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  1. TrueNorth Fire Department Application Results of 8/23/2019 Accepted - Pentagon - A Battalion - R. Gardner - B Battalion - Max Holland - B Battalion - Ecott - A Battalion - South - A Battalion - Ziege - B Battalion Congratulations! You can obtain your roles via #reaction-roles channel in the EMS Discord ( and you will be contacted by a FTO. Denied - Timmemes - Not enough detail - Cameron T - Not enough detail; you are also not required to "clean the toilet with your tongue" as part of your duties - Slick - Not enough detail - Will - Not enough detail - Clint Eastwood - Lied on Application - Reached max warn Threshold - Kormes - Not enough detail - Ender - Failed to include SteamID To those applications were denied, you may re-apply after 1 week from this post (8/30/2019)
  2. -Support Advertising application replying to own application
  3. Mixed fruit Granola with either milk or Vanilla Yogurt. Served with a Mug of Pure British English Breakfast Tea with a dash of milk and spoonful of sugar.
  4. Fire Department of TrueNorth SOP - Application Link -
  5. @[GL] Kanny can you do me one in Dark Purple and a Slightly dark red?
  6. Use the following link to apply for EMS This club is o longer used for this purpose
  7. Nucleus

    FBI Roll Call

    This role call ended months ago -FBI EAD Nucleus DO NOT REPLY TO THIS FORUM
  8. I found some blacklist appeals in the accepted section so I think they are allowed. I may still be wrong.