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    Jailbreak rules

    First off I want to say, I'm not trying to be disrespectful towards anyone or anything. I just want to share my opinion and get those of others. I have no intent to harm, disrespect or personally attack anyone or anything. Please note: this is a story on what happened and some context on why I think some jailbreak rules have to be changed. If you want to why I want them to be changed you can read the story, if not you don't have to. So I was playing GL PoliceRP and I'm a DOC Prob. I live in Europe and around the time I get back from school and finish my homework there will be around 15 players on. Around the time I'm going to be speaking on there were 2 police officers. and 1 DOC (That was me), in total there were about 14 players on. Someone (Not mentioning names) wanted to RP as a prisoner. I was perfectly fine with this since I was them do it earlier this week and they had permissions from staff. So he/she set up their base, because they wanted to have their own cell. I put some textboards outside so I could RP that he/she was able to get visitors and that PD could bring in prisoners the correct way. The next thing you know the prisoner said that he would pay 500k if someone broke him out after he went voluntarily into the prison. This was my first question, why would you go into the prison just so someone could break you out? Of course, I was overrun because of the lack of PD. There were so much custom classes and people. I couldn't handle them all with my low damage M4A1. I managed to do some damage, but I was all alone and couldn't do much. After this I went outside to fix the gate as it had broken and to go back to my guard tower. 2 people show up, I have no idea why they would be here. I told them countless times to leave, but they wouldn't. I fired some warning shots, which in my eyes should have put them under FearRP since I'm shooting warning shots and I have a gun out. 1 of them says that they can be there. I assumed this was out of RP. So I wanted to point to the KOS/AOS sign above the gate. I did this for about 1 second, then I pulled my pistol back out to pressure them. By this time I had already called for backup, but no one came. Then right after I switched back I got mugged while in my guard tower. These 2 people prop-climbed over the fence by using the textboards I had put up so I could RP. They used their vehicle and also said let me boost you. I told the guy mugging me that I had pulled a gun out before he adverted, yet I still got killed. I asked in OOC if this server was Semi-Serious and people responded with yes and with no. In my eyes, the server looked like a server that wasn't Serious or Semi-Serious. About a couple of minutes later a tac unit brings in a prisoner. I was outside trying to fix the position of the textboards so they couldn't be used. There were a lot of people outside and I asked the tac unit to let me in, no response. So I had to force my way into the prison with my battering ram. Apparently, these people were family of the prisoner the tac unit brought in and they did a jailbreak. Once again we only had 1 tac unit, an OFC and me as DOC. I checked the chat history, and guess what. These people used OOC to get the message across someone was in jail and that they were going to break them out. This is clearly metagaming. I did take screenshots since one of the people who did this was a staff member (Not telling any names here, I'm willing to give these screenshots to any manager who asks for these). After the jailbreak, things got back quiet and I made this post. Now I want to share my opinion. During this time I was playing I didn't feel like this was any Serious or Semi-Serious roleplay. I think that the Serious or Semi-Serious roleplay part is any problem, but what does bother me is the fact that there are so little rules about jailbreaking. What even surprised me more was the fact that those people who broke out the person out who the tac unit brought in was even cop bait, since that adverted jailbreak after they were inside the first DOC fence. In the MOTD this is classified as cop bait. I honestly feel like there should be more rules about breaking someone out. For example a minimum amount of players or a minimum amount of cops. It's not fun just to be with only 3 gov in total on to be completely destroyed by 5+ people with OP weapons and custom classes. I, unfortunately, do not have proof from anyone else other than the metagaming. I don't want to take actions against any other rules broken. It happened, I don't have proof so I can't do anything about it. Now, please let me know what you think about the jailbreak rules. Should they be improved? Yes or no? And why? Once again, if you find anything in here offensive, disrespectful or harmful please let me know! I'm willing to change anything you find inappropriate. Thank you for reading, Cashtag.
  3. Read and unsterstood -MSGT Cashtag 1A26
  4. Ingame Name: Cashtag Steam Name: Cashtag2k16 Have you read our information? Yes, I did read the information. Do you understand our code of conduct? Yes, I also did read the COC. Are you RP player or PVP player or balance of both? I'm a balance of both. Do you agree not to disclose any information about our organization? Yes, I do agree not to disclose any information. How many warns do you have? I currently have 1 warning. Why would you like to join Umbrella Corporation? The reason why I would want to join is that I want to be in an organization who knows what they are doing. I have seen the UMC in action and they are well organized. I love RP as well as I love having some good old PVP. I think UMC would be the perfect organization for me. Did anyone recommend you? No, I did not get recommended.
  5. Hi, I have an error with the MP5 texture, it's showing up as an error texture instead of the correct mp5 texture. I posted it here since I think it's not a bug, but instead something that's just happening with me. I have CS:S as well as CS:GO. I also have the addon pack. Does anyone know if I'm missing something? I think it's only with the MP5 since I don't have this issue with the Glock-20 or the P250.