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  1. i have white zombas im cooler than anyone in GL
  2. I have decided to leave SWAT due to my acceptance into SRT, which was the original reason I joined SWAT, before it was its own branch. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with SWAT, and I'll be attending the meeting/training today as my final one (if thats ok) Thanks to everyone that made my time here wonderful, and I know that despite my departure, this branch will continue to thrive.
  3. Name: SWAT CPL Shmoopy XR33 Rank: CPL How active are you in SWAT: Semi-Active (been busy with schooling lately) What do you want to see change within the department?: definitely new weaponry What do you think command can improve on?: Activity/demoting Ronin to cadet
  4. + Support + Multiple instances of Ryan Interrupting RP (and seriously, stealing a government vehicle ON DUTY? You're better than that Ryan...) + Trapping people in cages is a big no no, especially forcibly pulling them to a rooftop and trapping them against their will + Lied directly to Willy's face Ryan, don't take this as a personal attack on you or anything, but the videos show you abusing your staff powers, interrupting multiple peoples RP experiences and pretty much minging on duty. Worst of all, you lied directly to Willy's face about it. A huge part of staffing is honesty and being trustworthy, and now you've broken that trust. I'm sorry Ryan, but the way you were acting here is just blatant abuse of powers, and I hope that if you retain your staff rank, you'll hopefully have learned a lesson.
  5. I made a couple, choose your favourite :)
  6. +/- Support + Friendly + Active in game - I've seen you be quite mingey and immature at times - Forums and TS3 activity could improve - I've had to remind you not to break rules on and off duty - For 16 Tmods cannot minge for 10,000 seconds Nothing personal Apis,I just don't feel that you're ready for staff. You could improve by just being more aware of the rules and being sure not to break them, as well as improving your forums and teamspeak activity. As always, good luck! ~Shmoopy