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  1. No, I didn't approve this, Don't leave. In all seriousness, I wish you best of luck with school Sion. Hope to see you around. P.S. It's Not gonna be the same.
  2. Name: (In-game name) StackableGold (AKA Stack) Rank: (rank inside FR, NOT EMS or FD) LFR How active are you: (Activity approximated, Active, Semi Active, or Inactive; Put reason if Inactive/Semi and be honest we will check. If you have been inactive put it and we will give you a chance to become more active!) I would still consider my self Semi despite being on the last few days, however your guys opinion really. When I get on I have to make a choice Between getting on SRT that day or FR; especially since there's a likely chance I'll be on staff which eats my free time up. I also have been focusing on school work and i'm glad to report I'm doing a lot better compared to last school year. Why should you remain a part of First Response: (At least 30 Words) Why should I or why do I want to remain part of FR? Starting an answer to a question with a question, lol. Anyways, I'd like to remain part of FR as it gives me something else to do besides being on SRT all the time(Nothing against SRT, I SRT, but sometimes nothing happens and it does get boaring after a while), and among verious other things it allows me to help out when there is tons of deaths happening on the server What changes would you like to see: (Anything) Eh well this hasn't been much of a problem recently as I havent seen anyone die in mountains, but perhaps an outpost?
  3. +Support You no longer get teleported into your car when you spawn it, Your car getting taken as soon as it spawns seems unrealistic in terms of buying a car from a car dealership IRL.
  4. StackableGold

    Stack's LOA

    In-Game Name: StackableGold Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 Rank: LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 9/29/2019 - 10/04/2019 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Private
  5. Mikey, I don't want my legs cut up... Thank you for serving as our Commander, Matthew! o7 (Salute)
  6. +Support We can no longer revive people who are stuck dead, a command or defibs.
  7. StackableGold

    Stack's LOA

    In-Game Name: StackableGold Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 Rank: LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 8/31/19 - 9/4/2019 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Spending time with family.
  8. Name: StackableGold Rank: LT What you think could be improved in EMS: Secondary location for Outskirts
  9. Name: StackableGold Rank: LFR What recommendations do you have for FR: Outskirts base? Going from town to outskirts can be annoying at times.
  10. + Support Active Trustworthy
  11. Warn is false, I accidently warned hunt instead of the other person.
  12. StackableGold

    Stack's LOA

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 Rank: 2LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): Aug 3 (Today) - Aug 6th Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I got surprised with a trip.
  13. Noted, hope things get better.
  14. StackableGold

    Zage’s LOA

    Noted, Stay safe, have fun.