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  1. I've always enjoyed my time in this department, but today it comes to an end. School started for me again and I sadly do not have enough time anymore for EMS. So that is why I will be moving into reserves, I will still be on sometimes though so no worries!
  2. Cashtag

    Creeper? aw man

    this went horribly wrong
  3. Cashtag

    Slicks LoA

    Thanks for letting us know even though it’s not required
  4. Happy birthday Matthew
  5. Cashtag

    Money for ranks.

    prices are too high, mine or lower
  6. Name: Cashtag SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161412946 Rank: Captain Length (Provide Dates): 27th of July till 10th of August Reason (If private say N/A): Going on holiday
  7. Thank you for your service Felix, we will miss you!
  8. Cashtag

    Emergency LOA

    I hope everything is fine too!
  9. Cashtag

    Alton's LOA.

    don't forget the key for the binoculars
  10. Cashtag

    The Diamond family

    rockstar games copyright strike inbound ^ from the new update
  11. Sad to see you leave. I wish you the best man.