and I hope this isn't to come. What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My purpose within being a medical officer is to make this battalion more serious, active, respected, and most of all make new ST's want to join medical. Another purpose is discipline. I will make medical a non mingy battalion and if anyone is they will get a harsh PT or a strike.
  11. In-game name: Kanko/Greed/K0ko SteamID:STEAM_0:0:212946895 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: Midshipman for naval, Apprentice III, CMDR for my CC Have you donated to the server?: Yes. Have you been banned on any GL server before?: No Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?: I was given one warning because of battalion disrespect. I disrespected SF because they got me demoted for something I was framed for. It was in beginning of February. How much time do you have on the server?: I have no idea how to check but around way more than a few days. How well do you know the LORE? Explain: I know LORE a lot. What I mean is that I am experienced. If you ask any high IQ command for instance Boris he know I am very experienced in LORE. I know a lot about Knights of the old republic, The old republic, Clone wars, and the movies Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: I want to be a gamemaster because I get on early around 8am and get off late around 11pm. I want to make events for those on early enough/late enough because of their timezone. Because of this we will get more players on in the morning and night because something will actually happen. When I get on around 8am there aren't ANY events for about 4 hours. I want that to change and I will. Why should you be trusted to be a Game Master?: I should be trusted with game master because I won't spawn ANY of the weapons I don't already have or for others. I won't do anything that will make people feel unhappy or unwanted on the server. I will bring joy to the people on the server and I will bring good memories. I am also very active. I get on almost if not everyday. If i'm not on that means I either have school or work but I make it happen. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: yes I am familiar. Are you experienced with being a Game Master and how they function?: Yes. Give a brief example of an on-ship event, as well as an example of an off-ship event: (Onship) This event will include everyone. We will be at the death star and then Rebels attack us. First it seems like there is little of them but then a capital class rebel ship comes out of the air space and with blockade runners that will crash into MHB cause a ton of rebels coming onto the ship. I will also get 5 actors that will have 2500hp and 255 shield with weapons not to overpowered but not to weak. They will be attacked and one of them will be captured. He will be a CMDR and will be held hostage and rebels will come pick him up. Soon after that once they pick him up the rebels leave. (Offship) We find out where a rebel base is and we go to attack it. It will be on a snowy map one we have been on before and we will send scout troopers on speeders to check out how many rebels are there. They will return with information and you will start your attack. These rebels will be holding one of our Fleet Admirals hostage and we rush to find him. He is held at brig but what we didnt expect was that this was a trap and rebels send out for help. Rebels come from the sky attacking the Empire so SF takes off. SF deals with X-wings and the ground troopers kill rebels and IF and DT have to recover the Fleet Admiral that is hostage. Soon the rebel are dead and the Fleet Admiral is safe and we go back to our ship. (Hostage is only done when I am trained for it so if I'm not trained I wont do hostage just the offship event of attacking rebels.) Do you know how to give a weapon/SWEP to yourself/someone? (Give an example): Yes I do. !give (player) (Gun thingy) Do you know how to model yourself/someone? (Give an example): Yes I do. !model (Player) (Model) Have you read the Gamemaster Guidelines?: Yes.
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    +Support (I know I’m not in medical but I like to go around showing what I think) +has good spirit +good thoughts -could have written a bit more but overall I think it’s good!