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  1. thebigr

    Ryan's LOA

    I will be gone from the 15-16th and I will miss the training becasue of it I will be going to Harper's Ferry (West Virginia) so I will miss the training and all of Saturday and most of Sunday
  2. Charlie, It's been an awesome run with you on EMS while I will still see you in Secret Service having you in EMS will always be a fun time just as it will Secret Service anyway thank you for your service to the EMS team. ~EMS Head Deputy Ryan HD2
  3. You were banned from the server for SMT Diss thats an extra reason for being denied -EMS Head Deputy Ryan HD2
  4. Sorry for the wait the custom job name is Rouge Military
  5. Ingame name:Ryan person being added:Jack Lancer SteamID that paid:STEAM_0:0:98586176 Server:policeRP Players steamID that is being added: STEAM_0:0:98586176 Owners steamID(mot sure if needed but):STEAM_0:1:124217144 Proof of Payment:
  6. I don't have much to say on this matter I pulled him up after the thief called RDM he said he didn't have any video evidence neither did the SRT and I asked him why he killed him he admitted to the fact that he killed him and he said he gave him a verbal Warning which with warnings you have to advert. So, I told him that was considered RDM and he said ok. Then after that I told him that he would be receiving a warn fro RDM and if he feels it was false he could appeal it. But they were both giving me essentially the same story that is why I gave him the warn. Then he called over another staff call and it turned into me being pulled by Ghostly and then Ghostly said that he wasn't there so he has nothing to say on the matter so then it turned into this False warn report on me
  7. I do not believe so, although I cannot find it because it is buried in other purchases so, I bought another one Sorry for the inconvenience Proof of payment:
  8. Custom Job Name: Rouge Military Custom Class Addition:Assassin/Bounty Hunter SWEP SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124217144 Proof of payment:
  9. Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:124217144 Custom Job Name:Rouge Military Gun Added: KAC PDW Proof of payment
  10. Name:Ryan Rank:Captain/JFR What do you want to achieve in EMS?:I want ot achieve the help of Reviving EMS Any Suggestions for EMS?:LETS GET EMS ACTIVE AGAIN
  11. thebigr

    Ryan Staff Report

    Listen I know I fucked up but hear me out before accusation go left and right and center. All the reasons were in teamspeak(Before I start naming my reasons I want to say first that I knew I was on Duty but while doing these things there was nothing happening so I wasn’t Intruding on anyone business for awhile I was talking to them before we did anything and the only reason I was doing this while on Duty was because it was a Thursday before right around reaching Prime RP time and people were starting to get on just now.), The main reason I did this on Duty was because no-one would replace me because 1.) they were doing something and just didn’t replace me or 2.)were AFK on Crim/Custom Class. OK so I was talking to the people in the EMS Patrol Room first and the reasoning for the thing with the Rescue Truck was because it was glitched to the ground and I wanted to try and move it before I tried to phys gun it(that probably would have been the better way to handle it but I did what I did and it's clear I did it). And the reasoning for the putting him in my duplication was because he asked me too first and then(this was the only thing I used staff powers for during the entire duration of this time to “abuse”)the reason I brought his into the cage was because he kept running from me and again this is another example of me and a friend screwing around while I was on duty which was giant mistake of mine seeing the outcome. As for the Secret Service Base I move to the Secret Service Guard Room and after a bit of time I moved myself over there to over watch it then it turned into us messing with one another (Again I knew I was on Duty buy no-one would replace me at the time so I could not have gone off duty). Over all I fucked up and I'm not ignoring this I knew what I did but when Willy pulled me up to the roof and asked me "Hey Ryan, We've been getting some reports of you Staff Abusing. Have you been abusing in anyway shape or form? Abusing the Staff Powers, Handbook or anything like that. Yes or no question" I answered no because what I did from my perspective I did not abuse Staff because what I thought he meant from the question was have I abused the powers of staff like for example throwing someone across the map with my phys gun or jailing people randomly or for no reason and I didn’t consider my dupe of a glass cage as a jail since it is 2 props that anyone can create and duplicate. When he asked me I didn't realize that I pulled Adim into the glass cage and so I said no not realizing that was the one thing I did to abuse the staff power. Now I know I fucked up and I’m owning up to that it's just that I thought it would be better if you could hear my side of the story now I know that my actions were inexcusable but that fact still stands that I Fucked up majorly I just hope that now with my side of the story you can make your judgement a bit more clear with understanding what happened from 2 points of views Thank you for reading my side of the story