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  1. yeah ok im not emotionally devastated or anything yup im fine (spoiler: I'm not fine)
  2. - Support sbeve yelled at me once therefor i dont think hes ready for this position JK BIG + SUPPORT + Active + 2nd friendliest steve I know + Knows what hes doing + If i had a dollar for every time this guy ordered popeye's Id be able to save my custom class good luck sbeve
  3. + Support This is the second report about Chief prop abusing in less than a week. C'mon Chief, You're better than this.
  4. - Support i dont think 40 warn bans are appealable in the first place, but regardless, you had every chance to just stop breaking rules but you didn’t
  5. Meet some requirements I’m almost impressed that you actually managed to get warned by zeeptin lmao
  6. + Support warns meet requirements, and you might have a little trouble getting ahold of ghostly, he’s deployed for the next 6 weeks or so
  7. + Support requirements r met, chow good warn bad pls remove
  8. - Support From the story that you've given, I think that Bennet just misunderstood what you originally said and went off that.
  9. - Support Staff comes before RP. Simple as that
  10. Massive - Support You were prop minging a ton, directly disobeyed Steves request, threatened to RDM him, DISSED CALAMITY and then, to top it all off, Lied in your appeal and attempted to play the victim. Not to mention you were spamming links in the PD meeting a couple nights ago and have been banned multiple times for mass minging. You're lucky you only got 4 days, Infact, I'm pushing for an extension on this ban. Masterking has show many times that he has NITRP and is continuously creating issues. An extended amount of time away to think about your actions might help.