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  1. Staff was also online.
  2. APPLICATION DENIED I dont need to explain why.... End of Forum Post/thread
  3. You need to follow the link on another topic named EMS Application and wait upto 1 week where the result will be posted on the accepted thread. Also the fact that you minged on EMS which ended in your removal 15minutes after you attended in tryouts will also affect your chances of acceptance. ~EMS Deputy Chief Nucleus C2
  4. OK, well I don't think I was here while you were in EMS but looking forward to seeing you get back into it all. If you need to talk let me know. - EMS Deputy Chief Nucleus
  5. Charlie, it has indeed been a good run and I look forward to seeing you around in other departments working hard as always. Please come and talk to me about not feeling a part of command as I want to improve that even if with your resignation as there is always room for improvement. We thank you for your service with us, Char of the Lit. ~EMS Deputy Chief Nucleus C2
  6. - Well known - Always been good from what I have seen. Good Luck
  7. Links work now (for me anyway) For me, I like the idea of this as it adds a more specific job type for things you wouldn't really do as any other job such as Judge and Witness Protection. The ideas for convoys for High Value prisoners I like as it adds a protection detail to ensure or at least increase the chances the prisoner will get put in prison. Id just say check through SPaG on the SOP and application. But overall, I like the idea of it.
  8. This is true, I used your steam ID to get your steam ID64 and search it on ban panel and there is no such ban. Unless it hasn't updated which I doubt.