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  1. What do you want to add? To add tags to people are head of departments and alow them to only be able to pin important posts and lock them only for there department section but for only for what they post Why you want to add it? If head deps want to pin a web site or applications then they can anf will be easyer to identify who is the head of that department.
  2. +/-support +like timmemes said probly just a talk to ceould help not a demotion -he could be joking or just saying that
  3. +Support +we need more support members as when i ask people to get in to TS so they can hear me better and i can hear them better wheni train
  4. warcub03


    Well why I think people don't play dipatch is because its boring to sit their and just talk where as its more fun to go on patrol. So may be we can figger out a way to make dispatch more fun some how.
  5. +Support + I would love this to part of the server + maybe changes every hour - use format next time
  6. +support would help me do my pratical side of training when i was active and would be better than traing in the car park and under ground pd and has all ready every thing set up for us so we just have to arrive there and start. May also be more fun for traines as well for cadets
  7. to be honest i would not be surprised if ems did get an tac unit because of the rate we are going at
  8. +/- support +The weapons in we have currently I disagree like because they feel clunky and the macanics feel aful compareded to CW2.0 witch I love -but like other people said all gov,cc ,gun dealers and Crim classes
  9. Their a rule for this any right??