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  1. - Support - I personally havent seen him on PD in a long time, could be the tz though - Even though he got permission to apply 14 warns is still a lot I dont know what other peoples point of view are but I personally dont think you are ready for LT yet. I think you should improve on activity (again this might be tz so if you are active then sorry) and maturity, maybe train more and get to know the other officers a little better. One of the qualities you need to have as command especially in a big department, is to be able to stand out above other people and prove that you can take on the responsibilities. Anyways good luck. - MSGT David
  2. Dont worry about him, thats Bambob
  3. You cant apply to your own app, and the fact that you tried to do it with a different forums account just proves you shouldnt be staff. I think this application should be instantly DENIED
  4. - Support Never seen you before Still a lot of grammar errors You cant have 2 at one time Last one is still wrong which leads me to believe you haven't read the handbook. In my opinion you arent ready for staff
  5. Hey guys, it was a fun ride but my time has come to move on to different departments, I wish all of tou the best of luck and thank you for having me in ARU. Good luck Eternity and you have already done so much good in the department.
  6. Thank you for being with in State Police and I hope you have fun wherever you're headed now.
  7. I wont be able to make the meeting tonight 6/1/19.
  8. -Support Why would you say something like that, you may have been trying to be funny, but would it be so funny if someone you loved was there that day and got taken from you?
  9. Sadly my time has come. I have given it a LOT of thought, I kept changing my kind over and over again but I have finally come to the decision to leave CERT. I am still staying in State and all other sub departments. I have decided to join ARU. This is NOT because I dont like CERT, I will always love CERT and I will hopefull return some day, but I want to branch out and explore new things, I have been in the same departments for a very long time. Livebait and PAPA - Thank you for everything you've done for me in CERT. Alistair - Thank you aswell, it was very fun working along side you and I wish you the best of luck.
  10. +Support Active Mature Been an Admin for a long time I think Logan is ready for Senior Admin
  11. Emmu, not only did you make state fun and exiting as a LT COL, but youve been doing this for a very long time, you've made great things happen, you always want to help someone, and you've inspired so many people, beyond just the video game your an amazing person, and I hope to see you around in SS (even though I just got removed for forgetting the rollcall rip) - CPT David
  12. -support Need to be more active on forums and ts and soend more time in the community. #16 is very wrong and your not allowed to respond to your application, which you've done a couple times.
  13. +/- Support + Been a Senior Mod for a while + Gets on when asked to or to fill ratio - Semi Active on staff - Can be immature at times Like Billy said, being an Admin has a lot of responsibilities. Your a really nice kid but you can be immature sometimes.
  14. Lol I dont have very much money and I just wanted to see what people would make. But thats pretty good ^^ You might have won. Ill probably just scratch the idea and try to make one myself though.