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  1. Name: Alex Rollin Rank: Assistant Chief C3 Why you want to stay in EMS: Want to continue to add more things to EMS like new vehicles. At the moment it is the only thing that is keeping myself alright. Are you in the discord: Yeah of course
  2. arollin96227

    Alex's LOA

    In game name : Alex Rollin Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:155858636 Length of LOA : Today - 1st April Rank : PD Captain Reason : Well some of you may have noticed that I've not been myself recently and my friends have to. This is as a result of things happening in family with Social Services and CPS getting involved. Don't worry I am safe. If anyone needs me, just pm me on Discord. This is not just a PD thing. This is all of the departments I am in have got the same notice. Sorry again to everyone. Hopefully I can come back in more of an upbeat mood. Thanks for understanding. Alex Rollin EMS Assistant Chief C3 PD Captain 1L53 SWAT Sargent XS5
  3. + Support After speaking to the guy, and knowing him for a while now. Crease is a great guy who is wouldn't do harm to GL or any server for that matter. Throughout his service with EMS and PD, which I am command for both, he has been an exemplary officer and Medic. I believe this is a massive misunderstanding and he should be given a second chance. Thanks Alex Rollin EMS Assistant Chief C3 PD Captain 1L53 SWAT Sargent XS5
  4. It doesn't matter what server you are from. Whether it be Police RP like myself, the Gaminglight community will mourn together for this loss. Fly high and rest easy, we've got the watch from here. Alex Rollin 1L53, XS5, C3
  5. Timm you made me fucking cry.... Love you man, good luck with what ever you choose to do!
  6. Nooooo, Timm... You were a great EMS Deputy, you know what I think of you. Respect to you. Here if you need me, Alex
  7. Huge + Support - Adds a ton of RP - Makes Situations funner - Easier to handle specific injuries - Great to have EMS Assistant Chief Alex C3 / PD Captain 1L53 / SWAT Sergeant XS5
  8. Name: Alex Rollin Rank: Head Paramedic (Former Assistant Chief C3) Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: Literally done more than all HC Any changes you want in the EMS?:MERCEDES AMBU WHICH IS DONE THROUGH THE VOTE
  9. + Support I put it in the biggest font as hopefully it emphasises my support for the Program! Brilliant Effort Deputy Commisioner, a funny and caring guy!
  10. Cheers Death, I will dont worry about that. Much love! Well it happens, may not be happy but oh well. Could be worse. Cheers though! Much Love! I honestly dont know why, but thanks for standing by me Hannah, love ya! Well it'll end well, I'm sure of it! Ah dont worry about it, It's not much in the grand scheme. It just shows the divide in EMS, no biggie. One of my favourites and a person who'll stand by me all the way! Love ya! Again shows the divisions in the department, I'll be fine though! Dont worry about it! Much Love! If I missed anyone, Sorry
  11. Heya folk, Many of you have realised that I have put alot of effort into EMS lately, I truely love this department and nearly everyone in it, from the EMT's to the Head Paramedics, from the Lt's to the head deputys. From Deputy Chief to the Chief. Over the past few days, I have been appearing to get stressed, maybe this is being a sign of recent events in the department, but its either an LOA or a resignation, it depends on how people react when I come back. What started as a bit of fun between old friends that I have not seen on GL in ages, turned into a mess with someone backstabbing me. Whoever it is, Im not angry, I'm betrayed, I don't really think you know how much it hurts to have this happen. I'm sorry if I offend anyone but its either this or me leaving. I don't want to leave, so don't give me a reason to. Enjoy the Charger and Taurus that I got for you folk. Theres more coming for normal medics cause I love you guys the most. All the Best, Alex EMS Assistant Chief C3 / PD LT 1L53 / SWAT CPL XR04 By the way its a 4 day LOA from the 21st to the 25th
  12. + Support - Becoming more active - Well Known in the Community - Improved attitude and maturity - Needs to have more responsibilities in the PD. Good Luck Alex
  13. - Support 1L53 & XR04 & C3
  14. Honestly Thank You! You we're one of the major players that kick started my PD and Gaminglight carrear in general. It's because of you that I am now Assistant Chief of EMS and Lieutentant of PD. Thank You and you know you will always be welcome in the community if you decide to come back to visit us. Thanks Once again, Alex Rollin EMS Assistant Chief C3 Police Department Lieutentant 1L53 SWAT Corporal XR04
  15. Complaint is shown in Full Below: " The new Assistant Chief, I have seen Rhys doing many things out of the SOP. Killing higher ups with the fire axe multiple how is he not getting demoted but everyone else is??. If I was you “High Command” I would demote Rhys because when he is in charge and not someone who can actually follow the SOP then you might want to rethink who you are putting in there. Don’t base it on “Ohh you have been holding meetings as a CPT” When Chief or someone higher up could do it and when he gets to hold meetings it makes himlook like a better rolemodel and person. I drove past EMS station times on one day saw Rhys with his fire axe out and haven a PVP fight with another EMS. As common sense this is very unacceptable and shouldn”t be that high of a rank if he is going to break a rule and not get demoted or warned for it when everyone else is... PLEASE DEMOTE HIM GIVE THE ROLE TO SOMEONE WHO DESERVES IT...... " & " I keep seeing that Asst Chief Rhys C1 is online as EMS but whenever I see them they are just stood AFK. " & " Asst. Chief C3 has been AFK and still filed a Shift clock.. He did not fill the Quota, he should be striked. " & " Not seen Rhys on EMS since he became a LCPL on PD. " & " Rhys is breaking SOP " All of these complaints were taken to Board members and dealt with appropriately, In this department, it doesn't matter what rank you are. If you break the rules of the department, you will be punished, no matter what rank you are. We have to show impartiality in our department. Rhys was dealt with for all of the issues mentioned above. Marked Resolved : 20th February 2019 By Assistant Chief Alex C3