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  1. +Support While I don't know about now, I do know about before. During my time as a command member, Ruben was always focussed on his goals and willing to work for it. Ruben is a real nice person to play with and have a chat with. He is extremely professional and mature. And most certain fit for command. Having served before all the way up to Major he knows his duties as a Captain and has shown before he is able to take on the role. And that is what makes him an excellent choice.
  2. Dear people, It hurts to write this, but sadly I must. My activity has been low and that has mainly to do with school. I want to pursue a good career and unfortunately, I can't let Gaminglight stand in the way of that. Therefore I will be leaving the community and resigning from the following positions: Police Major; ARU Member; DOC Captain. I've lost many friends during my time and I've lost motivation to get on because of that. I will still be on discord from time to time and maybe sometimes on the server, but not much. I believe I no longer deserve these positions and that I should open them op for other people to take. Some people that have made my time here special: Bob bob: Thank you for granting me the chance to become low command and granting me this amazing opportunity! Eternity: For giving me the amazing opportunity to become ARU. Alex: For being a great friend. I know you won't read this because you're banned from the forums, but you still deserve this spot. I've known you almost the whole of my time here and together we were LC, EMS & SWAT buddies. Thank you for the amazing time. Sam & Ruben: Both of you may have left this community, but you still deserve this part. You made my time here amazing, seeing some fellow people from the Netherlands always made my day. Cammy: For giving me the chance to return to DOC (shortly). I want to say thank you at last for this amazing time I've had. This is 1L28 signing off and ending its tour of duty.
  3. Name: Cashtag SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161412946 Rank: Major Length (Provide Dates): 11 Dec 2019 till 16 Dec 2019 Reason (If private say N/A): Private
  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to work with you guys. ARU Major Cashtag TRJ14
  5. That’s EU time zones for you. I don’t know if you are a fellow EU like me, but during the school week people only really start getting online after 4PM EST, which is 10 PM EU Time and 9 PM UK. If you want to play on the sever when there are a lot of players on, play during the weekend.
  6. Rank you are applying for: Colonel In-Game name: Cashtag SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161412946 Current rank: Major How long have you been in your current rank?: 7 weeks What time zone are you in?: CEST (European Time) How many warns do you have?: 0 Permission: Dep. Comm. Matthew Why should you be promoted (200 words minimum): I believe I should be promoted for the following reasons: 1. My ability to uphold and enforce departmental guidelines and rules. I want to make sure every officer knows what they can and can’t do. Although I have been able to do this ever since I was command, as a COL I believe I can do this better since I will be able to deal with SMs much more quickly. Recently we had some issues with SMs and as a COL I will be able to punish an SM much more quickly. 2. My ability to act as a role model. I always try to do my best to look as professional as possible when on duty. Lower rankings will almost always look up to their higher-ups and learn lessons from them. By being able to act in a professional and proper way, lower rankings will usually follow this behavior and make the department look more professional. 3. My ability to work under stress. I believe that being able to work under stress is an incredibly high valued skill to have in the police force. As a high ranking, dilemmas will often be given to you to solve. And being able to find a good solution under stress is sometimes difficult. Therefore I believe that being able to work under stress is a very important skill to have. 4. My experience I have with commanding, organizing and in general of being a command member. I have been a command member of this police agency for just over 8 months now. In this time I have gained important knowledge on how to deal with many problems. Also because I am in ARU I have gained extra experience with commanding and organizing officers. 5. Last, but not least my time and effort I have put into this community. I always try to find a spot to hop on the server and play during the school week. Unfortunately, there are not that many players during the school week in the EU time zone, but that doesn’t stop me from playing and making sure the is a command member on the server. Furthermore, as a COL, I could pursue my goal of communications better. I have noticed recently a lot of trouble with miscommunication, or no communication at all and as a COL I believe I would be taken more seriously than as a MAJ. Sometimes when you ask on the radio for a location no answer is given. And when I go and tell that to the ones on the radio doing this, they don’t improve and still don’t communicate some things. If I were to do the same as a COL more results could be expected since more people would take a COL seriously since it is a very important role. As a COL I will be willing to help out the PD at all times. It is and will always be an important role since most of the time you will be the highest online. And having a motivated person be this position would help out the PD. I’m always willing to take feedback and improve based on what others think of me. Utilizing feedback improves me to be a better command member and overall improves my ability to respond to dilemmas. I usually have great ideas, but almost never realize them. And when I do publicize them, they often get forgotten. As a COL I think I would be taken more seriously and I could make change that would benefit this department. Even though I am in a time zone that would only make me see about 20 players during the school week, I could still make change as a COL that would positively benefit the others from American time zones. And that’s why I believe I should be promoted to COL. (642 words) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes, I agree.
  7. no god please no its a already hard for officers to kill a Negev wielding player. This will make crims even more op. -support
  8. Screenshot from ARU Discord: You should've known that time on ARU doesn't count towards time on PD when applying for LT.
  9. This is true. Have suffered from multiple comas right after freeze hit me or crashed with me in the car.
  10. ^^ I’ve definitely seen you on PD. You’re a nice and friendly person and I personally think we need more EU command since right now we only have a couple. Also please do not mention activity if you are not in the same timezone. You can mention activity based on what someone from their timezone has said, but if you are from America you have a lesser chance of seeing freeze online since he is from the EU. frikandelbroodje
  11. Rank, Name and Call-sign: MAJ Cashtag 1L26 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161412946 Time zone: CEST What is your opinion on your activity (Active/Semi-Active/Inactive)?: LOA Why should High Command keep you in PD Low Command (RESPOND SERIOUSLY)?: I’m a nice and friendly person always aiming to the way forward and always looking to give a helping hand. How many meetings have you hosted/helped in the past month (BE HONEST)?: A couple
  12. You copied your old application... You even didn’t bother to fix the spelling mistake of Sergeant Major. You only changed the warn part from “old warns” to “Got an All Clear from Chief Matthew”. Just tells me you spend no effort into this application. Shame, from what I’ve heard you have so much potential.