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  1. these are some nice pictures of a car meet; but I don't know how to feel about those hamburgers being left out.
  2. Well no, but actually yes. In other words, this was an "I'll find you, and I'll kill you moment" except kill is kick.
  3. Crease, I may not be in state, but it's going to be weird if I really don't see you on as much. In any case, godspeed.
  4. Rick, I Apologize I didn't see this sooner. Thank you for being part of EMS and FR. You're welcome back any time. Godspeed.
  5. Ah yes, been a while since I've raided a place because I retired from SRT; but this is 100% true.
  6. Congrats dude, hope to see you for more. Time really flies
  7. Ender, Things really aren't going to be the same without you on the server. I barely managed to get mobile data on Tuesday to post what was basically an emergency LOA because of that derecho that came through Iowa and pretty much knocked out most of the state's internet along with almost 1/2 million people's power. I come back today to discover that you left staff and all departments you have been in. There are still people right now without some form of cell service and power. I remember running FR with you, and seeing you on the server including on Swat. Going to miss ya man; and I hope to see you around in the future. Stay safe, and godspeed. Fun Fact: Iowa has a nuclear power plant. (well, it's suppose to stop operations at the end of this year...)
  8. - Support *~ I personally recall seeing you a few times, but not a lot. *- New forums account. (less than a week old.) *- SteamID is in wrong location *- Last question could use some work (Q16) *- Did manage to confirm this, really a bit weird to be honest, could be many different things, but I still think it's good to point out... Despite all this, I wish you the best of luck.
  9. Nice, this could come in handy. More specifically for those who are low on money and aren't sure if they have enough to buy it all.
  10. -/+ Support + I love the intention for this, and I like to see a change in it than just day + night cycle. Rain would be something cool to see. (But also, some clients may not handle it.) - However because Day And Night Cycles were removed and a suggestion was made in the past to add it back; I don't think this will go anywhere, but I wish it the best of luck anyways. Part of the problem lays in how some people program. They end up leaving bugs in or duplicate lines of code that could easily be made into a function to reduce the over all amount of code. Even then I don't think this would effect the server itself, but more so the clients connecting to the server. GMOD and in turn Half Life[2], is really old and because of that it can be hard to optimize without overhaling it's engine. Speaking of that, WHERE IS MY HL3??!?!?!?!?
  11. Which would be why I seen you over there, And I only spectated for a second and you were completely idle on the ground. I'm just supplied the logs as they had requested, as that was the most I could do for them. I'm really mixed about this case, they said they didn't have video and over all a video would be helpful here.
  12. +/- Support Here's what I know about it. I had spectated Jimmy once and seen him idle over by the above ground parking garage, the place covered in props, clearly looking like a base. My time zone is Central, I believe BLogs exports based on the exporter's PC time. This unfolded without me knowing. I don't recall seeing any sits from Torty. All I have to say is that it is possible to see who owns props, I have no idea if Jimmy tried reaching out to Musty as I couldn't seem to find any text chat logs of that. Also, I wouldn't say it was denying doing it more so thinking that someone had taken over someone else's base by covering it up. (Edit: Just by the looks of it.) Overall, I'll leave it to what you think should be done, but I think there was just confusion on a staff's side of things Edit: It also is clear that props were deleted. if you want my copy of the logs let me know. Notes: I will always supply logs if requested, this is not against the staff handbook.
  13. Dang it Winkle... Thank you for being a part of EMS and FR. Stay safe, and along side EMS, FR will always welcome you back!
  14. - Support * My main thing with this is audio, Audio is a key part in order to see what he was really wanting to do. I do have to say that the second crash was 100% the fault of Derek, he made an intentional decision to turn 90 degrees, even while knowing there was a car behind him. Derek pointing a gun at you is uncalled for. If anything this should be brought up to PD Command; as even without sound, it's apparent that he acted unprofessionally. I Don't think his actions in this video are warnable in terms of breaking server rules. However, that doesn't mean he couldn't be punished on PD. Had he shot you and or killed you then you would have an ARDM/RDM Case. I can say that If someone did this in a tac team that they'd most likely be in for a pretty bad time. If you haven't done so already I would forward this footage to PD command.
  15. - Support * Obviously you are in a time zone that's UTC+10, but even when I have been on in late nights for me I don't recall seeing you. * I'm pretty sure joined on a user's forums account page is the date the user created their forums account, and yours is August 4th, 2019, not May 28th, 2019 * No Forums activity before this * Last question could have gone into more detail * Overall the application could use some more work in terms of grammar and tidiness I think a screenshot of your in-game time would have been nice as well being that it seems no one has seen you.