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  1. Heeey boiz, it's the active train v
  2. - Support First off staff, technically don't have to refund you for printers you lose during a sit, or anything else for that matter. If we were to refund you it'd becoming out of our own money, we can't just wlly nilly spawn money. Secondly, Your words have consequences in game, just like they do in real life. For example if you dissed your boss, intentionally or not, (perhaps you were mad at the time) you have a good chance of recieving some sort of punishment from your boss. Considering the reasons for your ban I believe that it's time frame is justified. Your ban should give you time to think about your actions. ~ Stack. P.S. NCWS means Not Cooperating/Complying With Staff
  3. - Support *Changed because after looking closer at the picture discovered person is using a hacked client.
  4. +/- Support Just using "/roll" to find something illegal really would ruin some peoples RP experience, as the LEO could end up rolling a higher number than the person in the vehicle/property which may result in the person owning said property to be arrested against the way they wanted to RP stuff out; in this case RPing as a normal citizen with nothing illegal. So I don't really think /Roll could work here, if anything it could be abused by LEOs. Police Dogs are trained IRL to sniff this out, I'm not sure the chances of them not finding it in a place that has it, but I'd assume extremly low. This would be RPed out in "/me" by the owner of the property (Property being a vehicle, house, etc.) saying if they had any illegal substances or not. However, that doesn't mean /roll couldn't be used here. This is something that normally would get RPed out anyways using /me and the other person would reply using /me giving a number or just saying if they were/are over or under the legal limit. "/Roll" really wouldn't work in this instance. PROS/CONS + Last I checked SCP-RP had a /roll system, so this wouldn't be a thing that couldn't be implemented. + "/Roll" Could still have many other uses in Police-RP. For example, It could be used for RPing baseball games, and **NOT ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO DO THIS, BUT** for slots, AKA gambling. - Could result in some forced RP situation, for example in traffic stops is anything illegal found in the vehicle. - This directly relates to con listed above, could result in more staff calls, because of forced RP. (Example listed above.)
  5. Name: StackableGold Rank: SSGT How active are you in SRT: Well that's for you to decide it balances back and for between active and semi in my opinion. What do you want to see change within the department?: When will the panic buttons be fixed? What do you think command can improve on?: N/A - Still studying new leadership... Why do you want to be in SRT?: First tac and only tac unit i've been a part of. I actually look forward to getting on SRT when I can.
  6. 8 NO, TO ALL OF US. Please.... (9)
  7. 6th Post from me, We getting close yet?