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  1. You don’t need that many crims, just a team who knows what they are doing and coordination.
  2. Name: Cashtag SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161412946 Rank: Captain Length (Provide Dates): 13th of June 2019 - 26th of June 2019 Reason (If private say N/A): I've got an important test week coming up which I have to spend a lot of time on. I might be in-game sometimes, but don't expect much.
  3. It’s bambob and he is being a minge. Big +Support from your fellow Dutch
  4. I think it depends on the max armour set for the class. But because the spawn armor is set to 175 for example and the max armour for the class only 100, it makes it so you can't go above 100 when trying to replenish it.
  5. Having a big mouth or in general being disrespect against command wether it is in OOC, advert, chat or group chat will get you demoted.
  6. The reason I /demoted you was because I confused you with someone else. I even said it to you. But I demoted you because of your attitude to me. The way you were speaking to me was unacceptable and therefore you got demoted. I'm willing to give you a second chance, but you will have to promise me to improve your attitude against other players and higher-ups.
  7. There was no staff online. The server was in chaos and there was mass minging. And yes, hereby I admit my mistake of /demoting you because I thought you were someone else. Your name started with OFC and so did someone on thief who stole a cop car. I thought you stole and a cop car and I only got to see half a second of the name. I looked at the tab list for too short. I also say that "I might have /demoted the wrong guy" in OOC (Which you actually cut out of the video at around 3:13) and that I probably got you instead of the actual minge. We are human and we make mistakes. I made the mistake of judging too soon and thinking you did it when it was someone else. But because I messed up does not allow you to talk to me in the way you did. After all, I'm your higher up. I decided to demote you because of the way you were talking to me, which I did not appreciate. I am willing to give you a second chance, come talk to me in TS if you want your chance. Also I’d like to see the whole video. You cut out parts making this incomplete evidence. ~RCPD Captain Cashtag.
  8. Photon is not needed. I got these and I don't have errors on the ARU Lightbars anymore: