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  1. + Support Active Mature Well Known Friendly He already helps a lot as support
  2. Your In-game: David Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:126526395 The admin's name in-game: Lil Goat The admin's steam name (If you know it): I don't know What warning did you receive: RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://imgur.com/a/ZfoiESg Why do you think this warn was false: Basically there is a bounty on the Kong family so the Kings came up and killed me in the middles of the street, then there was a bounty on the Kings so I went and killed one of them and got warned for RDM when I did the same thing they did. Any extra information: I asked Rhenic after and I'm pretty sure he said that he was trying to tell Calamity not to get me warned but I might have misheard him.
  3. Ingame name: David Rank: CPT Sub Department: CERT-TL, SPMU-SNR Trooper, DOC-SGT, FTO-SSGT Comments: I'm the coolest kid in town, also I'm never leaving State
  4. Name: David Rank: SO Date of Meeting: April 20th Reason: I need to take a break from the computer and hang out with my family
  5. - Support Never seen you before For #16 you don't need a higher up to help them stop cursing you just gag them, but you get a higher up to minge them for 10,000 seconds. Overall I just don't think you are ready for staff, if you wait a little longer and get to know people then I would say yes. A few tips, go around in ts channels you don't usually go to and meet some new people, maybe join a government department, ortalk with people on the discord, also being active and friendly on the forums really helps to. With that said, good luck.
  6. As some of you may know, I have been extremely inactive on dispatch, as my priorities are elsewhere. I enjoyed the very few moments I had on dispatch but its just not for me. Charlit, I wish you the best of luck in dispatch Yobo, I never formally met you but im sure you are an amazing personand thank you for you service. With that said, thank you and goodbye.
  7. Thank you for letting us know, have fun
  8. Name: David Rank and Call Sign: SNR SA KGB44 Date: 4/18/19 How active are you? (be honest please): Semi-Active
  9. + Support Active Friendly Mature Deserves Major Good luck Ghostly, you deserve it
  10. Name : David Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:126526395 How old are you? : 15 Staff Rank (Must be Moderator) : Moderator Have you Donated? If so, how much? : $10 How long have you been staff? (No Less than 1 month) : In total I've been staff on the server for about 2 months What is your general knowledge on the rules? : I know the rules very well What can you bring to Event Team? (150 words+): One reason I would be a good addition to the event team is that I am very active on the server and on staff. I am creative and I always have ideas for new events that could possibly happen. I am good at following orders so I whoever is hosting an event wouldn't have to ask me to do something twice. I have also read the Event Team guidelines a few times, I am mature and respectful and I wont get mad if something goes wrong, ill just try to fix it. If someone doesn't like an event then I will either try to help make it better/fair and improve on things not give up. I have helped with events in the past when there was no event team like a Hunger Games type event a while ago and I really enjoyed being able to help out with the event and give people a fun time on the server. How many warns do you have? (No more than 10) : 1 Why do you want to join event team? (150 words+): I want to join the event team because I love being able to help with events and give people a fun time on the server and something they can enjoy end remember. I have helped out with events in the past and loved doing it. I think people really enjoy participating in events and I want to give people the opportunity to do that, and have fun while doing it. Not only do I want people to have fun with the events but I think I would really enjoy helping out with making them. Also just like I said above, I am active, mature, good at following directions, friendly, and I think I would be a perfect addition to the Police RP Event Team. I have always wanted to be apart of an event team and when they made one for Police RP I was super excited theat I might be able to have the chance to become a part of it someday.
  11. MAJOR + SUPPORT CHIKEN was duplicated warns as well as Warns that were never removed. CHIKEN has changed a lot. His attitude changed and he was less mingey when he got accepted into SRT. CHIKEN was trying to get more involved in the community by joining a government department and was trying to better himself. CHIKEN started to yell less. He really cared for the server and tried to change. Although SMT might not see it, I know CHIKEN has changed and has been trying to do everything differently and deserves to be unbanned.