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    Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Cool beanz
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  3. Rip. Oof. There are not many words to say on this. Welcome to the club of leavers Alex. See you on the other side.
  4. Well, you know what this is for me by the title of this post. I am taking my leave from this community. I started majorly playing in early December of 2018 where I applied for my first major and favourite department, EMS. I became a trainee on the 13th of December and was trained by none other than Alex. I followed his footsteps, going up the ranks and becoming better at the job and taking his old callsigns all the way up to Deputy Chief which I never thought I would actually get to. It took 7 months of sticking at it. Through all the toils, threats and moments that were both pleasant and not. I was really enjoying the server, whizzing about, reviving people. Then expanding my range into PD, SWAT, Dispatch, DOC, FBI and into the Staff Team. This post is my resignation post to all the departments I remain in for these last 48 Hours. It has been a long ride for me in this community. Joining PoliceRP in December to then joining SCPRP for some time from around late January to the end of May and staffing for them from February until May where I transferred to PoliceRP. I enjoyed my time over there, working alongside other staff and meeting th3, Igneous and Carpenter and achieving the rank of Admin for a short period on their staff team. I didn't really go far on SCP department wise but I still enjoyed every second of it and I'm happy with how it has expanded extraordinarily to now having a UK and US server with a 128 player maximum on both. Now to the gritty bit I guess, why I am leaving. This will hopefully explain most of it, unfortunately I can't say all of my reasons under fear of community blacklist for myself. As most will know of my recent removal and local blacklist to EMS and all it’s sub-departments and well as my removal from Staff and TS Support from one simple event of me placing down a fact of an event which occurred. I was not even spoken to fully about it and mid-conversation I was banned from these discords. I will not go further into this issue which I felt was unneeded as I thought we were allowed opinions. As well as this on a different note, I am starting full time education once again as this new school year begins and as well as this I am a part of an International Media Group which I have a large leadership and development roles in and so these are taking priority for me. Some people have grudges against me which is fine but there is a point where it gets personal. I know this is only an online community but this mass removal left me worse off than I have ever been as things have just been adding up, multiplying and has affected me more than anyone here will realise as I never show the full extent of how I feel. I’m going to do a few mentions for those who have stood out the most to me in my time here. Alex Rollin - You were the greatest Chief I have known for EMS and a role model until you were cut short by some with some ridiculous claims of you giving “unfair promotions” and “not being a leader” as well as being accused of corruption. Seb - Well, you did it! You got to High Command in EMS, “Mom get the camera” I hope you take the department far and soar across server and make excellent choices and changes to enhance the experience. I believe in you. I don’t say that to many but you deserve it. Ronin - You have to be in the top 3, there's no excuse if you weren’t. You have been a great inspiration, always pushing me and just being there with your boops on the nose and your ;m;. You deserve being a SWAT Team Leader as you are a leader. Zage - You utter minge. It has been great to know you as a person and I hope you continue to have fun and be you. Cameron T - We had our disagreements and you stood your ground. You have proven your ability to be a leader and so do just that for First Response. Gotta remember this event, it was funny as heck; “Hey zach watch this, imma kick nucleus [kicks zach] - Cameron 2K19” Charlit/Charlie - You were great EMS Command and Dispatch Command. You entrust people with responsibility then need to develop and I thank you for giving me that opportunity. Live well and prosper in SCP-RP. Bob Bob - You are a great Deputy Commissioner, I’ve had some great encounters with you. Such a fun guy but serious when it comes to the job and getting it done. So many good memories on the old-old map with the long 2 lane wide highway running down the centre. Calamity - You are a great staff member, a role model and person. You are easy to approach with questions and turn to in times. Thankyou for opportunities you have given me. Sion - I was deciding whether to write this for you. Learn to read xD. Don’t strike people who put in meeting excuses lol. On another note, just be good. Struftdot - Friend. You have always been there to support. You can get annoyed but generally a nice person to speak with. You are supportive yet questioning to make sure the decisions made are the best ones. Keep doing well as SS Director (you'll get that update eventually, in theory) and keep going in EMS High Command (at this rate you might get Chief). So, this is it. My final 48 Hours begin now for SWAT, Dispatch and FBI. I am going to be returning to a TTT Community which I was in primarily before Gaminglight, if you need me, feel free to DM me on Discord Anthony_#0496. This is Nucleus, Signing off. Ex-Deputy Chief for Emergency Medical Services, Ex-Assistant Fire Chief and B-Battalion Chief for the TrueNorth Fire Department, Ex-Senior Moderator for the Staff Team, Ex-TeamSpeak Support Member, Ex-Gaminglight Discord Moderator, Ex-SWAT Corporal and FTO Trainee XR01, Ex-Dispatch Head Dispatcher and Head FTO, Ex-Commander for the Diamond Family, Ex-FBI Executive Assistant Director RA11 (EAD), Ex-Interpol Head of Investigations (HoI), Ex-Department of Corrections Lieutenant (DOC LT), Ex-Secret Service Senior Special Officer, PD Sergeant Major 1D39, Ex-SCP-RP Admin/Senior-Moderator, Ex-SCP-RP Security Officer, Ex-SCP-RP D-Boi
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    EAD HoI Nucleus' LOA

    Name : Nucleus Rank : FBI Executive Assistant Director // Interpol Head of Investigations Date of Leave: 3rd September 2019 Date of Return : 7th September 2019 (Hopefully) Reason for LOA : After recent events as alot of people know about and with the addedness of returning to school for my A-Level Studies, I am struggling to cope with multiple things including my mental health as my Removal from the Fire Department, EMS, Staff, TS Support and Discord Moderator was all removed within 5 minutes. I am unsure when I will be mentally ready but I'm hoping to be back soon.
  6. I too fell you need a bit more time as a player to gain some extra experience before becoming a staff member.