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  1. Jesus alot of PlayStation supporters in this community. Thank you for the help much appreciated speciality to those who went it depth as to way I should get it. As someone who has a fairly power PC I didn't realize there was little to no difference between that and the Xbox. So thank you for not letting me waste my money
  2. ZeferGaming


    Chipotle sauce for me
  3. I plan on getting the next gen consoles but I need help deciding witch one to get I know this is a sensitive subject but I really need the help.
  4. ZeferGaming


    Seeing as I can bearly stand up I will ablige here.
  5. ZeferGaming


    Bitch please.
  6. Ive acurtally been a Monkey behind a computer screen this whole time. The same monkey who flew to the moon in the 60s the same monkey who slapped that guy at a museum the same monkey who all thoughs scientists gave chemical to at all thoughs labs the same monkey who in Chris closet in truth I am every single monkey ever and and I'm coming to slap you all have a nice day
  7. Yeah I'm solely basing my magic on Dragon magic one of my spells deals Scarlet Rot witch is the most OP ability in the game. It's definitely a fun game I just beat the main story's second grand boss and am working towards getting to the next one as we speak.
  8. ZeferGaming

    Elden Ring

    I'm still playing this game I don't even know why! Now I'm fooling around with a Mage Build using Dragon Magic I think I've play more then 150 hours of this game still haven't beat it yet hopefully this time around now that I have Scarlet Rot magic now. Still haven't played the two games I bought on PC yet that's how obsessed I am with Elden Ring right now lol
  9. The unlimited joke is that I spent 5k on this community and now all of it is unless....funniest fucking thing ever.
  10. What would you like to see: I suggest that we make more Suggestions for us to suggest in the suggestion section for us to suggest more things to suggest well we suggest them How would this help the community: it suggests that we should suggest more things in the suggestion that way we suggest that these suggestions go through. Who this for: I'm suggesting that this suggestion is for the community to suggest. Any links: I suggest you get one.
  11. Sadly due to my low budget videos will have to come later down the line I will be doing type reviews for now and hopefully if I get paid enough from the newspapers then I can upgrade.
  12. Today I take the Gaming Trademark name Zefer and turn it into a brand name to start my new Video game Reviwing Job on the internet. It won't be on YouTube though to risky it will be a publishing thing starting on the internet and through the newspaper in my Provence I'm calling it ZeferGaming I will be working on my first review in the coming Weeks with my Programs I've been going to. Ive also got a Twitter acc to support it. I'm vary exsited about this I'm hopping it pans out for me.
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