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  1. +/- support +Lowish warns +active ingame(going to take maral's opinion) -only make forums account 16 hours ago when i made this post -only 3 content count -in my opinion question 16 could do with some work. Staying neutral untill more people respond
  2. Welcome I dont play SCPRP so i wont know you
  3. + support since i joined i have seen less RP and more minges ik i have not been on the server for long but it feals like PoliceRP is tearing appart so i think bringing harsher punishment would be nice.
  4. -support -their is no solid prof of them doing it (eg video) -no aloud witness Ps not saying they did or did not just saying what i know
  5. warcub03

    JMS's SWAT Resignation

    why is every one from swat leaving?
  6. warcub03

    New Wrench System

    Maybe just make a rule were they can not get repair kits in a 10 -80 unless you have not been seen for 30sec or so?
  7. Welcome Are you guy that put "i love steve" on the side of spawn?
  8. As otherpeaople have said forcing peiple on gov would be a horible idea But having a cap on the ammount of people in a fammily at o e time (eg 5 people per gang on the serverwhen their is 10 gov on but when their is less then have 3 people per gang aloud idk its juat an idea) But stayong neutral
  9. This is my set up If their is any qieztions the just ask such as pc specs, what mouse and keyboard i use or any other questions I know its a mess
  10. - support Looks like you got half way and gave up - have not seen you arround - does not look motervated to be staff and could possibly not play on staff when be gets on - no poll - missing questions