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  1. Sadly due to my low budget videos will have to come later down the line I will be doing type reviews for now and hopefully if I get paid enough from the newspapers then I can upgrade.
  2. Today I take the Gaming Trademark name Zefer and turn it into a brand name to start my new Video game Reviwing Job on the internet. It won't be on YouTube though to risky it will be a publishing thing starting on the internet and through the newspaper in my Provence I'm calling it ZeferGaming I will be working on my first review in the coming Weeks with my Programs I've been going to. Ive also got a Twitter acc to support it. I'm vary exsited about this I'm hopping it pans out for me.
  3. This was many moons I warned and banned many ppl in my time as staff tbh I was always vary carful at giving out those warns but I did have bad days so as for this one I'll + support it cause A: this was ages ago so I can't make a case here. B: If true what this guy is saying probably caught me on a bad day where my judgment was off C : this is a verbal warning at best Soley based on the fact that I can't remember anything prier to this or after this D : also this was back when I was a Tmod now I was Staff 5 times so anyone of those times this could have taken place in the span of 2 years if you can pin witch one then I can give in more insite also 69th TRN Zefer? Odd given I've only been medical maybe 5 times in 2 years let alone being a Tmod at the same time. anyway shit happens I'm retired now + support
  4. Thank you Bon means alot
  5. OMFG you are a god thank you!
  6. He was the greatest friend I could have ask for in a time when I had zero irl friends he died exactly 11 year and 7 months from the time we adopted him he was there when I broke my back and he was there on the last day before he closed his eyes forever. Goodbye my friend I loved you like no other owner could love a dog.
  7. What's up? My former Nova Commander!
  8. WHATs UP Gaminglight! I upgraded my computer again. Been playing Shadow OF war and trying to build a orc army it's fun makes. me wonder if my orcs could beat Gaminglight Empires. Would be interesting XD I'm doing as well as I can be my back has taken a turn for the worse sadly need to us a walker now to get around as embarrassing as it is to be a 29 year old and using a walker. dogs not got long to live sadly could be any day now hope y'all are doing well I almost return a few days ago but choose not to for mental health reasons. maybe someday but sadly not anytime soon. anyways I'm out bye guys
  9. They day he got blacklist was a sad day in Gaminglight history
  10. All thoughs who retired got blacklist banned removed died and or missing you will never be forgotten!
  11. Dog has Cancer and could be dead in weeks. And I have a bad heart condition that will get worse if I don't loss at lest 200 pounds would explain the coughing up blood and short of breath I've been having. Not looking good.
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