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  1. +Support +Has good experience (Former VCMDR and 1LT) Has shown grit in Nova -Application is kind of short could have added more
  2. What is your in game name? Blue Moon What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:212946895 What is your current rank? SSGT How long have you been in Nova? about 3.5 weeks How will you assist command with this rank? As I have watched my superiors and how they have acted I learned more and more on what my job is and how I am supposed to do it. I'll hold even more tryouts and do some SIMS. I'll try my hardest to lead the battalion as an officer. I will show grit and courage to help Nova grow faster and stronger. Not only will I hold more tryouts and Sims I will try to help out with the NCO's and Enlisted in their Journey as well in Nova. I will try to give others a better time here in Nova along with help. For the higher ranks I will help the following: Punish enlisted and NCO's for their mistakes with PT (depending on how bad it is) Along with help them by suggesting new things to Nova like LORE type things. Such as in LORE it is Nova's job to protect High Command along with being Honor Guards. Why do you want to become an Officer? I wish to become an officer for many reasons. One being to lead the battalion and show an example to other troopers of what Nova really is all about (Not that I haven't been doing that already). Not only that I wish to assist command in problems they have and help them on the stuff they don't have time for such as dealing with enlisted/NCO's that have broken the rules. I will also help the NCO's and the Enlisted on how they are supposed to act in game and give them a better idea of how to deal with certain combat situations by having constant SIMS! Do you have any experience leading / being an Officer? Yes I have been an officer in havoc a while back in havoc, along with an officer in ST's a while back, and I have been an Officer in SF back when there weren't the Airman ranks and such so it was easier. What is the purpose/duty of an Officer? The purpose/duty of an officer is to help out Command by dealing with enlisted and NCO's and not only that they are supposed to show a lot more maturity and respect to others. What qualifies you to be an officer? It all depends on how you see me but in my eyes what qualifies me is I am active, I do tryouts often, I always try to be mature and show the Enlisted an example of what an NCO is supposed to act like and I always notice the little things the officers/Command do and the big things as well that help me get a better idea of how an Officer in general is supposed to act and what we are all about. Granted permission for the form from Xenoz.
  3. +Support! +Has been in Nova for a while +I myself am in Nova and I see he is very serious about Nova and does the best he can +Really good leader -A little short but its fine
  4. What is your in game name? Blue Moon What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:212946895 What is your current rank? SPC How much time do you currently have on the server? 3 weeks How long have you been in Nova? about a 2 weeks (I was on LOA for a week) How will you assist Nova with this rank? With this rank I will assist Nova by doing a lot of tryouts. We are seriously low on members and we are in need of Nova Members. I will do at least 3 a day (my personal quota). Along with that I will watch my superior officers and learn from them so the farther I go in Nova the more I learn the more I help! I will watch over the enlisted and make sure they aren't minging and I will always try to have some sort of SIM or at least a patrol going around so we aren't just standing there and guarding. Why do you want to become an NCO? I wish to become an NCO because as I stated in the last question we are seriously low on members. I want to raise that number so when us Nova do SIMS we have a lot of people to join in! I also want to try to rank up fast and suggest/add new things or classes to Nova! Do you have any experience leading / being an NCO? Back in January 2020 I was a CSM in Medical as well as a former SSGT in Storm trooper. I was a Shadow Guard tick 4 along with Havoc SSGT. (these were all a while ago i took a long break from the server) What is the purpose/duty of an NCO? The purpose of a NCO is to watch their superiors and learn along with handling the Enlisted. Not only that they are too show an example for the enlisted so the enlisted can get a better idea to what they are supposed to do when they rank up! They are to have patrols and SIMS and always try to do things within Nova and help Nova grow! And one of the biggest purposes of a NCO is for them to do Tryouts! Additional notes- As some of you may know I am Koko. I have a terrible track record and thats why I took a break! I wish to actually follow the rules and make the game not only more fun for me but for others! I have tried to keep my minging to a minimum and am trying to actually be serious! I know there are a lot of reasons to why people think I should not be accepted and I respect that as I understand why going off of my warns and just past in general. But I took a break for the sole reason to try to mature. I've been working in real life now and have aged and have a lot more responsibilities and with this it helps me mature and understand that minging isn't funny to others and is only for self pleasure. I also got permission from my VCMDR to apply. Thank you for reading my application and I hope I have impressed you with my work into this! Sincerely, Blue Moon.
  5. Player Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:209328961 Person who payed for it:STEAM_0:0:209328961 Kanko Yunko is the name of the CC
  6. He has alpha boost and beta nugget so meaning he traded up for it or he played since 2015 and got those items. And since he is on steam he is most likely using bakkasmod if not then idk wtf he doing.
  7. -support Never seen him and is 13 meaning pretty young
  8. I learned that I can’t use alts so I stopped using them. Also I didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to use alts either
  9. 1. Steam Name: [GL] Chad 2. Ingame Name: Bly 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:212946895 4. Ban Length: Perma since it’s discord 5. Admin that Banned you: Zeeptin 6. Reason for Ban: my name being cunt 7. Dispute: so basically I was kicked out of the discord first so I join back. I ask why I was banned zeeptin said Bc of my name and then he said change it or else we won’t allow u in the discord. Then I say bruh and get insta banned. So basically I changed my name and it’s so thing normal now and it’s Chad#1500. Also I need to be in the discord to be allowed in the battalions that I am in as we use them mainly.
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