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  1. Name: StackableGold Rank: LT What you think could be improved in EMS: Secondary location for Outskirts
  2. Name: StackableGold Rank: LFR What recommendations do you have for FR: Outskirts base? Going from town to outskirts can be annoying at times.
  3. Warn is false, I accidently warned hunt instead of the other person.
  4. StackableGold

    Stack's LOA

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 Rank: 2LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): Aug 3 (Today) - Aug 6th Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I got surprised with a trip.
  5. Noted, hope things get better.
  6. StackableGold

    Zage’s LOA

    Noted, Stay safe, have fun.
  7. +Support Would in theory help reduce the lag on the server. Also in theory would help slow/stop the mass crowding in spawn resulting in peopl dying.
  8. StackableGold

    Stack's LOA

    In-game Name: StackableGold SteamID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 Rank: CSM Length of LOA (Provide Dates): Today (7/5/2019) - 7/8/2019 Reason (If private then put N/A): N/A
  9. + Support Clear evidence that Nick knew they was cloaked before they even started to base. It only takes ruffly 10 seconds to switch on, uncloak, and switch back, I understand accidents happen, but in this case this wasn't an accidents. Also lying about not knowing that you were cloaked is unacceptable. Source: v A lesson to be learned from this is perhaps adding something in that auto-uncloaks staff when they switch off.
  10. Your in game name: StackableGold Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:130664548 The player's in game name: Alton The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:120533979 What did the player do: Killed EMS/EMT Evidence (required): (CHAT) ___ _ _ _ _ __ / __(_) | |_ _( )__ / / ___ __ _ ___ /__\// | | | | | |/ __| / / / _ \ / _` / __| / \/ \ | | | |_| |\__ \ / /__| (_) | (_| \__ \ \_____/_|_|_|\__, ||___/ \____/\___/ \__, |___/ |___/ |___/ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [ ] [ Evidence Box Export ] [ ] [ Date: Sun 06/30/2019 03:43:24 PM ] [ Exported by: StackableGold (STEAM_0:0:130664548) ] [ ] [ Involved Players ] [ ] [ DD SGT ligist STEAM_0:0:140212035 ] [ SX ViperKing STEAM_0:1:157110347 ] [ COL Alton 1L72 STEAM_0:1:120533979 ] [ ] //////////////////////////////////////////////////// [ Category / Module / ID / Timestamp / Log ] [Player Events] [Pickups] [828169] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:16:39 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod picked up weapon tfa_csgo_awp [General] [Chat] [828603] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:18:45 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: [OOC] he arrived at a scene and wasnt responding, so i blew up us ambulance to try to wake him up [General] [Chat] [828610] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:18:50 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: [OOC] but it killed him [General] [Chat] [828659] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:19:05 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: [OOC] However the second he died, suddenly he wasn't ask [General] [Chat] [828662] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:19:08 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: [OOC] afk [ULX] [Commands] [828939] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:21:00 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: ulx asay est [DarkRP] [Commands] [829315] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:11 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: /colonel [PvP] [Deaths] [829314] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:11 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod was silently killed [DarkRP] [Job Changes] [829313] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:11 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod changed job from "Unknown" ("Unknown") to Police Colonel [DarkRP] [RPName Changes] [829319] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:17 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod changed their RP name from Alton Boi to COL Alton 1L72 [Player Events] [Respawns] [829318] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:17 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod respawned [Sandbox] [Vehicles] [829378] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:42 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod spawned vehicle MISSING DATA [Sandbox] [Props] [829379] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:24:49 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod spawned prop Dodge Charger 2015 Undercover (Emergency Vehicles) [DarkRP] [Commands] [829566] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:27:46 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: /administration [PvP] [Deaths] [829565] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:27:46 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod was silently killed [DarkRP] [Job Changes] [829564] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:27:46 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod changed job from "Unknown" ("Unknown") to Administration [Player Events] [Respawns] [829568] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:27:48 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod respawned [General] [Chat] [829574] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:27:55 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod: !cloak [Player Events] [Disconnections] [829676] [Sun 06/30/2019 03:29:32 PM] COL Alton 1L72 ➞ senmod disconnected (Disconnect by user) Screenshots: What do you believe should happen to the player: Just a Warnning. There's no excuse to kill or shoot EMS, especially as staff. (NO LOOPHOLES!) Any extra information: Was about to bring @Alton To get his side when he disconnected from the server. Include: @[GL] Greg and Roger. Attached File is a copy of the chat log. Alton Chat Log.txt
  11. Notifying us before you left would have been nice.
  12. Got called over to the sit by @Dondi 2.0 Why the LTAP is Valid: Turns out a few other Trials-Mods. Anyways I was going through getting everyone's side and figuring out who Person2341 turns out to me Murderous. Out of the blue without any of us telling him to disconnect he did. I waited for several minutes and he never returned. <--- Picture of BLog UI See attached exported log file. Why the Fail RP is valid: Prison In-Mates are to remain inside of jail. If a jailbreak occurs than they may leave. So even if the doors are open to the outside they shouldn't be leaving jail unless someone's being jailbroken. Therefore this rule would of been broken as there should be no way for a prisoner to obtain lockpicks, or breakout. Perhaps the name for this could be changed a bit. Reminder: That's how I'm interpreting this rule. I supplied the logs to Billy ( @[GL]Nova_Guar ) and I'll repost them here. (See end of reply.) About the ARDM: Anyways, If they're outside of jail they shouldn't be killing goverment, therefore by shooting at goverment I personally would consider it ARDM if the goverment wasn't killed and RDM if they were. However, that's just how I would interpret it as I really hadn't come across a situation this big till today. However, We were unable to retrieve any logs of him shooting and hitting goverment after he DCed, so I really just want to throw this one out the door As for the punishment, I didn't warn Murderous for the LTAP, so a warnning. However a staff member should be held to a higher standerds with the rules. P.S. The MOTD states no loopholing, it also took me a bit to figure out what exactly happened. Notes: Getting called to this sit really made me facepalm Murderous Staff Member.txt Reason for Edit: Did more thinking.
  13. Heeey boiz, it's the active train v
  14. - Support First off staff, technically don't have to refund you for printers you lose during a sit, or anything else for that matter. If we were to refund you it'd becoming out of our own money, we can't just wlly nilly spawn money. Secondly, Your words have consequences in game, just like they do in real life. For example if you dissed your boss, intentionally or not, (perhaps you were mad at the time) you have a good chance of recieving some sort of punishment from your boss. Considering the reasons for your ban I believe that it's time frame is justified. Your ban should give you time to think about your actions. ~ Stack. P.S. NCWS means Not Cooperating/Complying With Staff