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  1. +/- Support + Longtime member of the community + Despite our different timezones, I still see you on somewhat often + Prior staffing experience - 20 is a HUGE amount of warns, even though they are old they are still relevant when applying for staff. Right now, the main thing holding you back is that warn total, Your application is good and you've had prior staffing experience which is great, if you aren't accepted this time, work on getting some of those warns removed and then re-apply! As always, good luck! ~ Shmoopy
  2. I'll miss you buddy, enjoy wherever life takes you!
  3. +++ Support Can literally 3 shot 100 health & 100 armour If you guys thought a silo base with 5 negevs was bad, you don't wanna imagine a silo base with 5 AWS's
  4. Thats odd, it just auto downloaded for me when i joined. Try deleting and reinstalling the server files if you're still having this issue.
  5. - Support - No SteamID - Very low forums posts, Relatively new forums account - 20 Warns is a LOT of warns -Rarely ever see you in game, never seen you in teamspeak You clearly put effort into this application, If you become more active on teamspeak and ingame in the following weeks, appeal some of your old warns and improve your maturity I can definitely see you becoming part of the staff team! As always, good luck! ~ Shmoopy
  6. Massive + Support + I see you on everyday + Always active on State + Mature and friendly, Never had any issues with you before + Low warnings + Great Application - Only issue is your missing your Poll, add that! Good luck! ~ Shmoopy
  7. - support Literally never seen you in game, even though our timezones are not seperated by much (Chicago isn't a timezone btw) -Minimal effort in application, half of your answers are less than 5 words - You didn't answer question 15..? - This is your first post on the forums - Improper SteamID If you become more active, both on the forums and ingame and put some effort into your application, maybe you could become staff in a couple months, as of now, highly unlikely. Good luck however!
  8. +++++ Support - Constantly minges or breaks rules when he's on - I routinely have 3+ sits a day with him. He knows the rules and knows that he's breaking them, he just doesn't care - Regularly staff/player disses and shows little remorse or care when hes warned about it - Ruins the experience for other players who are just trying to play the game Ideally I'd like to see him get a long minge or a somewhat long ban (14-30 days) to hopefully persuade him not to minge anymore
  9. Glad to see another happy couple on Gaminglight!