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  1. Another OG gone... Later Alex, you were and still are a great dude
  2. Shmoopy_boop

    Shmoopys LOA

    In-Game Name: Shmoopy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:112010885 Rank: FSGT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1 week Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I need to focus on getting a good start in school this year, and I cant let my hopeless addiction to gaming light impede that right now
  3. Welcome to the department bois! Feel free to message me over discord and I’d be happy to train you! also join breacher #kacOP #Shamelessplug
  4. - Support Incredibly hard to enforce
  5. Enjoy your holiday bud!
  6. - Support Dude, I get that you're upset, but you can't tell people that they can't - Support a staff report. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the matter. With that being said, It looks like you pulled out a weapon and jumped into your car in the middle of a sit, you aren't allowed to do that, you and the player that shot you are both equally in the wrong. If it hasn't been done already, I'd give the other player in this incident a warn for RDM in a sit.
  7. - Support As per the MOTD: If you are handcuffed, you must comply with the officer.
  8. + Support No idea why the - Supports are happening, this issue has occurred for many other players, and we've seen tons of ban appeals similar to Archan's, where their ban message gives zero information of who, why or when. At the very least SMT needs to look into it and determine if its a valid ban or just another one of the ghost bans