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  1. Update 19th of March: Warnings updated to 0 since my old warm appeal was accepted. Also thank you Smoke and Irwin for sharing your opinion. -SM Cashtag 1A26
  2. Cashtag

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    Bye Matthew, have fun!
  3. Introduction: This part is for the people who do not know me, or just have not seen me on. This could happen since I come from the EU and I don’t stay up all night to play. My name is Cashtag. I come from the Netherlands, just like some other people on this server. And I have been an officer for about 1.5 years. I was trained back when you had to read textscreens and an admin would come and test you on your knowledge. During this time I was promoted from OFC to SNR and then to LCPL. After that, I had a massive break of a couple of months. I was very busy with school at that time. But recently around November, I returned to PoliceRP. I came back and I was promoted from LCPL straight to SGT for multiple reasons. I played more and more and got promoted to MSGT. A month ago I was promoted to SM after a PD training. I performed really well is what I heard. As you might guess I play in the EU time zone which can explain why we might not see each other that much. In this time zone, the server usually has about 10-20 players online. And for me between 3 PM and 7 PM I rarely see cadets. This was my little introduction for the people who do not know me yet. Below is my application. Application: Name: Cashtag SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161412946 Current rank: I am currently a Sergeant Major. How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are): I have been my rank for exactly 28 Days. (Application posted on 17th of March 2019 8:57 PM and 4 seconds. Promoted on 17th of February 8:57 PM and 4 seconds.) Rank Wanted: The rank I am applying for is Lieutenant. How many warns do you have? I have 0 warnings. Do you have a Working mic? Yes, I do have a working microphone. Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): I do not require permissions. Why should you be promoted? : I have 5 reasons I believe I should be promoted. The first one is my goal, the second one about my experience, the third one about my time zone, the fourth is about criticism and the final one about my PD experience. For the first reason that I should be promoted for is that I want to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. I want to make sure officers do not make mistakes that can be prevented. And in the case something does, in fact, go wrong I want to make sure that it will not be done again. I want to make sure everyone knows what their role is and what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. I am determined to keep things going as they should be. I will also make sure people follow the chain of command up. For example that a sergeant does not go straight away to a captain because a lance corporal did not ride with a buddy when there was more than 10 PD on. Notifying sergeants that they can approach the lance corporal and tell them they need to find a buddy or otherwise they will talk to someone who is able to take action is what should happen. And if then the lance corporal is still refusing to get a buddy then they should take it to a lieutenant who can take action against the lance corporal with the appropriate punishment. Another reason why I believe I should be promoted is that I already have command experience on the server. I already have experience because I am an EMS Lieutenant. Now I am aware that EMS and PD are not the same, but it is always nice to already have some experience with command and see what their general duties are. From this time I learned that not everything will go like you want it to go and that ruling with a louder voice is definitely needed when being a command member, otherwise people will just not listen to you. The third reason I believe I should be Lieutenant is that I live in the EU time zone. Although activity is not high in the EU day, there are still some PD members. And I rarely see command online and sometimes even no supervisors on to handle complaints and reports from officers. Or to just make sure everything is going right in the PD. With my time zone in the EU, I believe I can be on at times when there is no other command on. And that I can make sure everyone is doing the right thing and that no one being disobedient. Now I am aware that there are already EU or even Dutch PD Command members, but I have a lot of free time on which I can be active on the server. But if there is no command on and I am on I can fill in the empty spot and if, for example, an officer runs into an active bank raid after told not to. Instead of someone needing to make a whole forum post about it they can just go a supervisor which then can come to me with proof. And then I can handle it off while the officer is still and I can apply appropriate punishment. The fourth and 2nd to last reason I believe I should become is that I take criticism very well. I have been told many times that I take criticism well. I want to make sure officers will not be afraid to raise their voice and let their opinion know. I’m trying to be someone who they can trust and who they can leave their opinion at and knowing that something will be done with it. I believe that having people agreeing and not agreeing with you is a good thing. It allows for people to improve. People would tell them next to all your good sides also bad sides of you, and with this information, you can improve. The fifth and final reason I think I should be promoted is that of my experience with the PD itself. I have a lot of experience in the force itself with my long time of being an officer. And I use my experience by guiding new officers. When going on patrol I try to take a new officer with me, or once I finished training I almost always take them with me. And when I take these officers with me I show them how the PD works in practice. I try to teach them things like that you should have your keys out instead of a taser or gun (This is a common thing I see). In this way, I teach them what being an officer actually takes. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): Yes, I agree that if I am complaining or breaking any rules that are put down by High Command I can be demoted and removed from PD Command. At last, I would like to say thank you for reading my application. I appreciate the time you put into reading my application as it is a pretty long one. I decided I had to end it somewhere as I kept having new reasons coming up in my mind when creating this application. I hope that 814 words will be enough. Also, I will be trying to react to all replies, negative or positive. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game and in Teamspeak! -SM Cashtag 1A26
  4. ~DOC SGT Cashtag 1F21
  5. This is actually a great idea adding a catwalk to go outside. Didn't even think about that. I'll change the poll
  6. What do you want to see? - The windows in the towers at the prison removed. Why should we add it? - It allows people to AWP from this position. And it's not OP since the person in the tower can be countered by a different AWPer. You don't have to use an AWP, you can also shoot your rifle out. What are the advantages of having this? - Adds use for the towers other than a lookout which can only relay information. Who is it mainly for? - Mainly DOC but also criminal since they have to watch out for possible snipers. Links to any content - N/A Rules can also be made to make this less OP. For example, you have to be SGT+ or LT+ in DOC to be allowed to use an AWP and that only 1 person is allowed to be doing this at a time. Further, it can be restricted by setting it to a minimum amount of prisoners/players/online guards. Don't know why this picture is so low quality. I play at 1080p and still, it's such bad quality.
  7. For me the doors won't close/open when I press E on them even when I unlock them. The only way I can open and close the doors is with the control panel upstairs. And the camera is for some reason disabled. I'd really like to see that be functional.
  8. +Support -2 Shot kill for no armor -3 Shot kill for 100 HP & Armor -Way tooooo OP!
  9. You're now 10-42, thank you for your service Timm. We will miss you!