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  1. I am just an inactive player so I decided to leave Secret Service to open up the slots I am take thank you for the opportunity.
  2. Name: Warcub Rank: ASAIC Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active Why do you want to stay in the department: This is the closest Department I have got to command in and one of my goals is to be command in any department/sub-department What do you think of the new map?: I like it but I just need to get used to it
  3. oh ok What I said was: Reason for leaving: Starting to find GL dull as in the sense it's same old same old as every day has been the same if not close and starting to want to play other games and focusing on IRL stuff and my illness but will be playing on the server one a week if not once every fortnight. Probs bc your not staff
  4. What do you mean? @Cashtag
  5. This link will show you:
  6. You should have called staff to minge the dead people for 1 sec then ask them to /demote the EMS member But I do understand your frustrations
  7. warcub03

    Fred's Warn appeal

    Like Sion said this is in the wrong area you would need to put it in this section: https://gaminglight.com/forums/forum/111-report-center/. I understand your confusion with where to put it because of the name but other than that. +Support assuming that you have not received a warning within 2 - 3 months if you can you please show all of your warn so we have an idea of when you last got a warn
  8. + Support Would be very useful but probs only max of 2 per person Lag but Idc anymore as lag has been reduced a lot recently with the server being upgraded and Gmod being updated
  9. ^^^ Like dondi said im going to cry if this dets denied for lag
  10. Hi, I won't see you around as I play PoliceRP but hope you come to visit us on policeRP
  11. warcub03

    Ban Appeal

    - Support People who make offensive jokes we do not take lightly