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  1. - Support No format Also sounds like the warn wasn't false.
  2. ** unknown support ** 50 warns is a high ammount, perhaps some of the warns are false, but not too certain on that. I highly doubt you have a bunch of false warns, but I can't prove if you do or not.
  3. StackableGold

    Jeff M LOA

    Enjoy your vacation!
  4. - Support Admitted to crashing the server. You were interupting people's RP by crashing the server multiple times. I watched as it went down multiple times as well as the staff on duty. I heard part of the conversation between you and the two staff members when they brought you to the minge room. At which I never herd them say that they promised they would not ban you and I certainly didn't promise that I wouldn't ban you.
  5. Your In-game: StackableGold Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 The player's name in-game: Weeajew The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:91107641 What did the player do: Crash the server if not DDosed it multiple times causing people to disconnect. As result making them have to reconnect. Evidence (REQUIRED): Said so verbally to multiple staff members. Of which are @MELON MAN @Yobo What do you believe should happen to the player: Player needs perma ban. The player has already been given a 3 week ban. Any extra information:
  6. Dang, is everyone I know leaving? Hopefully i'll see ya around man.
  7. Maybe zeeptin is being sarcastic?
  8. I have no words except, it's going to be weird not seeing you on SRT, but I do understand where you're coming from. See you around, Sincerely, StackableGold
  9. @Will Newel What teamspeak room do we meet up at?
  10. Permission to save quote?