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  1. Unfortunately, + Support Rules are rules, and they need to be uniform for everyone.
  2. Steam Name: Yung patrick (Formerly [GL] Shmoopy_Boop] Ingame Name: Shmoopy SteamID: STEAM_0:0:112010885 Have you donated to the server? Yes, over $100 USD Staff Restriction Length: Permanent to my knowledge Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Fame Reason for Staff Restriction: Unknown (Will update if i learn of a reason) Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): Where do I begin? Many of you may not remember me, but I can promise there are a few that do. For those who don't remember me, my name's Shmoopy. I was a former PoliceRP admin, Police SM, SRT head breacher/MSGT, event team member, support member and almost a forum diplomat. From Halloween 2018 to late summer 2019, gaminglight was my life. The server was my home, I played on it religiously with people I still consider brothers and sisters of mine to this day, even though they may not feel the same about me. It was never my choice to stop playing, as in early fall 2019 I was blacklisted from SRT, permanently banned from the forums, banned from teamspeak and staff restricted. The reasoning of these punishments are still not entirely clear to me. The manager at the time, Fame (who is now blacklisted) strongly disliked me and had no problems vocalizing it, stating multiple times to my face that he hated my attitude and my opinions. He berated me many times and I took it simply because Gaminglight was a family to me the way no other community was, or ever will be. I still recall the day I got the email telling me I had been forums banned permanently without any chance of an appeal. My first, and closest friend on the server, who some of you may remember simply as "Steve the Russian" was fed up by the way he was being treated my SMT. Similar to myself, Fame voiced his negative opinions on Steve many times, and in a very unprofessional matter. After careful consideration, Steve, my staff mentor, my closest and first friend, basically my fucking brother, made a community resignation post. For hours earlier he had been venting about the situation in the SRT discord and I, being one of his closest friends, listened to him and to a degree, agree'd with him. (I'd like to note here that I never once dissed the community, I will admit however that I never told him to stop) When I saw that community resignation post, a part of me left the community with him. I'm pretty sure the comment that I left on his post was what lead to my eviction from this community, though I'm not entirely sure. It goes as follows: “The statement “SMT has never punished someone for stating their opinion” is officially not true anymore. Goodbye Steve. I hope you can find a community that cares about you as much as you care about it." About an hour later, I received an email that I had been banned from the forums indefinitely by Fame. I was in school at the time, and when I got home the damage had already been done. I was stripped of every position in the community I still had. Fame had blacklisted me from SRT (Which has since been reversed since it was determined that I had no intent to harm SRT or the community) despite being head breacher and on track for low command in the coming weeks. Fame had also ordered the removal of all my server whitelists and my teamspeak tags, as well as permanently staff restricted me, despite me not even being a staff member at the time. I was ruined. I had worked for almost a year to become a well respected and known figure of the community and it had been ripped away from me in the blink of an eye. I understand Staff Restrictions aren't given out easily, and that its a long shot but I figure that its worth a try to be allowed to staff again. I truly love this community. I never have and never will do anything to attempt to harm it. I was there when the mass staff blacklists happened, I performed my duties as a staff member and dealt with countless minges on alt accounts calling me every slur under the sun. I reported diligently to every single staff meeting and have been told by many that I was a great staff member. When some of my closest friends were blacklisted from the community, I did what I was told and turned my back on them. When I felt my staffing time was over after I was (I feel falsely, but your opinion may differ) demoted from Admin to Senior Moderator, I peacefully made a resignation post, shouted out those who were close to me and left it at that. Obviously, I was upset at this demotion and could've acted out and caused chaos before I left but I didn't. I had every opportunity to create problems for the community that I had felt wronged me but I didn't. Thats not who I am and that's never who I will be. To whomever holds the power to reduce, or remove this staff restriction, I sincerely hope you choose to do so. If you don't, I fully understand why. Thank you for reading ~ Shmoopy
  3. If the roles were reversed I'm sure that you wouldn't find it fair to have your sentence essentially doubled
  4. I genuinely don't know what he expected to happen after saying that
  5. Another OG gone... Later Alex, you were and still are a great dude
  6. Shmoopy_boop

    Shmoopys LOA

    In-Game Name: Shmoopy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:112010885 Rank: FSGT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1 week Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I need to focus on getting a good start in school this year, and I cant let my hopeless addiction to gaming light impede that right now
  7. Welcome to the department bois! Feel free to message me over discord and I’d be happy to train you! also join breacher #kacOP #Shamelessplug
  8. - Support Incredibly hard to enforce
  9. Enjoy your holiday bud!